Leslie Shapiro

  1. infographics
    The Entire History of Diversity at the Emmy AwardsFor actors of color, some categories are better than others.
  2. sad charts
    The 2015–16 TV Season in One Really Depressing ChartIt’s pretty grim.
  3. winter tv 2016
    Try Vulture’s Winter-TV Commitment CalculatorHave you sufficiently cleared out the DVR for this season’s programming? We’re here to help with the math.
  4. the ratings game
    How a TV Show Finds an Audience, in 4 ChartsLet us count the ways.
  5. fall tv 2015
    Vulture’s Fall TV Commitment Calculator: How Many Hours Will You Spend Watching?Just how many hours are you planning on watching?
  6. interactive
    Rob Lowe Grindr Profiles Through the YearsFrom Dad Rob Lowe to Chris Traeger.
  7. hair quiz
    Dragon Ball Z’s Spiky-Hair QuizCan you tell Goku for Gohan from Goten?