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  1. islamic state watch
    Colorado Teen Who Tried to Join ISIS Gets 4-Year SentenceA judge said Shannon Maureen Conley needs psychiatric help.
  2. the sports section
    City Council Wants Doctors at Youth Sports GamesTo screen for concussions. 
  3. teenagers
    Brooklyn Teen Arrested for Emoji-Laden Threats Against NYPDOn Twitter.
  4. lol
    Glenn Beck Wants to School the Pope on the Free MarketBecause Pope Francis is too much of a bleeding-heart liberal. 
  5. nyc
    Bronx Woman Sues City After Getting Arrested for Calling 311Forty-four times.
  6. international intrigue
    Yemeni Leaders Resign Amid Political ChaosIt looks like the country is heading toward sectarian war.
  7. anonymous
    Journalist Barrett Brown Given 5-Year SentenceAfter initially being charged for posting a link.
  8. politics
    Obama Won’t Meet With Israeli PM During March VisitBut not because he’s spurning Israel.
  9. islamic state watch
    Japan Doesn’t Know How to Contact ISIS AbductorsAs the ransom deadline looms.
  10. oh albany!
    Why New York Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver Has Been ArrestedThe legislature’s most powerful Democrat is the target of a federal investigation into Albany corruption.
  11. Iran’s Ayatollah Tweeted an Open Letter to Western YouthSubtext: Don’t listen to the terrorists.
  12. international intrigue
    11 Wounded in Grisly Stabbing Attack on Tel Aviv BusThe suspect was shot and arrested.
  13. charlie hebdo
    France Charges 4 Linked to Kosher Market AttackAnd gunman Amedy Coulibaly.
  14. incest
    New Jersey Republican Wants to Finally Ban IncestAfter reading a New York story about a girl and her dad.
  15. pc police
    German Rabbit Breeders Are Pissed at Pope FrancisDomesticated rabbits aren’t slutty.
  16. law and order
    Colorado Begins Search for James Holmes JuryIn fact, it may be more difficult than for the Boston bomber.
  17. mystery solved
    No Sign of Terrorism Aboard AirAsia FlightAccording to the plane’s black boxes.
  18. family planning
    The Pope Doesn’t Want You Breeding Like RabbitsSeriously. Enough already. 
  19. World Just Can’t Deal With Miss Israel and Miss Lebanon Being FriendsCan’t we set aside international conflicts for one selfie?
  20. lol
    Obnoxious Parent Invoices Kid Who Missed PartyShe’s setting a great example. 
  21. terrorble
    Boko Haram’s Mass Kidnappings Are SpreadingThe Nigerian extremist group has reportedly abducted 80 people in Cameroon.
  22. religion
    Pope Francis Says He Doesn’t Know Why God Lets Children SufferSorry, everyone. 
  23. the gays
    SCOTUS Will Rule on Gay Marriage This TermThis bodes well.
  24. very good things
    Cops Can No Longer Just Seize Your MoneyIt’s a thing called “civil forfeiture.”
  25. death penalty
    Executed Oklahoma Man Said Drugs Felt Like His Body Was ‘On Fire’In the state’s first execution after a horrendously botched one in April.
  26. pluralism
    Duke Cancels Muslim Call to Prayer Over Evangelical BulliesAfter initially celebrating diversity and openness. 
  27. election 2016
    Nobody Wants Mitt Romney to Run for PresidentGOP influencers are shredding his trial balloon into tiny pieces.
  28. international intrigue
    5 Things to Know for Your Cuban VacationSome restrictions apply.
  29. lds
    The Mormon Church Is Still Excommunicating People Who Advocate for Gay MarriageJohn Dehlin runs a popular website.
  30. new york’s finest
    City Council Wants to Buy 13,000 Bulletproof Vests for the NYPDThey cost $600 each.
  31. je suis charlie
    Kosher Supermarket Hero Fast-Tracked for French CitizenshipMazel tov, Lassana Bathily.
  32. je suis charlie
    Pope Francis Says Provocative Cartoons Are Like Insulting Someone’s MotherThinks there are limits on free speech.
  33. islamic state watch
    The CentCom Hacker May Be a British 20-Year-OldCue grumblings about millennials.
  34. terrorism
    Dzhokar Tsarnaev Won’t Get a Trial DelayThe judge believes they’ll find an impartial jury.
  35. je suis charlie
    Charlie Hebdo Is Selling Out in FranceJe Suis Sold Out.
  36. These 10 People Were Also Named Al Qaeda’s Most WantedFrom English-language jihadi magazine Inspire.
  37. terrorism
    Al Qaeda Claims Dead American Cleric Orchestrated Paris AttacksA week after terrorists attacked the Charlie Hebdo magazine office.
  38. election 2016
    Q&A: Face Tattoo Guy Isn’t Psyched About MittHe’s not feeling the Mittmentum. 
  39. islamic state watch
    Newest ISIS Video Stars a Child ExecutionerA tween who goes by Abdullah.
  40. stand clear of the closing doors
    Train Delays Owing to Suspicious Penn Station FireIt raged for three hours. 
  41. campus sexual assault
    Banned UVA Frat Is Back After Police InvestigationPhi Kappa Psi was accused of initiation by gang rape in a Rolling Stone story.
  42. islamophobia
    Fox News Guest Sorry for Making Up Facts About Islamic Rule in England#FoxNewsFacts.
  43. international intrigue
    French Jews Pretty Sure They’re Still FrenchBy singing “La Marseillaise.”
  44. nypd
    Court Rules NYPD Must Release Secret Unmarked X-Ray Van RecordsThe vehicles roam the city looking for bombs.
  45. very bad things
    Saudi Arabia Is Giving a Blogger 1,000 Lashes for Insulting IslamAnd ten years in prison for insulting Islam. 
  46. very bad things
    Boko Haram May Have Killed Up to 2,000 NigeriansA whole town razed to the ground.
  47. ouch
    There’s a Chance Harry Reid Will Go BlindHe told the Washington Post.
  48. terrorism
    3 Suspects Dead in French Hostage Situations [Updated]Related to Charlie Hebdo.
  49. oh russia
    Russia Decides Transgender People Are Unfit to DriveReally.
  50. teens
    Court Says Almost-Adult Girl Not Adult Enough to Refuse ChemoEven if her mother agrees.
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