Keenan Steiner

  1. upheavals
    As Danny Meyer Eliminates Tipping, His Staff Struggles to AdaptDanny Meyer’s decision to eliminate tips at his restaurants was called revolutionary. Behind the scenes, the rollout was rockier than anyone expected.
  2. openings
    A Brooklyn Chef Wants to Make ‘Calabrese’ Pizza New York’s Next Great Pie StyleThe cheese-free pizza may or may not be an actual recognized style in Italy.
  3. app-etizing
    Silicon Valley’s ‘Not Hotdog’ and 7 Other Ridiculous (Real) Food AppsWhat to download when you want to find a ripe watermelon, a great oyster happy hour, or the perfect gin-and-tonic pairing.
  4. sweet
    Why, and How, You Should Drink Beer With Dessert“Budweiser is a match with everything.”
  5. catch ‘em all
    Balthazar Is New York’s Unlikeliest Pokémon Hot SpotKeith McNally’s flagship bistro is as crowded with Pokémon as it is with tourists and brunchers.
  6. Delivery
    Seamless Will Now Grade Restaurants’ Speed and AccuracySo you can see exactly how long it will take to get your pad Thai.
  7. The Push to End Bartender BurnoutThe job can take a massive toll on the body. Now a team of experts wants to help bartenders live better while working longer.
  8. Delivery
    Seamless Launching Its Own (New) Delivery Service in NYCWith the company handling deliveries itself, it’s going right after start-ups such as Caviar and Maple.
  9. DIY Projects
    How 3 Baristas Built Their Coffee Shop for the Price of One Espresso Machine“Luckily, we were inexperienced and naïve enough to think it could work.”
  10. Awareness
    Meet the People Working to Improve the Lives of Restaurant EmployeesA growing number of advocates say it’s time to give members of the hospitality industry access to programs that actually promote mental and physical wellness.
  11. Drops
    Mast Brothers Controversy Sunk Some Shops’ Holiday-Season SalesSome businesses report declines as large as 66 percent compared to the previous year.
  12. Wage Wars
    Why New York’s Restaurants Are About to Get a Lot More Expensive“There’s something bubbling as people think about how to move forward … “
  13. Opinions
    Why Danny Meyer’s No-Tipping Policy Will SucceedA former Union Square Cafe employee says things aren’t likely to change too much at “the house of yes.”