Lauren DeCarlo

  1. My Favorite ThingsOn the prowl for Japanese antiques? Porcelain bowls? A superstar upholsterer? Let the city’s biggest names in design show you the way.
  2. The ClimbTwo tree houses. One super-awesome backyard.
  3. From Barns to BallroomsCenterpieces to enhance any reception—from outdoorsy upstate bashes to sleek downtown affairs.
  4. Season LiberallyFour of the city’s top caterers create meals for every time of the year.
  5. Feasts for the EyesHand-painted cakes are a burgeoning art.
  6. Rectangular or Round?The first is less formal, the second more so. Whichever you choose, here’s how to make the most of each.
  7. Timing Is EverythingRanunculus in October? Not a chance. Behold these seasonal bouquets distinctly in bloom for your walk down the aisle (whenever that may be).
  8. Au Revoir, WhiteColorful, ombré cakes are brightening up receptions.
  9. The Color ConsultantEve Ashcraft, Owner of Eve Ashcraft Studio
  10. A Dress Is BornHow to create a one-of-a-kind gown.
  11. The Jeweler“When shopping for a band, don’t go for the most fashionable style. You’ll be tired of it in two years.”
  12. All-in-One WorkoutsMaximize your free time—if such a thing exists—by picking a class that targets multiple muscle groups at once.
  13. The Event Planner“If a planner says no often or sets tight rules, you should run for the hills.”
  14. Ladle Me ThisThree in-demand mixologists concoct Champagne punches to loosen up dance-floor inhibitions.
  15. The Chuppah Designer“The chuppah symbolizes the home you’re building together, but it’s also a very visual element of your décor.”
  16. The Gown Cleaner“There’s no ‘I’m sorry, we can’t do it’ at our level. It’s our job to preserve the integrity of your investment.”
  17. Addressing the CrowdNot everyone is a born public speaker (especially your loving but loquacious Uncle Bob). To keep speeches under control, hand out this advice fr […]
  18. Pool PicksIt’s a hot, muggy Saturday, and everyone’s left town. You could curl up with your air conditioner and think of bad things that happen to people […]
  19. Cocoa LocoWe beat back winter one sip at a time with the city’s richest hot chocolates.
  20. May They Help You?Yes! Even more than you’d think. Lauren DeCarlo meets four of the city’s sales stars.
  21. Etiquette For EarsWhen it’s too late to vacuum (and other urban dilemmas).
  22. How to Live in Your Own Private CaliforniaSurf Rockaway
  23. Bronze AgeThese days, you have to be tan before you hit the beach. so which salon is best at helping you fake it?
  24. Commercial Success?Bob Dylan’s “Love Sick” is in a Victoria’s Secret ad. What song-and-product pairing would make you cringe most?
  25. Many Happy ReturnsGive—and get—back at Kenneth Cole.
  26. Penthouse WorkStudents strip down to their essentials.
  27. Training DayAt top salons, you can snip the price down to almost nothing—if you play guinea pig.
  28. Gifts of KnowledgeSure, Lord of the Rings action figures are hot now, but come February, will Junior even remember Frodo and Gandalf? The best holiday gifts for k […]
  29. Spokes PeopleCity cyclists have a lot to worry about – jaywalkers, cabs, bus fumes – so it’s a blessing that they can take care of all their bicycle needs, […]
  30. Eye ScreamOf course those Prada eyeglasses will make you look smarter and sexier – they were designed to. And at that price, how could they not? The tric […]
  31. Closet CaseWe emptied our wardrobes to create this guide to the city’s best consignment shops.
  32. In the PinkYour fall-wardrobe checklist probably already contains the essentials: the barely-there mini, the go-to sweaters and turtlenecks in basic black- […]
  33. Electric CordsIt’s a fact of life – corduroys just feel better after going through the wash many, many times, turning so thin and lusciously soft that you ha […]
  34. Gigli MonsterHow should J.Lo and Ben get over their Ishtar?
  35. High CampWhat’s your best— or worst—memory of summer camp?
  36. Terry TownTwo hipsters in the same juicy shorts is this summers equivalent of showing up at the party in the same wrap dress.
  37. Run for CoverCargo pants are common-place these days, but there’s a new thrill in store for the cutting-edge utilitarians out there: Coveralls.
  38. Sniff, Sip, Swallow“Summer wines should be refreshing,” says Steve Gett, wine director at Union Square Wines and Spirits, one of the city’s finest purveyors of the […]
  39. Top Five Hookah BarsThe sweet aroma of fruit-flecked tobacco will soon be outlawed from these fragrant Middle East havens. Inhale legally while the law is still on […]
  40. Tropical DessertsYou toughed out the blizzard—and now you deserve an island vacation, full of icy pink drinks and pineapples. Oh, what’s that? The f […]
  41. Mood GlassesOoh, cool shades. What are those? NeuView, or “lateralized,” sunglasses to you.
  42. Holiday Volunteer OrganizationsTurkey tastes better when you’re helping someone less fortunate. So tie on an apron, break out the baster, and hit the streets.
  43. Dix Hills, N.Y.Down on the farm, out on L.I.
  44. Hit the SacksThe most fabulous handbags often fall short in the carryall department. Here, totes that pick up where your purse leaves off.
  45. Court VerdictAn afternoon playing from the baseline shouldn’t mess with your bottom line. Five parks and clubs where tennis is affordable for all.
  46. Face FactsA soak, a scrub, and a bit of makeup can do wonders for a fading tan. Goop goddess Mally Roncal tells how to put on your best face for fall.
  47. The Straight DopeAre beachy days making waves where you don’t want them? Japanese-style hair straightening is your ticket to fun without frizz.
  48. Make a SplashIf you didn’t splurge on a summer share, you don’t have to be left high and dry. Take a plunge at a cool outdoor pool right here in the city.
  49. Great OutdoorsFor chic, easy summer entertaining, all you need is a grill, a patch of grass, and some groovy plastic tableware.
  50. Take a SeatThe best way to sit out the summer heat? In a cool, comfy outdoor chair – at a price that won’t make you sweat.
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