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  1. Flagships for FashionistasWith designers and department stores constantly one-upping each other, the city’s shopping districts have never been more inviting.
  2. Ask the Experts: The Stationers“Some brides say, ‘Oh, I’ll just do it myself and go to Kinko’s.’ Please don’t! We’ll work with your budget.”
  3. Ask the Experts: The Photographer“Props are great. Cheesy ideas are fun, so long as I’m not the one having to suggest them.”
  4. Ask the Experts: The Caterer“It is spectacular to have 30, 50, or even 100 guests all seated at one very long table.”
  5. Ask the Experts: The Event Designer“Choose seasonal, locally grown flowers to avoid the markup due to a strong euro and rising fuel prices.”
  6. Ask the Experts: The Gown Vendor“White—white washes most girls out. But if that’s what looks good on you, make sure all your whites match.”
  7. Wild ThingPosted July 29, 2008 Okay, we usually hate animal print; it painfully reminds us of seventh-graders trying to be sexy. But after Balmain’s fall […]
  8. Little Black BagIf it weren’t for the sporty logo, you’d have no idea this Puma gym bag wasn’t straight from the catwalk.
  9. Tested : The Don’t-Budge BikiniI needed a bikini that was functional (as in, I could swim in it) yet cute (for poolside lounging).
  10. Time to UnfoldPosted July 8, 2008If you’re like us, for weekend trips you either leave the jewelry at home or toss it in your purse haphazardly. But to preven […]
  11. White HotPosted June 30, 2008Everyone from Jonathan Saunders to Richard Nicoll showed spring dresses with white-on-white detail. Ride the trend in this a […]
  12. Screening ProcessPosted June 25, 2008We love floral prints, but lately, they’ve been a little overwhelming. They’re in every shop window, not to mention on ever […]
  13. Five-Year PlanPosted June 24, 2008Keeping a diary’s known to be a productive, therapeutic hobby. But staring down at empty pages can prompt some serious write […]
  14. Fit to Be TiedPosted June 20, 2008A crisp white blouse is a summertime essential: so light, so simple, so easy. But worn the wrong way, the look can come off […]
  15. Pinky SwearPosted June 10, 2008Lately, fuchsia has been more likely to pop up on your underwear (thanks Victoria’s Secret) or your feet (think Stella McCar […]
  16. In the RedMarc Jacobs has transformed terry cloth from shapeless fashion faux pas into a double-breasted, knee-length wrap dress.
  17. The Abridged Story of Distressed DenimArtfully frayed jeans have long outpriced their intact brethren, but this spring, both the fraying and the price tag have hit a new extreme.
  18. Chanel Iman Grows UpImpressive genes is one thing; stamina is another. Four years into her career, the ambitious model is in the tricky transitional phase between “ […]
  19. Four Other FacesThese dewy-faced eye-catchers were the most favored of fall.
  20. Best BudsWhile tucking real gardenias behind your ear would be great, Cara Accessories’ resin headband offers the same effect.
  21. Change of a DressPosted April 9, 2008We ladies change our minds a fair amount about haircuts, relationships, and shoes. Getting dressed is sometimes on par with […]
  22. In the Neck of TimeSimplify your wardrobe with this “scarfigan,” an attached cardigan-scarf combo by designer Grace Sun.
  23. Raining Cats and DogsPosted April 2, 2008With spring comes rain (we hope not today). And, sure, you’ll stay dry, but think about your little furry pals. Keep your do […]
  24. Top TheseCakes, cookies, and confections to end the night with a wow.
  25. Quite A HandfulBouquets so beautiful you won’t want to toss them.
  26. Graphic MaterialWedding stationery that’ll jump out of the mailbox.
  27. Pink LadyPosted March 12, 2008In a grown-up season, even youthful Marc by Marc has shaped up, as evidenced by this beautiful, sharp blouse. Though there’ […]
  28. In the BagThis clutch is small enough to not be a burden but roomy enough to fit a phone, lip gloss, and wad of cash.
  29. Navy, BabyThis unassuming blazer from Urban Outfitters can mesh into any wardrobe, from nautical to minimal to business casual.
  30. NoteworthyPosted March 3, 2008With all the eco-fads out there, we were wondering what was going to get recycled next. Bags have been done to death, as hav […]
  31. Ring Around the RosyPosted Feb. 29, 2008Floral may be in, but no one wants to dress like a straight-up garden come spring. But with so many full-length prints out t […]
  32. Black and WhitePosted Feb. 26, 2008Spring fashion may be all about color, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up your beloved black. Neutral tones are the p […]
  33. Love Me or Hat MePosted Feb. 20, 2008I love hats, I do. Cold or hot weather, good or bad hair days, chapeaus add an extra bounce in your step. Even spring’s runw […]
  34. Love Me Don’tPosted Feb. 13, 2008There must be sappy people in the world who cherish the chocolate hearts, red roses, and stuffed bears that Valentine’s Day […]
  35. Flower BombPosted Feb. 8, 2008Sure, florals for spring aren’t exactly groundbreaking. But this season, they’ve been taken to excitingly loud and dramatic p […]
  36. Mind the GapPosted Feb. 6, 2008It’s tricky to find a casual top that still holds its polish. In fact, it’s scarily easy for even the strictest fashionista t […]
  37. Two-VasedPosted Feb. 1, 2008Being sent flowers—especially around Valentine’s Day—is pretty much expected in February. But if you haven’t shelled out for […]
  38. Sleeve Me Alone7 For All Mankind has produced a great option for the global-warming-frenzied: the asymmetrical dress.
  39. Animal PrintPosted Jan. 23, 2008In winter, we nest (it’s a fact). But a barren apartment strewn with Netflix envelopes and leftover dinner delivery orders c […]
  40. Get in ShapeThis “Framed Lucite” necklace is so affordable, you could purchase all three of the color combinations without worry.
  41. Rockin’ HoodPosted Jan. 18, 2008In case you haven’t stepped below 14th Street in, oh, the past five years, cozy hoodies are an all-year unisex staple—the pe […]
  42. Flowers in Every RoomFor Everyday Freesia is subtle, comes in many colors, and is available on every corner. Re-cut stems under running water. If bought from a dire […]
  43. Higher LovePosted Jan. 11, 2008The high-waist trend is sticking around so you might as well suck it up (and in). This pleated French Connection skirt is a […]
  44. Lace UpPosted Jan. 9, 2008It can be tricky to translate your personal style into your home décor. Far too many girls spend their salaries on a closet f […]
  45. Tested: Shiny LeggingsMy eighties childhood obsession with leggings has left me with a Diane Arbus–like collection of mortifying suburban photos. It’s hard not to cri […]
  46. Bag LadyPosted Dec. 24, 2007Airports are insane enough during the holidays without having to be manhandled by security. So make your trip easier with th […]
  47. New Year, New LookOnce you’ve made the big night’s plans, it’s time to turn your attention to finding the perfect outfit. Here’s what to wear for a romantic dinne […]
  48. Lucky StarPosted Dec. 14, 2007Finish off your holiday-party look with Yochi Design’s star earrings. The translucent dark-beige shapes will match any outfi […]
  49. Red Between the LinesPosted Dec. 12, 2007Plaid (and flannel) may have become this season’s stripes, but skip the grunge renaissance and instead opt for a younger ver […]
  50. Sweet ShotPosted Dec. 7, 2007The holidays necessitate family time which, in turn, demands more alcohol. For an especially festive spin, sip on Urban Outfi […]
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