Lauren Waterman

  1. self reflection
    Whatever You Do, Don’t Get That Model’s HaircutCutting it all off is rarely a good idea — but I can’t seem to stop.
  2. 103 Minutes With Molly RingwaldRifling through paperbacks with the eternal eighties darling, and new littérateur.
  3. The Dance Instructor“Two minutes is long enough for a first dance. Have the D.J. fade out, or invite your guests to join at the end.”
  4. The Makeup Artist“Don’t use generic adjectives, like ‘smoky’ or ‘glam,’ to describe what you want. Take pictures to your run-through.”
  5. The Planner“You can create a sustainable bar. Opt for local or biodynamic wine, and organic spirits.”
  6. The Gown Designers“The setting matters. Find your location first, then look for the gown.”
  7. The Photographer“An engagement shoot is great because it’s like a practice run, so you’re really ready to go on the day of the wedding.”
  8. The Caterer“Don’t try to save money by shortening the cocktail time. People think it’s a good idea, but guests love that part.”
  9. chat room
    Ben Koldyke Talks Dale’s Twist on Big Love“My college teammates did catch the man-on-man kiss on ‘Big Love,’ but when I appeared naked on ‘HIMYM,’ that was by far the bigger splash.”
  10. The Floral Designer“The over-the-top orchid spray feels very dated. The trend now is toward more organic-looking flowers.”
  11. The Stationers“Our designs are nontraditional, so we like to marry them with more formal wording.”
  12. The Cake Designer“There aren’t many organic-wedding-cake designers. You can have something beautiful and more healthy.”