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  1. relaxation techniques
    The Sanity-Saving Pleasure of the Background BingeA show you can “watch” while cleaning, or emailing, or leaving the room entirely.
  2. oh daniel!
    Daniel Did a Good Job, Too, and He Deserves RespectThe golden retriever did not win Best in Show, but he did win our hearts.
  3. you’d be rich
    Damn, Imagine If You Were Part of the Cast of FriendsThe actors have reportedly been offered more than $2 million each for a reunion special. What if it were you?
  4. valentine’s day
    Valentine’s Day Is a Holiday for the AbsurdReplace the hastily bought gift with something almost … too personal.
  5. valentine’s day
    How to Host the Perfect Valentine’s Day Film FestivalHere are the movies to watch, and the order to watch them in.
  6. regrets
    Aw, Man, We Missed Palindrome DaySunday was the first one in 909 years!
  7. keeping up with the royals
    Can Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Close Car Doors Now?We asked a royal etiquette expert.
  8. helpful tips
    How to Properly Greet a Dog: A Guide for Mike BloombergSome handy tips for the candidate, who recently attempted to perform a handshake with a dog’s snout.
  9. poetry
    What Time Is the Super Bowl?A poem.
  10. hot shot
    Can You Identify This Man?Hmm … I’m trying to read his name tag …
  11. oh mummy!
    Ooh, Your Boyfriend Sounds So SexyA team of researchers re-created the voice of a 3,000-year-old mummy — and he is hot!
  12. hooray it’s winter
    Remember to Get In Your Winter FunTime is running out!
  13. an investigation
    Wait — What Instagram Ads Do Men See?A dive into uncharted targeted-ad territory.
  14. moonage daydream
    A Billionaire Is Searching for a Girlfriend to Take to the MoonCould you be the lucky lady?
  15. zzzzz
    The Best Sleeping Positions for Better Sleep and HealthA sleep-disorder specialist helps us get some rest.
  16. vanderpump rules
    Car Plows Through Brunch at Lisa Vanderpump’s RestaurantPump got an unfortunate visit from a sports car on Sunday.
  17. t.s. eliot
    T.S. Eliot Posthumously Clarifies His Sexual HistoryA newly released letter clarifies the poet’s relationship with Emily Hale.
  18. keeping up with the royals
    Why Is Meghan Markle Only Following One Instagram Account?The royal couple announced a social media change for the New Year.
  19. recommendations
    The Best Romantic Comedy of 2019 That You Probably Didn’t SeeYes, that Charlize Theron movie.
  20. unsolicited advice
    Just Do SomethingA helpful tip for feeling overwhelmed.
  21. christmas lights
    John Mayer Is Right About Taylor Swift’s ‘Lover’It brings us no pleasure to say so, but even Taylor has (implicitly) admitted this.
  22. the titular london boy
    How Does Taylor Swift’s Boyfriend Feel About Being Her Muse?Half of the secretive couple talks about what it’s like to be a “Lover” subject.
  23. cut opinion pages
    There Is Still Time to Get a Christmas TreeAn argument, and an examination of potential tree-related pros and cons.
  24. christmas 2019
    So What Day Is Christmas Again?Though stockings were hung by the chimney with care, St. Nicholas wondered, “When will I be there?”
  25. keeping up with the royals
    Is Kate Middleton Right About Prince Louis’s First Words?Hear the evidence, and judge for yourself.
  26. happy new hat
    Which New Year’s Eve Party Hat Is the Best?A discussion of merit.
  27. interviews
    Joe Pera Attempts to Help Me Get a Christmas TreeA holiday failure with the Joe Pera Talks With You comedian.
  28. holidays 2019
    Oh No, Christmas Is in Two WeeksOh God. Oh no.
  29. good for her
    New Reports Surface on the Inner Workings of Emma Stone’s FiancéThe star got engaged last week, and now we have a bit more insight into her beau.
  30. gift giving
    The Most Ridiculous Gifts We’ve Given Our Pets‘Tis the season to buy your cat something she hates.
  31. canine communication
    Is My Dog Trying to Tell Me He Loves Me?Oh, could it be? Please, please, please?
  32. good for her
    Emma Stone Is Engaged to a Guy Who Seems NiceShe’s newly engaged, and we all think that’s pretty nice.
  33. keeping up with the royals
    What Is Kate Middleton’s Christmas Tree Secret?We’ll tell you, but only if you promise to keep it to yourself.
  34. niche drama
    An Exhaustive Guide to the Chris Pratt Water-Bottle DramaGet caught up — before Jason Momoa calls you out.
  35. call me by dog name
    ‘Taylor Swift’ Is Apparently a Very Popular Dog NameThe singer can add “most popular musician dog name of 2019” to her many accolades.
  36. how to have fun
    13 Things to Do on New Year’s EveDon’t be stressed!!
  37. equine mysteries
    How’d That Horse Get Up There?Delving into the mystery of the horse in the hayloft.
  38. dog queries
    Which Thanksgiving Foods Are Safe for Dogs to Eat?Can we share our turkey? What about Grandma’s cranberry sauce?
  39. let me tell you about my pet
    Let the Director of Independence Day Tell You About His Two Dogs“She is like, Why did they get another dog, don’t they love me anymore?”
  40. keeping up with the royals
    The Queen Is Reportedly ‘Disappointed’ About Harry and Meghan’s Christmas PlansThe couple’s holiday plans have reportedly “disappointed” her.
  41. dog science
    There’s a New Way to Calculate Your Dog’s Age in Human YearsIt’s a tad more complicated than “multiply by seven.”
  42. rankings
    Best Halloween Candy, RankedA spookily correct list of the best and worst candy.
  43. let me tell you about my pet
    Let Me Tell You About My Pet: Jami Attenberg on Sid“He has stolen food from the hands of children. Like, he’s no longer allowed to go to a county fair.”
  44. let me tell you about my pet
    Let Me Tell You About My Pet: Skai Jackson on Otis“If I’m watching a movie, he’ll come and watch the movie with me. He loves movies.”
  45. figuring it out
    Is There a Sexy or at Least Normal Way to Take Off Pants?Hmm. Let’s find out.
  46. dog science
    Study Shows Dog Owners Will Live Fur-Ever, Ha HaA new study finds dog ownership is associated with a lower risk of early death.
  47. an investigation
    What Do Guys Keep in Their Backpacks?Illuminating a male mystery.
  48. keeping up with the royals
    Is Baby Archie’s Body Inhabited by an Old Ghost?A very spooky royal question, just in time for Halloween.
  49. let me tell you about my pet
    Let Me Tell You About My Pet: Yeardley Smith on Zipper and Petunia“So now I have this huge cat gym, which is basically the entire length of the stairway, that they don’t use. So I’m like, great. That’s awesome.”
  50. pleas
    Please Keep Your “Resting B*tch Face”It is a gift to be cherished.
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