Kathryn H. Cusimano

  1. beauty marks
    Scarlett Goes Red; Illamasqua Comes StatesideAnd can lash-growing products make you sprout hair in other places?
  2. beauty marks
    Amy Winehouse May Launch Signature Fragrance; Recession-Friendly Ulta May Threaten Sephora’s ReignAnd Shu Uemura helps mortals add a little sparkle to their hair.
  3. beauty marks
    Head of Retail Out at Bare Escentuals; Victoria Beckham Has a Personal Spray-TannerAnd Dolly Parton has high-maintenance wigs.
  4. beauty marks
    Ciara Now Has a Pixie Cut; What Not to Wear Has a New HairstylistAlso, one woman ruined her face by injecting it with silicone-based personal lubricant.
  5. media deathwatch
    Mortgage Originator Magazine ClosesThe ‘Observer’ wasn’t the only place that had layoffs today.
  6. media deathwatch
    Nick and Nick Jr. Magazines FoldThe kids’ magazines of Nickelodeon are no more.
  7. media deathwatch
    WNYC Confirms Layoffs, CutbacksThe public radio station will lay off four people and eliminate eleven unfilled positions. Senior staff will take a pay cut, as well.
  8. media deathwatch
    Literary Giant Betsy Perry Would Rather Burn Out Than Fade AwayDaily Intel’s favorite HuffPo columnist is forced to resign, and the Boston ‘Globe’ finally makes a deal, in today’s media roundup.
  9. media deathwatch
    Boston Globe Gets a Stay of ExecutionBut not all of today’s media news is good.
  10. Condé Nast Is ‘Operating Like General Motors’And more grim news about the struggling media industry.
  11. media deathwatch
    NPR, Hachette Cut BackToday in media metamorphoses: The caterpillar becomes … a caterpillar with fewer legs.
  12. drama on the high seas
    How to Defend a 21st Century PirateWe talk to an expert about what’s going to happen to New York’s most smiley new buccaneer.
  13. media deathwatch
    In Media, Nothing You Do Will Ever Be EnoughJob cuts galore — even for those who invented their own companies — today in media land.
  14. media deathwatch
    Sam Zell Calls Buying the Tribune a ‘Mistake’Somehow, his saying that doesn’t make us feel any better. That, and more bad news, in our media roundup.
  15. media deathwatch
    FHM Is Looking for an Editor-in-chiefYep, you read that right. There’s a media job, everybody! A media job!
  16. media deathwatch
    Cuts at Women’s Day and Men’s JournalAnd yet, new magazines are churning out literally every day.
  17. media deathwatch
    The Media Is Fixed!April Fools. The media is still definitely limping along.
  18. media deathwatch
    Budget Travel Cuts Its BudgetToday’s media news.
  19. media deathwatch
    Hachette Can No Longer Afford to Keep Boating AfloatSo they’re shipping it off before it sinks. (Sorry.) And more, in today’s media news.
  20. media deathwatch
    Ad Age Reducing IssuesThe latest news on the seeming demise of print media.
  21. media deathwatch
    Us Style Launch DelayedDidn’t know what that was? No worries, you have plenty of time to learn about it.
  22. media deathwatch
    Seattle Post-Intelligencer Slipping, Best Life Already GoneToday’s media news roundup.
  23. media deathwatch
    Condé Nast Publishers Asked to Spend Less on ‘Events, Travel and Other Areas’Oh, no! Other areas!
  24. media deathwatch
    Worth Magazine Bids AdieuApparently, it is possible to be too rich and too thin.
  25. media deathwatch
    Profits at the Washington Post Are Down 77 PercentAnd more grim news from the struggling media industry.
  26. media deathwatch
    The Media Tries to Make NiceThe media is learning that sometimes teamwork is the best way to save oneself, so everyone is trying to get along! Except Fox and HuffPo.
  27. The Media Is Giving Politics a Blood TransfusionAn INVOLUNTARY transfusion.
  28. media deathwatch
    Media Survives Friday the 13th … So FarToday in media news.
  29. media deathwatch
    All Media Needs Is a Little HopeToday in media: a few losses here, a few gains there.
  30. media deathwatch
    Media Is Tired and Pretending This Isn’t HappeningLalalalalala. The media can’t hear you, bad news. Lalalala.
  31. media deathwatch
    The Media Doesn’t Understand What’s Happening to Its BodyThe awkward puberty of the media continues.
  32. media deathwatch
    The Media Takes a Much-Needed BreakThe weekend couldn’t come soon enough for some media people.
  33. media deathwatch
    The Media Calls a Snow DayThe latest news (not entirely bad) in the media maelstrom.
  34. media deathwatch
    Magazines Evolve, and Magazines Die AwayToday in media news.
  35. media deathwatch
    Ben Affleck Declares Newsweek Responsible for TARP Foulups’Newsweek’ then looked around shyly, pointed to its chest, and mouthed, ‘Me?’