Lauren Smiley

  1. crime
    Collision CourseThe car wrecks were staged. The injuries were real. Led by a charismatic rogue, one family bloodied itself to pocket $6 million.
  2. select all
    What It Takes to Get Accepted Into an Elite Apocalypse BunkerIt’s boom times for the bomb-shelter business in Silicon Valley. But you better be able to write a good application essay.
  3. swellness
    Women Biohackers Take Root in Silicon ValleyBut the male-dominated field isn’t always welcoming.
  4. scenes
    Where Silicon Valley Looks for Love, in the Era of Ellen PaoTech-world gender relations without an HR department.
  5. Alamo Square: Coder Crash PadThe stately Victorian houses on Alamo Square, known as the “Painted Ladies,” are an easy visual shorthand for San Francisco, especially if you k […]