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  1. our bodies our selfies
    Vogue Explores Big Boobs, Likes What It SeesCurves are in! But, please, use a black-and-white filter. 
  2. Also Under Attack: Pregnant Women’s RightsWhile antiabortion legislators push laws for “fetal personhood,” pregnant women’s personhood is endangered.
  3. shmashmortion
    For Abortion Advocates, There’s No Silver Lining in Midterm ResultsPersonhood-amendment victories have overshadowed the more insidious — and consequential — regulations on abortion providers.
  4. gentrification
    Is Complaining About Street Sexual Harassment Racist?Where sex, race, and class collide.
  5. innovations
    Is This the Troll-Proof Social Network of Women’s Dreams?VProud is making anonymous commenting woman-friendly.
  6. kinky boors
    Jian Ghomeshi Isn’t the First Alleged Abuser to Cite the Right to BDSM SexualityKink is no excuse for being a jerk.
  7. college week
    Why College Kids Drink Like They’re Getting Extra Credit for ItDrinking as extracurricular.
  8. new things
    How to Get Justice for Your Leaked NudesOn Tumblr.
  9. gamergate
    It’s Not Censorship to Ignore YouGamergate exemplifies anti-feminist free-speech paranoia.
  10. q&a
    Joanna Coles: The Cosmo Show Is Proof People Still Like MagazinesCosmopolitan editor-in-chief Joanna Coles talks about her forthcoming scripted series.
  11. on ice
    If You Cover Egg Freezing, You Better Cover Day CareNew perks from Apple and Facebook won’t solve work-life balance problems alone.
  12. praxis and allies
    So You Want to Be a Male Feminist? Maybe Don’t.Professional “Good Guy” Charles Clymer and the hazards of male feminism.
  13. booty
    bell hooks Was Bored by ‘Anaconda’The feminist scholar led a panel on the booty.
  14. mating and dating
    15 Women Explain Why They Dated Men Over 30 (Ew)Inspired by Time
  15. rape culture
    It Doesn’t Have to Be Rape to SuckThe alt-lit community is shedding light on a spectrum of toxic sexual relationships.
  16. voice of a generation
    Among the Lena Dunham Fans, on the First Night of Her Book Tour“I’m sort of studying becoming Lena Dunham.”
  17. girl crushes
    Elena Ferrante Is a New Breed of Literary Girl-CrushItaly’s most celebrated — and reclusive — novelist upends media expectations of female writers.
  18. sex tips
    How the Duggars Made All Those Babies“You always need to be available when he calls.”
  19. all the single ladies
    There Aren’t Enough Eligible Men to Go Around, and Nobody CaresIt’s okay — they’re holding us back.
  20. shmashmortion
    Reminder: Abortion Restrictions Ruin Women’s LivesWaiting periods forced a Pennsylvania mom to break the law.
  21. new things
    Could ‘Caregiverism’ Be the New Feminism?If so, we’re going to need a better term.
  22. disrupt pregnancy
    Seamless for Birth Control: Why the Heck Not?Planned Parenthood is disrupting contraception.
  23. q&a
    Stop Asking Laurie Penny to Write About PubesThe U.K. feminist on her new book, Unspeakable Things.
  24. watch
    Watch the SFW-ish Duke Porn Star DocumentaryCondé Nast followed Belle Knox at Duke and on set.
  25. interview
    What the Heck Is Going on With Susan Miller?A conversation with the beloved astrologer.
  26. fashion week diet
    Skip the Gym — It’s Fashion WeekNo one’s eating enough calories to burn.
  27. guides
    How to Talk to About Things Besides Fashion WeekA current events cheat sheet.
  28. slashies
    Serena Williams Is Adding NYFW to Her U.S. Open RoutineIt was good luck.
  29. q&a
    Gail Sheehy Wants Women to Admit We’re DifferentStarting with Hillary Clinton.
  30. wintour wonderland
    Here Is Anna Wintour Using a Flip Phone in 2014The Vogue editor opted for a vintage cell phone at the U.S. Open.
  31. q&a
    Olivier Zahm Only Takes Nudes of Girls He ‘Really Trusts’The photographer and Purple editor talks about his new book, OZ Diary.
  32. lessons learned
    Singer Accused of Rape Still Learning What Rape IsHe apologized for yesterday’s tweets.
  33. q&a
    There’s a Blind, Atheist Feminist Running for CongressMeet James Woods. Not that James Woods.
  34. Veteran to Marine Corps: Stop With the Casual Rape JokesThe Marine Corps. thinks flip-flops are more offensive than rape jokes. 
  35. shmashmortion
    By Choice or Necessity, the Future of Abortions May Be at HomeIn countries where abortion is illegal, women are safely self-inducing. Maybe we should, too.
  36. weddings!
    Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Got MarriedThe long engagement ends.
  37. new jobs
    IMF Chief Christine Lagarde Demoted to IMF VixenBy the Drudge Report.
  38. lads
    Playboy Figured Out How to Appeal to WomenAnswer: Make fun of men.
  39. men
    Nation’s Masculinity Intact Thanks to Coke for ‘Bros’It’s not diet.
  40. Seth Meyers Opens Emmys With Charming Slut Joke“TV is always up.”
  41. Sheryl Underwood Talked Bladder LeakageAnd we loved it.
  42. jocks
    Why Does the New York Times Magazine Cover Look Like a Tampon Ad?They’ve got Eugenie Bouchard, world-class athlete, flipping her hair.
  43. theories
    Maybe the VMAs Are a Feminist ConspiracyMove over, Illuminati. 
  44. carbs
    ‘Fat’ Leo Has Been Bread-Shamed Into SubmissionAfter fat-shaming comes carb-shaming. 
  45. sexplainers
    Why We Objectify Men Without GuiltThe Dong Watch will continue until morale improves.
  46. watch
    Drake Is Nicki Minaj’s Video VixenNon-rapping eye candy.
  47. men
    Chris Pratt Is Your Boyfriend’s Celebrity BFFJ.Law, male variation.
  48. 180s
    What If Sexism Is Actually Great?The Post makes us rethink some things.
  49. silver linings playbook
    In Some Athlete Breakups, Everyone’s a WinnerA sports psychologist breaks down jock breakups.
  50. all adventurous women do
    Like Half of Us, NYC Council Speaker Has HPVShe encouraged women not to skip gynecological exams.
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