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  1. overnights
    The Bachelor Recap: Two Weirdos in Love?The most spoiled reality TV season of all time somehow stays entertaining till the end.
  2. overnights
    The Bachelor Recap: Isn’t Courtney Beautiful When She Cries?It’s the women-tell-all one.
  3. The Bachelor Recap: Three Hot Tubs, Two Unbroken HeartsFantasy suite time!
  4. overnights
    The Bachelor Recap: When Your Family Ruins Your Chance to Be a Princess; or, Courtney, Humanized“I thought we were in the bourbon belt.”
  5. overnights
    The Bachelor Recap: ‘I Lost the Spark, Babe’With a mini-Courtney intervention.
  6. overnights
    The Bachelor Recap: A Man, a Plan, a Bunch of Women, Panama!Plus, someone’s not in love with Ben.
  7. overnights
    The Bachelor Recap: Courtney’s Slippery Skinny-dippingPuerto Rico!
  8. overnights
    The Bachelor Recap: Sch’Mores “I was just there two months ago.”
  9. overnights
    Bachelor Recap: Feel Like I’m Going to Throw Up“She just rides in on her high hearse, no pun intended.”
  10. overnights
    The Bachelor Recap: Prince Pinot and the Charlie Sheen–Quoting SupermodelWe start recapping with the second episode of the new season.
  11. slideshow
    This Summer’s Most Shameless Slow-News Stories (So Far)This summer’s best milking-it news memes.
  12. parodies
    If the New York Post Had a ‘Weekender’ Commercial“It costs less than Skittles!”
  13. larry king
    CNN Asks Larry King to Stay Longer So Piers Morgan Can Figure Out His VisaPermanent work visas are hard to get even for celebrities.
  14. stress
    Funny Report Says New York Is Only the Eighth Most Stressful CityYeah, right.
  15. publicity stunts
    Yeah, So Anderson Cooper Is Not Going to Get Rid of His Silver Hair for a Million DollarsAre the “Go Away Gray” people aware that the handsome gentleman is already rich?
  16. weather phenomena
    Last Night’s Sunset Was Indeed SpecialAugust 18, 2010: most popular sunset of the year so far.
  17. foursquare
    Meet the People Who Want to Be Mayor of Your ApartmentThe four Foursquare mayors of the apocalypse.
  18. early and awkward
    Ann Coulter’s Scheduled Appearance at ‘HomoCon’ Has Predictable ConsequencesMaybe she was just trying to “Take America Back” from the inside?
  19. on a boat
    Mike Tyson Says He Did Drugs Near, But Not On, Candidate’s BoatTyson was on a boat! But not, he says, doing drugs.
  20. streakers
    Billionaire Offers $1 Million to the First Person to Streak in Front of ObamaPlease let this happen.
  21. sex offenders
    Finance Rep Charged With Putting Semen in Female Co-worker’s Water BottleSomeone should tell him that’s not how babies are made.
  22. the friendly skies
    Southwest Flight Attendants: The Baby-Soothers of the SkiesWhat if every flight had an official Baby Whisperer?
  23. news bloopers
    Weatherman Flips Off Anchors, Attempts Mortified Cover-Up“I was just furiously rubbing the area immediately in front of my face, that’s all. Why?”
  24. park slope parents
    Breaking: The ‘Ghost Stroller’ Is Now on the MoveThe Ghost Stroller could be knocking on your door right now.
  25. political ads
    ‘Real Mama Grizzlies’ Charge at Sarah Palin in New CampaignMoms don bear masks to fight Sarah Palin’s attempt to own human and grizzly motherhood.
  26. sex on skates
    Levi Johnston for Mayor: The First (Fake) Campaign Ad“Levi Johnston: Building a Bridge to Somewhere.”
  27. park slope parents
    ‘Ghost Stroller’ Freaking Out Park Slope ParentsNeighbors wonder: misplaced memorial, art project, or sick joke?
  28. early and awesome
    The Latest Crazy Campaign Ad Is an Old Spice Guy ParodyVermont Senate candidate Daniel Freilich is on a cow!
  29. justice
    Court Ruling Somehow Makes Capturing the Friedmans Even More SadJesse Friedman loses latest appeal on a technicality.
  30. nostalgia
    Monica Lewinsky’s First Choice: George Stephanopoulos?A new book claims the most powerful man in the world was just Lewinsky’s safety school.
  31. revolution
    Lady Who Refuses to Say ‘Venti’ Gets Thrown Out of StarbucksThe Starbucks ordering-code revolution begins with a bagel.
  32. great divorces
    New York Finally Gets No-Fault Divorce“New York has brought its divorce laws into the 21st century.”
  33. mad men
    Is Mad Men Half Over?Matthew Weiner reportedly announces that the show will not go beyond six seasons.
  34. twitter
    Kick-Ass’s Chloe Grace Moretz Certainly Does Not Swear on Her TwitterChloe’s Twitter feed is a bit robotic.
  35. casting couch
    Meet Mad Men’s Newest Female StarPhotos from the set show a familiar face.
  36. late night
    Tobey Maguire Owes Tracy Morgan $75Tracy Morgan confirms an Internet rumor on ‘The Daily Show With Stew-Beef.’
  37. backlashes
    Another ‘Tina Fey Backlash’ Comes to an EndTina Fey has a new entertainment product out; therefore, there is another Tina Fey backlash.
  38. casting couch
    Jared Harris No Longer Just a Mad Men Guest StarThe Pryce in Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce is sticking around.
  39. reality tv
    The Bachelor Franchise Contestants Have a Secret Facebook GroupAnd none of us are allowed in.
  40. sitcoms
    Can a Twitter Campaign Save The Sarah Silverman Program?Sarah’s sister’s last-ditch attempt to save the show — which might get a spinoff.
  41. kudos
    Cast of Modern Family to Compete Against Each Other for EmmysEd O’Neill refuses Best Actor consideration for the ensemble comedy.
  42. chat room
    ‘World’s Nicest Comedian’ Chris Gethard on Replacing Jon Heder“I’ve been working for ten years, and sometimes you have to wonder if anything’s ever going to happen with your career.”
  43. kudos
    Next Year’s Razzie Awards Will Be TelevisedMake your Razzie party plans now.
  44. trailer mix
    The Other Guys Trailer: Bad Cop, Fake CopMark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell are very, very angry.
  45. comedy
    World’s Nicest Comedian Wins Lead Role in Will Ferrell’s New Comedy Central ShowChris Gethard did an amazing good deed, and the comedy gods were watching.
  46. trailer mix
    The New Sex and the City 2 Trailer: Puns in the SunWe’re just waiting to find out what the gross-out scene is.
  47. late night
    Fallon Goes Glee with the Parks and Rec CastHow did the world live without the insult “jazzhole” until now?
  48. true blood
    The True Blood Poster Designers Have the Easiest JobsYeah, fake blood in a drinking container. We get it.
  49. mad men
    Watch a Loopy Mad Men Cast Sing ‘Bye Bye Birdie’Wrap-party shenanigans now available for all to see.
  50. comedy
    British Paper Adorably Overestimates John Oliver’s Takeover of the American AirwavesTo read today’s ‘Independent,’ you’d think John Oliver was Jon Stewart.
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