Kate Appleton

  1. A Living Jewish MuseumIn its turn-of-last-century heyday, the Lower East Side was home to a flourishing international Jewish community. These days, it has a much diff […]
  2. Two for FondueMade for dipping, nibbling, and sharing, fondue just may be the perfect Valentine’s dish.
  3. Get on the BusWhen you want to go places but you don’t want to spend money on the ride.
  4. Willing to Work for Your Ticket?Several theaters use volunteer ushers, including most Off-Broadway theaters. In exchange for seating paying guests and, in some instances, clea […]
  5. That’s the TicketTKTS isn’t the only place in town to score inexpensive tickets to theater and performance events.
  6. Walk This WayThink you know New York? Free walking tours dish the dirt on neighborhoods, landmarks, parks, and celebrities. Rediscover City classics or set o […]