Keith Gessen

  1. cityscape
    New York’s First Climate Adaptation Battle Is HereThe city wants to bury East River Park to save it.
  2. education
    What Will the First Day of School Look Like?Terrified teachers. Obstinate officials. Exhausted parents. Inside the messy, bungled battle to reopen New York City’s schools.
  3. father’s day
    I Had No Idea What Fatherhood Was Going to be LikeWhat was it about the baby that was so time-consuming, so life-consuming?
  4. Thomas Pynchon vs. the WorldAgainst the Day is exhausting, twisted, and paranoid. But that doesn’t mean Pynchon can’t also be fun.
  5. Dinosaur On IceThe NHL has mandated a cleaner, more elegant game, but Darius Kasparaitis, the Rangers’ superthug, refuses to let extinction keep him down.
  6. Because the Fountain at The Brooklyn Museum Makes MusicNo. 119The history of Brooklyn is a history of waterborne insult. The Gowanus Canal is a joke and Brighton Beach is a shambles, and it is the bl […]
  7. Last Exit to BaghdadThe first soldier memoirs and a sweeping history describe a war unlike any we’ve ever known.
  8. Case of the BenzRafi Zabor’s I, Wabenzi is a wild ride through grief—until it hits a disappointing detour.
  9. 7 2/3 Innings With SalmanLike his beloved Yankees, Rushdie is struggling to play up to expectations.
  10. The Smartest Guy in the RoomEdmund Wilson’s brilliance won him untold love and admiration, but for him, nothing beat a good book.
  11. The Toughest JewsAvner Mandelman’s stories capture the tortured psyche of Israel’s baby-boomers.
  12. Between Punk Rock and a Hard PlaceHilly Kristal, the cash-strapped owner of CBGB, has threatened to move his legendary club to Las Vegas — and what if he really did it? How wou […]
  13. From BeyondMichel Houellebecq, France’s bard of sex and anomie, finds an unlikely kindred spirit in H. P. Lovecraft.
  14. Heart of GlassIan McEwan raises big questions that his cold, controlling muse can’t answer.
  15. Atrocity ExhibitionA Canadian general recounts his efforts to stop the Rwandan genocide—and then to remain sane.
  16. The Way We Don’t Quite Live NowA ballyhooed Corrections knockoff from Down Under points up the stalled state of the social novel.
  17. Hockey Ceased to Matter.Never mind that the Rangers are on ice. The game itself is dying.
  18. Naipaul’s Notes From UndergroundThe postcolonial master’s new novel takes a bleak, didactic turn.
  19. Boys on the BusNovelist Stephen Elliott unleashes his wounded innocence on Campaign 2004.
  20. His Jewish ProblemIn his counterfactual Holocaust novel, Philip Roth transports his unresolved conflicts with American Jews into the Oval Office.