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  1. high school tv showdown
    Which Was Better: Friday Night Lights or Buffy?Which will prevail in our second semifinal matchup — the show set on the gridiron, or the one set on the Hellmouth?
  2. sitcom smackdown
    Best Sitcom Quarterfinals: Friends vs. RoseanneKen Tucker considers it the battle of the Unruly Masterpiece versus the Well-Wrought Masterpiece.
  3. Long Story ShortA new book chronicles the rise of the original gangsta: Scarface.
  4. Hit JobAttacks on Munich miss its moral complexity. Plus: King Kong’s view-by date and The New World’s spoiled beauty.
  5. The Year in MoviesGay cowboys rode high in the saddle, Brangelina wrestled, documentaries danced, Reese drawled, David Cronenberg and Joss Whedon shocked, and sm […]
  6. How Felicity Huffman Went from Smash-Hit Housewife to Indie Tranny“Listen, I look fine, and I like my face, but I’ve never been a beauty.” She laughs. “So it’s not like I had anything to lose or safeguard.”
  7. The Final FrontierThat gay-cowboy movie you’ve heard so little about is even more startling than expected.
  8. All Messed Up on the Western FrontKubrick’s Paths of Glory shows how much—and how little—war has changed in a century.
  9. Crude AwakeningSyriana does for oil what Traffic did for drugs: expose a twisted system in which no one’s hands stay clean.
  10. Sturm and TwangTwo rowdy lead performances enliven Walk the Line, which otherwise sings a familiar tune.
  11. The Lady VanquishesKeira Knightley gives Pride & Prejudice a ferocious bite. Too bad she’s stuck with a toothless lover.
  12. War is HeckA solid performance by Jake Gyllenhaal can’t make up for Jarhead’s lack of politics.
  13. Little MartyrsWith wit and subtlety, Paradise Now explores the lives of Palestinian suicide bombers.
  14. How Sincere Is Too Sincere?The Elizabethtown conundrum.
  15. Love SickThanks to a powerfully poignant Claire Danes, Shopgirl finds the charm in an unhealthy romance.
  16. View to a ChillTwo Canadian directors, David Cronenberg and Atom Egoyan, serve up genre films with a shot of ice.
  17. The Sisterhood of the Traveling PumpsCurtis Hanson spins the ordinary chick-lit novel In Her Shoes into a surprisingly deep family comedy.
  18. New York Film FestivalSympathy for Lady Vengeance October 2 “My sins are too great and too deep,” says Geum-ja, the title character, a ferally beautiful ex-con ( […]
  19. Serenity NowGo out and see Joss Whedon’s witty whizbang of an action movie, or we will kill a kitten.
  20. The Tip Sheet From TorontoFrom gay cowboys to chick lit done right.
  21. Where is Edward R. Murrow When We Need Him?George Clooney’s paean to the slayer of right-wing demagogues opens the New York Film Festival.
  22. Kid FearsIn Thumbsucker, Lou Pucci plays a shy boy stricken with childish compulsions.
  23. Out of the Frying PanBad-boy chef Anthony Bourdain and his notorious kitchen high jinks get fictionalized for the small screen.
  24. The Final FrontierRejoice: Joss Whedon is back. The man who gave us Buffy will launch Serenity, the big-screen version of his short-lived, super-clever 2002 outer […]
  25. Screen Locally, Film GloballyThe 43rd New York Film Festival kicks off with the very New Yorky ‘Good Night, and Good Luck.’ a biopic of newsman Edward R. Murrow.
  26. Carré NationIn the thrilling Constant Gardener, opposites attract and political skulduggery is everywhere.
  27. Ex Marks the SpotBill Murray’s wise, devastating performance in Broken Flowers may move you to tears.
  28. New York Brand: Gregory La CavaThe world is greased with banana oil,” he enthuses. “The people want excitement, sensation, baloney, and we’ve got to give it to ’em!” Gregory L […]
  29. In Defense of ‘The Comeback’When it comes to savoring a series that’s really reaching—in the best sense—’The Comeback’ is far more ambitious than it’s getting credit for.
  30. Blue Man GroupThe documentary The Aristocrats showcases 102 fabulous comics—and one really dirty joke.
  31. SemisweetJohnny Depp’s Wonka is nuttily fascinating, but the movie around him seems only half-baked.
  32. Smart AttackSpielberg’s thrilling, scary War of the Worlds: an action flick with genuine post-9/11 resonance.
  33. Rooting for LeftyThe Situation’s Rachel Maddow outshines host Tucker Carlson, finally giving liberals a feisty voice.
  34. Smart AttackKen Tucker praises Spielberg’s blockbuster as “the first serious post-9/11 sci-fi movie.”
  35. Small is BeautifulFour smart alternatives to the summer blockbuster.
  36. Salem’s FlopWill Ferrell wastes his career momentum, and Nora Ephron her acute talents, on Bewitched.
  37. New York Screen: Paramount Before the Code’Girls About Town’ is a highlight of Film Forum’s raucous new series “Paramount Before the Code,” a four-week trot starting June 24 through many […]
  38. Big Shoes to FillDavid LaChapelle’s vigorous documentary Rize captures L.A.’s latest hip-hop craze—clown costumes included.
  39. Quiet RiotThe lovely Howl’s Moving Castle rises above its shrieking, lowbrow kiddie-cartoon competitors.
  40. Minority ReportA defense of Tom Cruise in his time of troubles.
  41. Love Among the RuinsBrangelina heats up the screen with violent chemistry, but Batman fails to save the day.
  42. Worldwide PantsThe charming Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants speaks to teenage girls in their own language.
  43. The Zoo StoryMadagascar starts off with a sense of fun—but runs out of steam when it leaves New York.
  44. So Long, and Thanks for All the DroidsThe latest Star Wars is full of hot air. But true fans can focus on the upsides: a shiny new Yoda and a solid villain.
  45. Handicapping the Comedies Courtesy of New Line Cinema
  46. Back in ActionA (mostly) Jar Jar–free ‘Star Wars,’ a new Batman, and a jet with an evil brain.
  47. Accidents Will HappenPaul Haggis’s thrilling, provocative Crash spins a great cast into moral collisions.
  48. Meet the New BossBruce Springsteen’s innovative collection of character studies dares to be both brooding and hopeful.
  49. In One EarThe Interpreter is an okay thriller, but Sean Penn’s performance stands out in the crowd.
  50. Capitalist ToolsThis brilliant documentary dramatizes the evil that men—and corporations—do.
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