1. the money game
    13 More Disturbing Revelations About Sam Bankman-FriedIt’s been weeks since the dramatic crumbling of his crypto empire, and we’re still learning about the mess left behind by Bankman-Fried.
  2. the money game
    FTX Isn’t Just Bankrupt — Tons of Money Has Been StolenSam Bankman-Fried’s crypto empire is getting dissected in bankruptcy court, where a lawyer said it was run by “compromised individuals.”
  3. sbf: the virtue was the con
    What Kind of Mess Did SBF Leave Behind in the Bahamas?On the ground in Nassau, where FTX’s riches are up for grabs.
  4. the money game
    These Skeptics Predicted Sam Bankman-Fried’s CollapseA small, loosely connected group of investors and researchers saw early signs of a scam at FTX.
  5. the money game
    It Was All a Game for Sam Bankman-FriedThe boy king of crypto was accustomed to taking the kind of risks he loved to take in e-sports, but the consequences couldn’t be more real.
  6. the money game
    At Last, Some Good News on InflationPrices are finally starting to come down after a grueling year and a half where everyone felt broke.
  7. the money game
    Sam Bankman-Fried Created a Crash for the AgesUntil a few days ago, he was that billionaire whiz kid you saw everywhere. Now he’s crashed his companies and created a financial contagion.
  8. the money game
    Cryptoland’s Game of Thrones Just Saw a Major CoupThe most rumpled billionaire in crypto is the latest to be taken out by a rapid collapse in the digital markets
  9. the money game
    Go Get a New Job Now, Before It’s Too LateEmployees still have the upper hand in the labor market — but these are the last days of the Great Resignation.
  10. the money game
    What We’ve Learned About Elon MuskThe drama at Twitter is absurd — and instructive.
  11. the money game
    Elon Musk Will Never Touch That GrassElon Musk is breaking Twitter’s culture for his own ends.
  12. the money game
    Inside Elon Musk’s ‘Sincere’ 45-Minute Zoom on Hate SpeechThe billionaire has agreed to hold off on changes until after next week’s election.
  13. the money game
    Is Wall Street Finally Listening to Jerome Powell?The Federal Reserve Chair has struggled to get his message across, but now it appears he’s made himself clear
  14. the money game
    3 Days That Changed Twitter Forever: Takeaways From Elon Musk’s Chaotic WeekendMusk has wasted no time making indelible changes to the way that the social media app is run.
  15. court appearances
    There Is Nothing Left to Stop Elon Musk From Owning TwitterThe world’s richest man is set to own the social-media company by Halloween.
  16. the money game
    Jerome Powell Might Finally Have (a Little) Mercy on UsThe Federal Reserve may ease up on its world-crashing interest rate hiking regime, but it’s too early to claim victory over inflation.
  17. the money game
    Joe Biden’s Big Diesel ProblemThe White House is doing everything to lower prices at the pump – but there’s more than one pump.
  18. the money game
    Decoding Elon Musk’s Weird, Freewheeling Tesla Earnings CallThe world’s richest man says he “overpaid” for Twitter.
  19. the money game
    Wall Street Banks Are (at Least Somewhat) Freaked Out About a RecessionJamie Dimon talks about an economic “hurricane.” David Solomon is posting less about his DJ gigs. Does that equal panic?
  20. the money game
    Nothing Is Working Against InflationThe price of just about everything keeps on going up, and there’s no end in sight.
  21. the money game
    Why a Crypto Podcaster Is Suing Janet YellenDavid Hoffman says the U.S. government’s crackdown on a software program means he’ll be stuck doing paperwork for the rest of his life.
  22. the money game
    The Next Recession Might Be ManufacturedThe pain the Federal Reserve is inflicting around the world could hit Americans next.
  23. court appearances
    Elon Musk’s Big Win Over Twitter Is a Win for TwitterThe deal is happening, and by Halloween, the social network should belong to the Tesla chief.
  24. the money game
    Did Elon Musk Give Up Because His Silicon Valley Friends Were Humiliated?His monthslong legal odyssey to get out of buying Twitter at the original price of $54 a share appears to be over. The timing is interesting.
  25. the money game
    Why Is Everyone Freaking Out About Credit Suisse?Wall Street is suddenly fearful about a Lehman Brothers–like disaster hitting the financial system — sparked by the European investment bank.
