Landon Thomas Jr.

  1. Private DefenderMarty Lipton, legendary M&A lawyer and inventor of the poison pill, is back wearing a different hat – as a troubleshooter for embattled CEOs li […]
  2. Jeffrey Epstein: International Moneyman of MysteryHe’s pals with a passel of Nobel Prize–winning scientists, CEOs like Leslie Wexner of the Limited, socialite Ghislaine Maxwell, even Donal […]
  3. The Two J.P. MorgansWilliam Harrison spent $41 billion trying to graft a blue-chip investment bank atop Chase-Chemical’s unglamorous loan business. Now both […]
  4. Capitol GainsBob Torricelli was instrumental in moving Jon Corzine from Goldman Sachs to the Senate. Now that Torricelli is in trouble, guess who’s coming to […]
  5. The Return of RonWith Ron Perelman, the archetypal corporate raider, now one of Citigroup’s largest shareholders, the wolf is finally on the inside.
  6. Board StiffedWhen the Whitney Museum’s trustees convinced Tyco CEO Dennis Kozlowski to join their board, everyone thought they’d landed the richest prize in […]
  7. Shorting GeorgeWhen the president talks, Wall Street listens – and sells. Why? He and his people may have been CEOs, but the approach that works in the board […]
  8. Who Knew?Martha Stewart and her private banker, Peter Bacanovic, shared a gift for seeming to be perfect. But now the ImClone scandal is widening, and an […]
  9. The Skakel CurseMichael Skakel is the quintessential Kennedy-style bad boy – except for one thing: He couldn’t keep his mouth shut.
  10. The CEO Secret SharerWhile other banking stars play to the crowd, Gene Tiger Sykes of Goldman Sachs wins the big deals by wooing a more select audience: CEOs like C. […]
  11. The New Color of MoneyGlobal banking is where the money is. So it didn’t take Wall Street long to figure out that the next Masters of the Universe would be math whiz […]
  12. Giuliani Time?The former mayor’s first consulting gig was a little backstage managing of the Merrill Lynch crisis. Could he get Eliot Spitzer to back off? To […]
  13. A Mayor and His MoneyYou can tell a lot about a man— and a mayor—by whom he invests with, what he invests in, and how much he makes.
  14. Teddy BareBuyout king Teddy Forstmann – known for his stunning returns (and Liz Hurley on his arm) – dropped $2 billion on bad tech plays. Did he take h […]
  15. Cold CallOn Wall Street, Bob Rubin was brilliant at finessing risk. As Treasury secretary, his invisible hand saved the economy (not to speak of Clinton’ […]