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  1. everything old is new again
    What’s Behind the Great Podcast Renaissance?The mid-aughts audio scene is making a big comeback.
  2. a rooms of one’s own
    With Rooms, Facebook Rides a Wave of Web 1.0 NostalgiaOn the internet, past is prologue.
  3. augmented reality
    Google Just Invested Millions of Dollars in a Very Eccentric ManMeet Rony Abovitz.
  4. bro-king news
    There’s No Such Thing As the Nerd–Bro WarDeconstructing the defining binary of our time.
  5. in conversation
    Marc Andreessen on Why Optimism Is Always the Safest BetIn conversation with the Netscape creator turned Silicon Valley sage. 
  6. in conversation
    Marc Andreessen on Why Optimism Is Always the Safest BetIn conversation with the Netscape creator turned Silicon Valley sage.
  7. futurology
    Deadbolts, Digitized: How Smart Locks Will Change Our HomesThe August smart lock is one of many devices that will force us to share space with connected tech.
  8. the future
    Nicholas Carr Doesn’t Want Your Self-Driving CarA Q&A with the author of The Glass Cage.
  9. prime real estate
    Why Amazon Will Open a Retail Store, in 3 ChartsIt’s not so baffling, really.
  10. the name game
    Is It Possible to Be Both Nice and Anonymous Online?Facebook wants to find out.
  11. domain events
    New York City Domain Names Just Went on SaleDisappointing, we know.
  12. the tech economy
    Silicon Valley, Meet Organized LaborTech’s working class is beginning to clamor for unions.
  13. the bitcoin bubble
    A Trader Nicknamed ‘BearWhale’ Is Freaking Out the Bitcoin MarketsBy selling $9 million worth of Bitcoin all at once.
  14. tech breakups
    Hewlett-Packard Tries Out Conscious UncouplingThe computer-maker is splitting in two.
  15. silicon valley visions
    Peter Thiel Wants to Make Hackers Into HeroesThe venture capitalist is trying to rekindle America’s love affair with tech.
  16. our robot overlords
    Can Workplace Robots Get Along With the Humans They’re Replacing?The robot industry thinks so.
  17. wall street
    JPMorgan Chase Got Megahacked This Summer76 million customers were affected.
  18. buy it now
    After a 12-Year Marriage, PayPal and eBay Finally Call It QuitsIt’s an overdue divorce.
  19. filtered democracy
    After Hong Kong, Instagram Isn’t Just for Brunch PhotosThe photo-sharing network is becoming an important political protest tool.
  20. ad romance
    Facebook Wants to Help Pepsi Follow You Across the InternetIt’s taking on Google with a beefed-up ad platform.
  21. machine age
    The Rise of the Hacker Bounty HunterSymbiotically capitalizing on tech companies’ soft spots.
  22. alibaba
    Alibaba Just Went Public in One of the Biggest IPOs EverAnd Wall Street is going nuts.
  23. white men with money and boats
    Oracle CEO Larry Ellison Is Stepping Down to Spend More Time With His YachtsAnd his private island.
  24. silicon valley
    Does Silicon Valley Have a Contract-Worker Problem?An examination of tech’s favorite labor model.
  25. ihype
    The Reviews Are In, and Everyone Loves the iPhone 6They’re big, boring, and pretty good.
  26. marital bliss
    People Are Making Wedding Stock Registries to Get Rich While They Get HitchedIt’s better than another salad bowl.
  27. eat the rich
    A Brief History of Social Networks for MillionairesSomehow, this never works.
  28. things that make me feel old
    What Is Minecraft, and Why Did Microsoft Just Pay $2.5 Billion for It?An explainer for the olds.
  29. bad apple
    Everyone Is Mad at Apple for Forcing Them to Download a U2 AlbumMaybe rethink that marketing stunt next time!
  30. apple fanfic
    Here’s How Apple Will Convince You to Buy a SmartwatchTrust me, it’ll happen.
  31. cashless commerce
    Will Apple Finally Be Able to Replace Your Wallet?Everyone’s been trying to make mobile payments work. Can Apple do it?
  32. applepalooza
    Live-Blog: Apple’s Big AnnouncementKeeping tabs on what Apple announces today.
  33. applepalooza
    Let’s Play Apple Keynote Bingo!Our favorite game.
  34. applemania
    What to Expect From Apple’s Big Announcement TodayNew iPhones, a wristband, and more.
  35. iphone impatience
    These 14 People Did Not Get the Memo About New iPhones Coming Out TodayThey just upgraded to the iPhone 5.
  36. lol silicon valley
    Here Is What Tech Conferences in 2014 Are Like, in One PhotoUbers for everything.
  37. hack is wack
    Apple Is Fixing the iCloud Security Problems It Swears It Doesn’t HaveFunny how that works!
  38. the valley politic
    Google Executive Megan Smith Named U.S. Chief Technology OfficerShe’ll fix the nation’s computers. 
  39. selfie safety
    It’s Time to Kill the Online Security QuestionThey’re ineffective, easy to guess, and obsolete.
  40. the taxi wars
    Uber Is Banned in GermanyThe German taxi industry gets a win for now.
  41. burning man 2014
    Grover Norquist Goes to Burning ManThe conservative activist got his playa on.
  42. burn notice
    Dennis Kucinich’s Burning Man Name Is ‘Charge’But he needs to dress the part. Will someone please get him a banana hammock?
  43. burn notice
    I Spent an Afternoon at Burning Man’s Camp DogecoinWhat can a grammatically challenged Shiba Inu puppy teach us about radical freedom?
  44. Is Burning Man Really Full of Tech Billionaires?Yes and no.
  45. machine age
    6 Ways Competitors Are Trying to Kill AmazonA handful of new and veteran companies will challenge the retail giant this fall.
  46. burning man 2014
    God Punishes Burning Man Attendees With Gigantic RainstormProbably deserved.
  47. the junior banker chronicles
    Sorry, Wall Street. Paying Young Bankers More Won’t Make You Cool Again.The new rules privilege prestige over pay.
  48. ice bucket challenge
    Anti-Abortion Activists Are Doing Their Own Ice Bucket ChallengesBecause the ALS Association supports stem-cell research.
  49. silicon valley
    A Tech Start-Up Just Restored My Faith in HumanityPlanet Labs makes tiny satellites and launches them into space in order to capture a real-time portrait of what the Earth looks like.
  50. white men with rashes
    PIMCO Reportedly Besieged by BedbugsMore like PIMNOOOOOOO.
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