Lily Burana

  1. close reads
    A Former Stripper’s Thoughts on Hustlers“I’m not saying the movie made me feel comfortable, but it did make me feel recognized.”
  2. dearly beloved
    Why Prince Was a Hero to StrippersHis songs were moneymakers, but it was more than that.
  3. weighty issues
    It’s Impossible to Have an Honest Conversation About WeightEspecially for women.
  4. sex workers rights
    Big Bad Rent Boys, Sad Little Call Girls, and the Language of Sex WorkThe language of decriminalizing sex work.
  5. activism
    What’s the Right Way to Protect Sex Workers?A call girl, a serial killer, and the problem with Hollywood activism.
  6. immodest proposals
    Where’s the Female-Stripper Movie of My Dreams?An ex-stripper’s lament, in the age of Magic Mike.
  7. gender
    In Praise of Caitlyn Jenner’s Femme StyleShe’s been the toast of the paparazzi this week, and it’s glorious.
  8. advice week
    Tell Me What to Do: Confessions of an Advice Addict Asking around (and around and around) is my version of measuring twice and cutting once.
  9. How the West Won MeOvercome by the percolating panic of New York’s literary life, the author shed her Prada pumps and ironic affectations and moved to Wyoming – t […]
  10. Great ExpectationsPondering our perfectionist standards