  26. just asking questions
    How There Will Be Blood Explains the Crumbling Global EconomyThink inflation is bad here? Brent Johnson predicted the global financial crisis we’re in, and he thinks it’s going to get much worse.
  27. court appearances
    Elon’s Bad Week: Embarrassing Text Messages and Reports of Settlement TalksAfter the worst stretch yet in his quest to not buy Twitter, the end may be near.
  28. russia
    The Mysterious Attack on Two Major Gas Pipelines for EuropeWhat do we know about the apparent sabotage of Russia’s Nord Stream 1 and Nord Stream 2 deep under the Baltic Sea?
  29. court appearances
    Elon Musk Deleted Messages and 3 Other Takeaways From the Latest Court Hearing“They point to something that’s been destroyed,” said the judge of the missing text messages.
  30. the money game
    Monday Was Just Another Horrible Day for MarketsThere are so many things going wrong that it’s hard to keep track.
  31. the money game
    Why the Global Economy Just Cracked UpA recession is all but certain.
  32. the money game
    How Rising Rents Crashed the Stock MarketTuesday’s decline in stocks was the largest in more than two years. A steep rise in housing inflation was a big reason.
  33. scientology
    How Scientology Exploits Foreign WorkersThe church has used an obscure visa to bring in thousands of laborers — and benefit from their toil.
  34. court appearances
    Elon Musk Is Losing Time to Not Buy TwitterTime isn’t on his side.
  35. elon musk
    Elon Musk Was Worried About ‘World War III’ for Twitter DealTwitter unearths a Musk text about Vladimir Putin in a court hearing that was trying to keep the billionaire at bay.
  36. court appearances
    Elon Musk Has So Many Lawsuits They’re Teaching a Whole Class in Law SchoolElon Musk’s legal history is just that informative.
  37. court appearances
    Elon Musk’s Got a New Plan to Not Buy TwitterIn order to get out of buying Twitter, it appears the Tesla CEO is abandoning his old legal arguments about spambots. Now he’s alleging fraud.
  38. the money game
    Inflation Is Slowing, But More Pain Is ComingThe Federal Reserve is trying to show that it has the wherewithal to right the economy without blowing it up.
  39. court appearances
    Elon Musk’s ‘Absurdly Broad’ Strategy Against Twitter Is LosingTwitter doesn’t need to supply absolutely everything to Elon Musk in court.
  40. crypto
    Why Is Crypto Giant Tether Risking It All Over North Korea?Treasury sanctions against a company that helped launder money for Kim Jong-un’s hacking army trips up one of the world’s largest crypto companies.
  41. student debt
    How Does Student-Debt Relief Affect Inflation?A debate is raging about how much $20,000 in debt amnesty could stoke inflation while the White House tries to keep the economy from imploding.
  42. court appearances
    Does the Twitter Whistleblower Help Elon Musk?Who could have seen this coming? (Elon Musk.)
  43. the money game
    Meme Stonks, Dog Coins, and Elon Musk Joke Investments Are Mooning AgainWall Street right now is looking like the weirdest days of 2021, with Reddit, crypto, and Tesla’s technoking once again fueling speculative riches.
  44. the money game
    Why Is Anyone Still Betting on Adam Neumann?Venture-capital behemoth Andreessen Horowitz placed its biggest-ever bet on what looks to be a rent-to-own empire.
  45. the money game
    Are We in a Recession or a Vibecession?Some of the numbers are good, but the feelings are bad.
  46. crypto
    At What Point Do You Become a Money Launderer?A software developer was arrested for “involvement” in a crypto program allegedly used by North Korea to launder money but isn’t accused of the crime.
  47. the money game
    Pretty Soon You’ll Be Able to Afford Things AgainJuly’s inflation rate saw an unexpectedly large drop, driven by the price of gas. This could be the beginning of the end of the era of high prices.
  48. the money game
    Elon Musk Is ‘Sick of Stuff Like This’: 8 Takeaways to His Response to TwitterThe Tesla CEO has presented his response trying to get out of buying the company, but more questions linger over his chances of success.
  49. the money game
    Twitter’s Legal Team Just Sucker Punched Elon MuskThe social-media platform launched a sneak attack against the guy it wants to buy the company.
  50. the money game
    Twitter Just Went Into Ludicrous Mode in Its Legal War Against Elon MuskIn order to save the $44 billion takeover, the social-media company is blanketing Musk’s bankers and closest Silicon Valley supporters with subpoenas
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