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Staff Writer, Intelligencer

Kevin T. Dugan is an Intelligencer staff writer who covers finance and business. He was previously on staff at Bloomberg, The Information, and the New York Post.

  1. the money game
    Key Speakers At Bitcoin 2023 Conference
    Bitcoin FOMO Is Back: ‘This Is Officially a Craze”Is a new Wall Street investment product creating a new crypto boom?
  2. the money game
    Miami, Hialeah Gardens, Florida, Walmart Supercenter, customer shopping, Welch's fruit drinks juices, gallon plastic bottles
    How Much More Expensive Is Food Now, Really?The weird debate over who is gaslighting who about the cost of groceries.
  3. the money game
    ‘The Most Important Stock on Planet Earth’ Just Got Even BiggerNvidia makes the chips that power artificial intelligence, and there’s nothing stopping its domination.
  4. sam bankman-fried
    SBF’s First Jailhouse Photo Shows Him Skinny and UnkemptApparently the convicted crypto fraudster doesn’t shower, and there was an unexplained “incident” in jail.
  5. the money game
    Is the Good Economy a Mirage?You may be feeling better about the economy, but that might not last much longer if inflation doesn’t fall further.
  6. the poor house
    The Donald Trump Fire Sale Starts NowHe’s going to have to sell his stuff to pay a half-billion dollars’ worth of legal penalties.
  7. the money game
    The Massive Success of Bitcoin ETFs Doesn’t Have to Make SenseWhat do BlackRock, Jay-Z, and Beyoncé have in common?
  8. the money game
    A Once Unthinkable Question: Could Electric-Vehicle Sales Decline in 2024?Growth has long been a given. But a dismal stretch for the industry has at least a few analysts wondering.
  9. adam neumann
    Adam Neumann’s Still Got ItThe WeWork founder wants to buy the company out of bankruptcy, and he’s still finding billionaires to give him the money to do it.
  10. the media
    How The Messenger Bled Out $50 MillionBonkers spending on food, travel, and salaries couldn’t save a 2013-era idea in a 2024 world.
  11. the money game
    Inflation Is Down, But Jerome Powell Isn’t (Quite) Ready to Cut Interest RatesThe era of high rates continues. How long can this go on for?
  12. the media
    Sports Illustrated’s $10 Million MysteryThere was plenty of cash to keep the venerable sports magazine alive. Why did its parent company, Arena Group, choose not to?
  13. sam bankman-fried
    Sam Bankman-Fried Is Still Messing Up Bitcoin’s Big ComebackAfter a huge regulatory triumph, the bankrupt husk of FTX is still turning crypto markets red.
  14. the media
    Greed Killed Sports IllustratedIts corporate parents siphoned $60 million from the magazine in four years.
  15. bill ackman
    Everyone Bill Ackman Is FightingThe ever-expanding list of individuals and institutions the billionaire investor is at war with.
  16. bitcoin
    The Bitcoin ETF Is Approved — and Crypto ‘Chaos’ Is BackGovernment approval of bitcoin ETFs was supposed to bring the adults to the market. It’s only getting crazier.
  17. the money game
    BuzzFeed’s ‘Dire’ Debt ProblemThe media company borrowed a lot of money to grow. Now the bill is coming due.
  18. the money game
    Why Wall Street Might Be Falling in Love With BitcoinAn expected regulatory victory has revived interest in the cryptocurrency.
  19. year in review
    The Wackiest Political Stories of 2023From Lauren Boebert’s steamy Beetlejuice date to Ron DeSantis’s pudding fingers, U.S. politics had another bizarre trip around the sun.
  20. sticker shock
    The Year Food-Delivery Prices Went InsaneYour go-to Chipotle order cost double? Blame the apps.
  21. the money game
    How Bird, the High-flying Scooter Company, Went BrokeBad debt, expensive rides, and dumb high jinks made the company a bad messenger for a good idea
  22. globalization
    5 Things to Know About the Shipping Crisis in the Red SeaWhy the wars in Yemen and Palestine are scrambling the global supply chain.
  23. the money game
    What Should We Expect From Argentina’s Wacky New President?Jay Newman, a lawyer turned hedge-fund manager, explains why Bill Clinton and Donald Trump both want to know Javier Milei.
  24. frauds
    COVID Testing Company CareCube Was Vast Fraud, Feds SayThe founder was charged with criminal conspiracy, fraud, and bribery.
