Kovie Biakolo

  1. a long talk
    Fefe Dobson’s RevivalThe 2000s pop-punk star got buried by the industry and growing up. Her return to music looks different — even if she doesn’t.
  2. politics
    Did Ranked Choice Voting Community Education Efforts Work?More research is needed, but exit-poll analysis indicated no racial disparities in understanding ranked-choice voting or how to complete the ballot.
  3. deep appreciations
    Janet Jackson’s All for You Was a ReawakeningTwenty years later, it’s still the clearest expression of her desire for love to be measured by more than a pain-to-pleasure ratio.
  4. close reads
    Farewell to Superstore, a Show That Got Representation RightFor six seasons the series cultivated a genuine picture of working-class life: wide-ranging, nuanced, and always meeting at a myriad of intersections.