Liesl Schillinger

  1. first person
    The Joy of Frexes: Why It’s Great to Be Friends With Your ExHint: It all starts with the end.
  2. Farragut NorthElectoral sabotage! Pollster manipulation! The screaming 24/7 TV-news cycle! Two weeks after the mad political horse-races wrapped up comes Farr […]
  3. Chekhov LizardbrainThe members of Pig Iron are masters of the egghead deadpan. Based in Philly, their work has vaudevillian theatricality—slamming doors, bowler ha […]
  4. Beyond Her ControlMeet Mamie Gummer. Her mother is Meryl Streep, but that’s not why you should know her.
  5. Textual Liberation?Reflections on digital communication from the last generation that remembers uni-tasking.
  6. All Un-Alone in the CityWhy the latest chatter about friendship doesn’t feel very relevant to New York.
  7. Life Before WartimeBeirut as a case study in the fragility of cosmopolitanism.
  8. Arrested DevelopmentCurtis Sittenfeld’s post-Prep novel.
  9. African Boyhood: Richard E. GrantThe British actor Richard E. Grant is best known for his comic roles, like the self-pitying, lighter-fluid-swilling mooch Withnail in the cult f […]
  10. Suddenly LizaOn Minnelli’s 60th birthday, an unearthed film reminds us what made her a star.
  11. Let Them Eat CakeA scholar finds hints of Versailles in the dinner parties of New York’s would-be Sun Kings.
  12. Moscow on the HudsonHow did a wonky kid become every Russian big shot’s go-to guy in the New World Order?
  13. Wall Street WeakExperts read dollar signs, diagnose strange sickness afflicting rich.
  14. Who Wants To Be a Millionaire?Shopping for get-rich-quick schemes in SoHo.
  15. Exile in GuyvilleIs a film about girls and sex too hot to handle?
  16. The Onion RingA little weekly has some very big admirers.
  17. Fashion VictimsKatie Couric, Jessye Norman, Eileen Fisher: Humiliated! Overdressed! Just too trendy!