Lara Bazelon

  1. the law
    The Overlooked Solution to the Radical Supreme CourtConservative justices will rule for another generation. The only hope of liberals is to seize state courts and launch a legal counterrevolution.
  2. the law
    Adnan Syed’s Accidental JusticeHis exoneration shows that our legal system is designed to cement wrongful convictions, not correct them.
  3. crime and punishment
    The Death Penalty Case That Went Too FarOklahoma is set to kill Richard Glossip, but he’s almost certainly innocent. Even Republicans there are in revolt.
  4. work
    Will Employers Finally Listen to What Mothers Need?There’s never been a better time for working mothers to ask for more flexibility — and actually get it.
  5. criminal justice
    David Simon Made Baltimore Detectives Famous. Now Their Cases Are Falling Apart.Has reality caught up to the “Murder Police”?