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  1. motherhood
    When Writers Become MothersAnd how my own mother helped me become both.
  2. motherhood
    10 Baby Books That Won’t Make You Want to Kill YourselfParenting advice books, vetted by actual parents.
  3. i’m with her
    Voting Has Been Surprisingly EmotionalWomen on the staff of the Cut talk about a historic election.
  4. childcare
    YMCA Offering Free Child Care in Some Locations for Election DayThe two-hour drop-off service will be available for kids from age 2 to 12.
  5. no laughing matter
    More Hospitals Should Offer Laughing Gas to Women in LaborOnly a few hundred hospitals offer this simple, effective, and very safe way to take the edge off of pain in labor. But the number is growing.
  6. the best genes money can buy
    Amazon Is Now Targeting You for Pre-Pregnancy Genetics TestsUseful! But creepy! But useful!
  7. the second shift
    The Child-Care Crisis We’re Not Talking About EnoughParents who work unpredictable hours face a sometimes insurmountable child-care problem.
  8. reading
    Amazon’s New Strategy for Getting Kids to Read Is So DepressingShouldn’t kids be reading books?
  9. Adele Opens Up About How Hard Being a New Mom Really IsShe says that at first, “I felt like I’d made the worst decision of my life.”
  10. sleep
    Parents Who Co-Sleep Will Hate This StudyNew research finds increased mental health problems among bed-sharing kids.
  11. Boob Tube
    Letting Your Baby Spend Too Much Time on the iPad Is as Bad as You ThinkThe new guidelines are more realistic, but they don’t exactly condone screen time.
  12. New Baby Sleep Guidelines Finally Acknowledge RealityBecause sometimes you fall asleep feeding your baby.
  13. television
    The Secret Clue to the Feminist Potential of WestworldIs a show that seems bent on torturing its female characters actually more complicated?
  14. What Do You Teach Kids About the Most Hateful Election in History?It’s a hard time to be a civics instructor.
  15. Most Americans Think One Parent Should Stay Home With the KidsGuess which one they mean.
  16. one and done
    How I Decided I’m Done Having KidsNot wanting a second doesn’t mean I don’t love the first.
  17. motherhood
    How Old Is Too Old to Have a Baby?The answer is different from what it was even a few years ago.
  18. personal space
    Don’t Tell a Little Girl to Hug Someone Against Her WillRaising a daughter in the age of Trump.
  19. motherhood
    More American Women Expect to Have Kids Than a Decade AgoA new survey of data released by the CDC says more women believe they will have children in the future than a decade ago.
  20. motherhood
    Janet Jackson Is Having a BabyThe singer confirmed the pregnancy with a photo.
  21. perfect 10
    New Moms on One Thing They Did PerfectlyIt’s easy to focus on all the parenting fails, but let’s take a minute to acknowledge what we do right.
  22. the politics of motherhood
    Clinton Would Double Tax Credit for Parents of Small KidsThe campaign made several proposed changes to the federal income tax code this week.
  23. fertility
    The One Thing Everyone Believes About Ovaries Might Not Be TrueNew research could change the way we think about fertility.
  24. working moms
    A Case for the 9-to-5 School DayA new report suggests that kids should go to school during the same hours that their parents work.
  25. election 2016
    Ivanka Trump ‘Liked’ a Tweet About Her Dad Calling Her ‘a Piece of Ass’Well, that was unexpected.
  26. parenting
    The Best Argument for Sleep Training You’ll Ever ReadOne woman’s nightmare can be our gain.
  27. Friday News Dump
    Obama Agrees That Men’s Bathrooms Should Have Baby Changing StationsThe president agrees.
  28. big lotion
    It’s Time to Regulate Baby Skin-Care ProductsAnd adult products too, for that matter.
  29. Honestly Though
    Jessica Alba’s Company Allegedly Makes Canceling Your Subscription a NightmareFTC complaints allege that the company makes it difficult to stop getting monthly shipments.
  30. The most important blah blah in the world
    Stop Telling Women Motherhood Is the Most Important JobTrump makes a case for motherhood as a job: So why doesn’t it pay anything?
  31. not good
    These Common Teething Products Are Dangerous for Young ChildrenThe FDA says consumers should stop using them and throw away whatever they have.
  32. common sense
    Yes, You Should Intervene If You Think a Child Is Being AbusedThe safety of the child should come first.
  33. Solange Might Not Tour Because of Her Son’s Basketball ScheduleBall is life.
  34. My Toddler Is Having a Halloween Identity CrisisShe doesn’t want to be someone other than herself.
  35. motherhood
    Child Care Is Really Freakin’ Expensive and This Study Proves ItA new report finds that child care is expensive and sometimes hard to find.
  36. motherhood
    Preschool Benefits Girls More Than Boys Later in LifeA new study finds preschool is good for all kids, but particularly for girls.
  37. Your Chances of Dying in Childbirth Are Increasing in the U.S.Maternal-mortality rates are on the rise in the U.S.
  38. micro manager
    The Single Biggest Difference Between Parents and People Who Don’t Have KidsIn search of lost time.
  39. motherhood
    How Early Is ‘Too Early’ to Be Born?Two journalists tell the story of their “extreme” preemie.
  40. motherhood
    Fact-checking the Prenatal Science in ‘Bridget Jones’s Baby’Warning: This post contains spoilers.
  41. Does Every Moment in a Mother’s Life Need to Be Inspiring?Sometimes I’m too tired to be empowered.
  42. Even Donald Trump Has a Paid-Maternity-Leave Policy NowIt’s a sign of the times.
  43. motherhood
    Anti-Vaxx Doctor Accused of Negligence by the State Medical Board of CaliforniaA doctor known to be anti-vaccine has been accused of negligence after exempting a toddler from vaccination.
  44. motherhood
    Parents Increasingly Turning to Weed to Escape the Pressures of Being UncoolA new CDC report says older people are taking up the habit in greater numbers than teens.
  45. motherhood
    More Parents Are Refusing to Vaccinate Their Kids, and That Is Very BadStudies suggest more parents believe vaccines aren’t necessary.
  46. nannies
    Why Doesn’t Keeping Up With the Kardashians Show the Nannies?In a show full of candor, the kids’ child care is invisible
  47. Who Could Regret Naming Their Daughter Anne?A survey found that one in five mothers regrets the name she chose for her baby.
  48. Why We Still Need Feminism in One PictureSpoiler alert: We still treat boys and girls way differently.
  49. Body-Image Issues Start As Young As 3New research suggests our body struggles may start way before middle school.
  50. How Long Can You Keep Frozen Breast Milk?A few months? A year or more?
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