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  1. coronavirus
    Here’s Why Healthy People Shouldn’t Buy Face Masks for CoronavirusHealthy people don’t need them. Sick people do.
  2. coronavirus
    Coronavirus Rule: Don’t Touch Your Face!To prevent coronavirus, the CDC recommends keeping your hands off your face.
  3. science of us
    Be Honest: Do You Have As Many Friends As Rudy Giuliani?Definitions of friendship vary, so it’s hard to say.
  4. boyfriends
    A Taxonomy of New Boyfriend Types for Famous WomenThe rise of the Saturday Night Live boyfriend, the art-gallerist boyfriend, and the chef boyfriend.
  5. science of us
    Video Games Are a To-Do List You PlayI love video games for the sense of errand satisfaction.
  6. science of us
    Moderate Drinking May Be More Dangerous Than You ThinkAn increasing number of young people are dying of liver disease.
  7. science of us
    Runners, Your Shoes Are Too ThiccSneakers with fat soles might feel comfier, but new studies suggest they might not be good for us.
  8. science of us
    I’m Sorry to Say Skin-Cancer Screenings Are a MustStart by getting to know your moles.
  9. valentine's day
    Honor the Spirit of Valentine’s Day With a Drunk, Nude FeastCupid and chocolates have nothing on Lupercalia.
  10. so you want to be president
    What’s the Deal With Bloomberg’s Bizarre Sponcon?Popular Instagram meme accounts wade into the 2020 presidential race.
  11. vaping crisis
    Juul Allegedly Bought Ads on NickelodeonThe vaping company is accused of intentionally targeting children.
  12. coronavirus
    Worried About Coronavirus? Wash Your HandsIt’s more important than wearing a mask.
  13. cut opinion pages
    Americans Don’t Appreciate Good CandyIn praise of the uncelebrated fondant-filled licorice tube.
  14. parenting
    Evenflo ‘Big Kid’ Booster Seats Could Be FatalAn alarming new report finds that the company ignored safety recommendations.
  15. 2020 olympics
    Is It Too Late for Me to Become an Olympic Skateboarder?The new official outfits are hot and I would like to join them.
  16. recommendations
    Have I Got a Feel-Good Show for YouEverything’s Gonna Be Okay is a charming show about unconventional family and ordinary joys.
  17. science of us
    Why Can’t I Commit to a Hobby?I’ve tried knitting, crochet, tarot, and watercolors. Why can’t I make anything stick?
  18. recommendations
    The Creator of Work in Progress Just Wants to Pee in PeaceAbby McEnany’s lovely, new semi-autobiographical show deals frankly with depression, family (chosen and origin), and gender nonconformity.
  19. dream date
    The New Queer on the BlockJacqueline Toboni charms as a soft-butch heartbreaker on The L Word: Generation Q.
  20. flu season
    I’m Not Sure We’re Afraid Enough of the FluThe question is not if a massively deadly flu pandemic will happen again, but when.
  21. little women
    Is Little Women Fanfic for the Sisterless?Wait. Is this why I like Little Women so much?
  22. the witcher
    The Best Part of ‘The Witcher’ Is the Eye ShadowThe show’s makeup artist tells us about Yennefer’s mesmerizing look.
  23. science of us
    Is Living Longer Always Worth It?A new study says intermittent fasting could lengthen your life, but at what cost?
  24. celebrity breakups
    I Can’t Believe Channing Tatum and Jessie J Were Only Dating for a YearChanning Tatum and Jessie J have broken up after what feels like an eternity.
  25. the cut opinion pages
    Movies Should Be 97 Minutes LongMovies are getting longer, which means many movies are way too long.
  26. vaping
    Teen Vaping Doubled Since Last YearTeen drinking and hard-drug use continues to fall, but teen vaping (both cannabis and nicotine) is on the rise.
  27. science of us
    What to Do When Stress Gives You HivesA dermatologist tells us what to do when stress makes you red and itchy.
  28. sponcon
    This Is the Most Kris Jenner Gift of All TimeThis Christmas, she’s giving the whole Kardashian-Jenner clan the gift of Botox.
  29. celesbians
    Oh No, Did Cara Delevingne and Ashley Benson Break Up?A suspicious, since-deleted tweet from Delevingne sent queer women into a panic.
  30. 420 blaze it
    I’m So Into Seth Rogen’s Pot HabitThe actor and writer has recently gotten into ceramics, and it’s very charming.
  31. the l word
    The L Word Still Feels Like Coming HomeI’m too happy this show is back to be truly objective about it.
  32. fashion
    The Most Ridiculous Outfits on The L WordThe lesbian drama has given us so much.
  33. abortion rights
    New Law Would Force Abortion Doctors to Do the Impossible — or Face ChargesA proposed Ohio law mandates that providers “re-implant” ectopic pregnancies, which is physically impossible to do.
  34. how to have fun
    13 Things to Do on New Year’s EveDon’t be stressed!!
  35. i've never recovered from this
    My Sexuality Was ChrismukkahThe O.C. episode that taught me everything and nothing about dating men.
  36. science of us
    Lettuce Betrays Us Yet AgainThe latest in a string of E. coli outbreaks tied to romaine.
  37. flu season
    7 Things You Should Know About Treating the FluWhy it’s not a good idea to “starve a fever.”
  38. 2019 in review
    The Year in AliensIn 2019, we (almost) stormed Area 51, and we absolutely proved Tom DeLonge right.
  39. sexual assault
    Famed Self-Help Guru Accused of Sexually Assaulting a Teen GirlTony Robbins, who has previously been accused of sexual misconduct, is also alleged to have sexually assaulted a teenage girl in 1985.
  40. vaping
    The Stoner’s Guide to Vaping IllnessWe spoke to experts about the safety of vaping THC.
  41. flu season
    Are You Secretly Making Your Cold Worse?A doctor says people with colds make two common mistakes.
  42. cats
    What Size Are These Cats?The new trailer presents some mixed messages.
  43. terrible bosses
    What Makes Some People Such Bad Bosses?We, the employed, are impossible to satisfy.
  44. flirty dancing
    Am I Being Punked or Is Flirty Dancing a Real Show?The U.S. version premieres December 29 on Fox, allegedly.
  45. cut opinion pages
    Sadly, I Like Reading Books on My Phone NowIt helps me stay awake, which I cannot say for a paperback book.
  46. celebrity
    Noted Husband Justin Bieber Acts Like HusbandIncredible what two weddings can do.
  47. small projects
    Even a Dummy Like Me Can Make ApplesaucePerhaps you already knew this, but homemade really IS better in this case.
  48. cut opinion pages
    Your Birthday Is One DayYour weeklong celebration is tormenting everyone you love.
  49. nxivm
    What It Was Like to Date a Cult LeaderToni Natalie dated Keith Raniere in the years before he formed NXIVM. Her book about that experience, called The Program, is out now.
  50. cut opinion pages
    When Will Full-Length Pants Return From the War?Help, my ankles are cold.
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