Kurt Andersen

  1. The Trouble With HillaryHow running for president, alas, makes her even less likable.
  2. Life After LaphamThe chronicler of the American twilight is going into semi-retirement. Will Harper’s magazine become less of a lefty echo chamber?
  3. Delirious New YorkOur long architectural snooze is over, thanks to neomodernist mania and the arrival—finally—of Gehry. Brooklyn should embrace him.
  4. Heck of a Job, BloomieOur CEO mayor’s way up, our CEO president’s now just the far right’s bitch. It’s 311 vs. FEMA, candor vs. a reckless disregard for the truth.
  5. St. Judy’s Got to GoBut what about the senior Times executive at the root of her mess? Sulzberger’s not going to fire himself.
  6. Backward, Christian Soldiers!Why must intelligent design be stopped? Because this—God forbid—could be the moment when the theocratization of America makes a real advance.
  7. The Rise and Rise of Jeff ZuckerAfter NBC’s annus horribilis, will he get fired—or promoted?
  8. W.’s HurricaneWill Katrina Change What 9/11 Didn’t?
  9. The Golden-Boy NomineeJohn Roberts’s clubby pedigree (Harvard, D.C. power-firm) soothes liberals. Now we just have to hope he doesn’t act the way we once did.
  10. I Want My HBOHow the network started losing its mojo, when it may come back—soon—and why we should approach it with Groszügigkeit.
  11. Damned If We Do, and Don’tShould the NYPD practice counterterrorist profiling in the subway? Maybe—quietly, unofficially, sensibly—it already is.
  12. Centrist Mountain TimeAt the Aspen Institute’s glitzy-wonky summer camp last week, conservatives sounded like liberals, and vice versa. How bracing.
  13. Welcome to the Sausage FactoryA lot of motley, sometimes suspect ingredients go into journalism, including anonymous sources. But that doesn’t mean they’re not good for you.
  14. A Very Familiar MagazineRadar seeks to be one of those “rare titles” that “define a cultural moment by getting there first.” But if that’s the goal, shouldn’t it […]
  15. Ground Zero to SixtyYes, the rebuilding process has been seriously, embarrassingly derailed. But the last thing Pataki should do is try—yet again—to fast-track it.
  16. What’s the Matter With Flakiness?The traits that make Bob Kerrey such an appealingly gonzo politician are just what today’s political system needs. He should be mayor. […]
  17. Too Big Not to FailWill someone tell the mayor it’s not 1966? The West Side doesn’t need a colossal stadium. Just look a bit downtown to see how urban developmen […]
  18. Premodern AmericaAs Dan Rather’s old-media world fades out, the future is beginning to look weirdly like the past. Welcome to the neo–nineteenth century.
  19. When Good News Feels BadAfter Iraq’s vote, New York liberals are in a serious moral-ideological-emotional bind. And the only way out is to root for Bush’s victory.
  20. Ovitz and Eisner: A Kids’ StoryAt the mean make-believe world of Disney, Michael Ovitz’s power was make-believe, too. (Like when he tried to hire me.)
  21. The Little Abandoned Train Line That Could, Did.In the midst of all the corporate redevelopment projects, the High Line crossed the dream-to-reality threshold—and became the most excitin […]
  22. People Like UsAs a political matter, New York City is tolerant and diverse the way Fox News is fair and balanced.
  23. The Friends of Martha StewartThe Martha Stewart trial was all about the gradations and perquisites and obligations of New York friendship—and what happens when those b […]