Kelley Hoffman

  1. nightlife is dead
    The Oral History of the Beatrice InnRe-creating the bar that Chloë Sevigny, Kate Moss, and the Olsens called home.
  2. tastemakers
    Rachel Chandler Loves Her Belgian LoafersWe sat down with the Purple Diary contributor and D.J. to discuss disposable cameras, Peter Pilotto pants, and comfort shoes.
  3. tastemakers
    Lizzie Fortunato Jewels Thinks You Should Ditch the City for a HarleyWe sat down with the duo to talk about old-school Betsey Johnson, Obama, and the open road.
  4. tastemakers
    Todd Selby Wants the A.C. Slater Look to Come BackWe sat down with the man behind to talk about whom he’d love to shoot, his own digs, and neon socks.