Lauren Elkies Schram

  1. Name Games
    Is A-Rod Grocery Changing Its Name?There’s got to be a way to name it after Jeter.
  2. Ick
    DOH Handing Out Hepatitis A Shots After UWS Fruit ScareIf you ate anything from the Westside Market on Broadway, you’ll want to read this.
  3. The Spaghetti Incident
    Gwyneth Paltrow Does Not Want to Touch Your CarbsNow you know, so don’t ask.
  4. Price Cutters
    Whole Foods Struggles to Move Past ‘Whole Paycheck’ ReputationCoupons! Flash sales! Buy-one-get-one free-range chicken!
  5. Medium Roast
    Blue-Collar Coffee Brand Folgers Outsells StarbucksIt’s also the coffee of choice for indie bands who like to sing about it in open fields.
  6. Polls
    Poll That Calls New Yorkers Arrogant Also Says We Eat WellIt’s because we’ve got the cronut and the ramen burger, obv.
  7. Party’s Over
    Cops Say ‘No’ to House of Yes on Its Final NightSpeakeasy, or just apply for a liquor license.
  8. Ick
    America Officially Runs Out of Things to Deep-fryWhen you resort to deep-frying gummy worms, it’s time to find a new cooking method.
  9. Health Concerns
    Dovetail Latest High-End Restaurant Dealing With DOH HeadachesThe Michelin-starred restaurant currently has a C-level report and is awaiting reinspection.
  10. The Price Is Wrong
    Restaurants Still Charge ‘Luxury’ Prices for Cheap-Ass LobsterLobster prices are at an all-time low, but restaurants keep charging for it as if it’s a rare delicacy.
  11. Coming Soon
    The Writing Room Moves Into Former Elaine’s SpaceThe name is a nod to famed Elaine’s customers Woody Allen and Norman Mailer.
  12. RIP
    Influential Spanish Cookbook Author Penelope Casas Has DiedThe writer, often credited with introducing Spanish food to America, was 70.
  13. Crime
    BLT Fish Employee Arrested Mid-Service for Alleged TheftCustomers were shocked to see a uninformed employee led through the dining room in cuffs.
  14. Studies
    Soda Makes Kids More Violent, Says a New StudyFive-year-olds who drank four sodas a day were twice as likely to get into fights and break stuff.
  15. Closings
    Broome Street’s Well-Loved Café Café Closing on SundayClaire Danes and Hugh Dancy were reportedly regulars.
  16. Now Hiring
    Hill Country Chicken Is Hiring Sandy-Displaced WorkersThe restaurant is looking to hire those temporarily out of a job.