  25. the money game
    Why Wall Street Is Suddenly Having an Everything RallyInvestors think Fed chair Jerome Powell has finally pivoted away from his war on inflation.
  26. the money game
    A Million Electric Vehicles Were Sold This Year. Here’s Why That’s a Problem.The Biden administration is pushing for way more on the road.
  27. crypto
    Crypto’s Biggest Jerk Probably Getting Extradited to New YorkDo Kwon blew up $60 billion, then went on the lam, and now he faces SBF’s prosecutors.
  28. the money game
    Wall Street Has Decided It’s Time to Get Greedy AgainHere’s why bitcoin and gold are rallying and stocks and bonds are near their annual highs.
  29. the money game
    Wall Street Is Back to Not Taking Jerome Powell ‘Seriously’The economy has to get better eventually. Right?
  30. crypto
    How the Winklevii’s Second Act Went BadInside the twins’ crypto exchange, where they abandoned the rules to get bigger than they could handle.
  31. the money game
    Elon Musk’s Cybertruck Is Striking — and Poorly TimedTesla is expected to deliver the electric pickups this week, but the EV market is in dire shape.
  32. technology
    Sam Altman’s Job at Microsoft Will Be Harder Than EverWhat’s next after the tech coup of the century?
  33. the money game
    You’re Probably Going to Get Ripped Off When You Buy a Turkey This ThanksgivingTurkey producers are going to make bank this year by charging you just a little bit less.
  34. the money game
    Why the Latest Inflation Report Has Wall Street Feeling GreatPrices actually fell in October, and it will have a major impact on the economy through next year.
  35. the money game
    ExxonMobil Wants to Get In on the Electric-Vehicles GameIt’s still going to sell its fossil fuels to you whether you like it or not.
  36. the money game
    Crypto Is Back From the Dead Thanks to BlackRock and Gary GenslerBlackRock, Grayscale, and the SEC are all cool now, and bitcoin’s having its best run since the last go-go era.
  37. the money game
    The Real SBF Stood UpAn open-and-shut case finally revealed the criminal behind the legend.
  38. court appearances
    Sam Bankman-Fried Never Had a ChanceThe FTX founder was found guilty on all seven counts of fraud and conspiracy.
  39. the money game
    Why Gas Is Getting Cheaper Despite the Worst Middle Eastern War in a DecadeGeopolitical conflict is only one part of the equation that makes up the price of oil.
  40. court appearances
    Sam Bankman-Fried Finally Tells His StoryThe former FTX CEO made a bet that his story would be convincing, but who is he trying to sway?
  41. court appearances
    Inside the Vaping, Gambling, Jeering Wildness of the SBF Trial Overflow RoomsThe crypto fraud trial has an ungainly audience who hold nothing back, and it’s kind of great.
  42. sam bankman-fried
    Sam Bankman-Fried Is Pulling an Elizabeth Holmes And TestifyingThe alleged crypto fraudster will take the witness stand in his defense — a risky move.
  43. the money game
    The Three Tweets That Broke the Gloom Over the U.S. Treasury MarketsBill Ackman is a bond vigilante no more.
  44. the money game
    The Winklevii’s Next Act Is Getting Sued for Crypto Fraud by New York StateNew York AG Tish James sues the Winklevii’s crypto exchange and CoinDesk’s parent company for defrauding 23,000 people.
  45. sam bankman-fried
    SBF’s Lawyer Admits He Doesn’t Really Have a PlanIf it feels like there’s no strategy, that’s because there probably isn’t one.
  46. the money game
    The $24 Trillion Problem Haunting Wall StreetThe Treasuries market is the largest in the world, but nobody knows why it’s coming apart at the seams
  47. sam bankman-fried
    SBF’s New Plan to Win in Court: AdderallDoes the fallen crypto CEO actually need his meds, or is this another game?
  48. court appearances
    The Unbreakable Caroline EllisonThe star witness against Sam Bankman-Fried was untouched by the defense.
  49. the money game
    Is Sam Bankman-Fried Still Trying to Intimidate Caroline Ellison?A peek inside the sidebar talks as the crypto fraud trial gets testy.
  50. the money game
    The Revenge of Caroline Ellison, Part 2: ‘$150 Million for the Thing’Her testimony featured an insane data dump about how her ex-boyfriend Bankman-Fried operated — and a tearful moment at the end.
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