Kim France

  1. confessions
    Remembering Condé Nast’s Holiday Lunch: Fake Smiles, Blowouts, Social TerrorFor years, I mistook their glossy, well-calibrated warmth for the real thing.
  2. self reflection
    I Am a Prisoner of My Own VanityOur culture places such a premium on attractiveness that I feel I can be forgiven for trying to preserve what I have left of mine.
  3. wrinkles in time
    The Myth of ‘Dressing Your Age’I’m not giving up my leather pants.
  4. celebrity shopping
    What Kim France Can’t Live WithoutIncluding sturdy dog bowls and VPL-resistant underwear.
  5. Madonna’s First TimeEven before success touched her for the very first time, she knew all about it.
  6. The Female Rock RenaissanceAlanis, Shirley, and Courtney were ruling the world.