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  1. vulture lists
    The Stoner Canon: 101 Trippy Movies, Albums, Books, TV Shows, and MoreThe ultimate guide to experiencing the high.
  2. culture
    Movies Seen Alone in New York City, ReviewedA diary of a former pastime.
  3. coronavirus
    Getting By With a Little Help From My Friends“Social distancing” is turning to “remote leaning” on my social circle. It’s been vital.
  4. encounter
    Songs for Feeling Your FeelingsSoccer Mommy writes through her life on Color Theory.
  5. what were the 2010s?
    Taylor Swift Bent the Music Industry to Her WillIn the 2010s, she became its savviest power player.
  6. album review
    Zayn Malik Is Still Figuring Himself Out on Mind of Mine A few elements strain for “edgy” but just come off as goofy and awkward.
  7. album review
    Gwen Stefani Proves the Value of InsecurityShe’s always been the world’s oldest teenager.
  8. music reviews
    Review: The 1975’s I Like It When You Sleep …I Like It When You Sleep shoots for the moon, and when you go that big it’s impossible to have perfect aim.
  9. oscars 2016
    Mustang’s Filmmaker on Her Feminist Escape Movie“I remember girls saying that when you’re too powerful as a woman, it’s not very pretty.”
  10. album review
    Kanye West’s The Life of Pablo Is a Brilliant Work-in-ProgressPablo’s paint is still wet — which makes the fact that it occasionally approaches the grandeur of a masterpiece that much more astounding.
  11. the grammys
    Kendrick Lamar Lost Album of the Year, But He Won the GrammysKendrick didn’t dilute his message to make it more palatable for the Grammy public — he poured gasoline all over it and fearlessly lit a match.
  12. kanye west
    A Life of Pablo–Inspired Re-Review of Yeezus“Isn’t pop music created with repetition in mind?”
  13. roundtables
    Vulture Roundtable: Kanye West’s MSG EventTaylor, aux cords, “fuccbois” — oh my!
  14. super bowl 50
    Coldplay Were Beyoncé’s Left Shark at the Super BowlThe halftime show was a display of Beyoncé’s unimpeachable confidence in her own cultural influence and artistic vision, and the contrast of Coldplay and Bruno Mars emphasized how radical that vision really is.
  15. album review
    Rihanna’s Anti Might Be the Beginning of the End for the Big Pop AlbumRihanna’s new album Anti is not here for you.
  16. album review
    Sia’s This Is Acting Is Full of Hits, Misses, and Some Great What-IfsThere are two ways to listen to This Is Acting.
  17. remembering bowie
    Grieving David Bowie, a True Rock Star in Life and in DeathOur music critic mourns the loss of David Bowie, a rock star so committed to his post that he soundtracked his own death.
  18. album review
    Bizarro David Bowie Returns on the Wild, Kendrick-Inspired BlackstarBlackstar is a much weirder record than its predecessor.
  19. adult education
    What I Learned From Usher’s Online Class on ‘the Art of Performance’He likes the word chutzpah.
  20. teenagers
    Willow Smith’s Ardipithecus Is Too Precocious for Its Own GoodArdipithecus feels like a slightly less-druggy version of the album Miley Cyrus put out this year.
  21. year in culture 2015
    The 10 Best Concerts of 2015From Tony and Gaga to Buffy Sainte-Marie.
  22. year in culture 2015
    The 10 Best Songs of 2015“Where Are Ü Now” is what it sounds like when dolphins cry.
  23. year in culture 2015
    The 10 Best Albums of 2015To Pimp a Butterfly isn’t a perfect album, but it’s the one we needed most this year.
  24. album review
    Adele 25 Review: Pop’s Old Soul Looks ForwardThough Adele’s still leaning on the past, 25’s production and arrangements lay a more exciting groundwork for her extraordinary voice.
  25. radio vulture
    Purpose Makes You Miss the Old Justin BieberApologetic is not Justin’s best look. 
  26. radio vulture
    Hailee Steinfeld’s Haiz EP Is Fascinating For All the Wrong ReasonsAn investigation into a very strange pop career.
  27. album review
    Grimes’s Art Angels Is Superhero Music for IntrovertsIt’s nothing short of a punch to the jaw.
  28. radio vulture
    Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato, and the Pop-Idol ArcThe former child stars have both arrived at their “Break Free” moment. 
  29. radio vulture
    Lady Gaga’s Latest Transgression: Acting NormalThe woman who made pop weird is now going to the middle. Or her version of it.
  30. obits
    Lindsay Zoladz on Chantal Akerman: Films on How to Be a Woman AloneAkerman’s films are largely about space, time, and, I’d venture to say, a particularly feminine sense of isolation, displacement, and ambivalence.
  31. music
    Album Review: Janet Jackson’s UnbreakableIt’s easily her best album since All for You — and probably the best album by a veteran pop star this year.
  32. radio vulture
    Drake, Fetty Wap, and the Politics of the Co-SignWho are Drake’s co-signs really meant to help?
  33. movies
    Carey Mulligan Takes a Radical Turn in SuffragetteThe erstwhile ingénue’s uncompromisingly political role is unlike any she’s ever tackled.
  34. radio vulture
    Lana Del Rey’s Honeymoon Is a Sonic SedativeBallads to swipe to. 
  35. concert review
    Concert Review: Madonna’s Rebel Heart Takes MSGBitch, she’s Madonna. 
  36. radio vulture
    Miley Cyrus’s Dead Petz Is Hard to Like, or Even EndureSongs meander and build to nothing. Melodies sag. Themes (weed; sex; the universeman) recur so frequently that it’s often hard to distinguish one track from the next.
  37. vmas 2015
    These Were the Truman Show VMAsNothing was real, except Bieber’s tears, Nicki Minaj’s swipes at Miley, and Kanye’s speech.
  38. album review
    The Weeknd Overreaches for Pop Grandeur on Beauty Behind the MadnessAbel Tesfaye can’t feel his limits, either.
  39. fall preview 2015
    This Fall, Will Grimes Make a Break for Honest-to-God Pop Stardom?After four years and a series of feints, the internet darling returns IRL.
  40. fall preview 2015
    What Our Critics Are Really Looking Forward to This FallTheir top five picks for the season.
  41. radio vulture
    Carly Rae Jepsen’s Emotion Is Better Than 1989Rapturous!
  42. music
    Chvrches Is Waging War on Second-Album Nerves and Online Trolls“It’s nice to squash people’s expectations.”
  43. music
    Dr. Dre’s Compton Is Shockingly GoodAs far as savvily timed, corporate-tie-in-slash-comeback-albums go, the vividly panoramic Compton makes Jay Z’s Magna Carta Holy Grail look like a stick-figure drawing.
  44. music
    One Direction Are Our Manic Pixie Dream Boy BandPerhaps no boy band in history has been a more direct and aerodynamic vessel for young-girl exuberance than One Direction.
  45. On End of the Tour, Trainwreck, and JournalismThe weirdness of the writer-subject relationship.
  46. The Best Albums of 2015 (So Far)Next-generation rap, throwback rock, and a jerk-off joke taken (semi-) seriously.
  47. Live Review: U2 Embrace the Underdog Role at Madison Square GardenBono is bleach-blond now, by the way. 
  48. Wilco Resists Comfort With New Album Star WarsLike vintage Wilco, Star Wars is prickly in all the right places. 
  49. radio vulture
    On Their Third Album, Tame Impala Achieve Psych-Rock NirvanaThe sublime Currents proves that Kevin Parker has realized how much more he can do with less.
  50. Lady Gaga’s Latest Transgression: Acting NormalThe woman who made pop weird is now going to the middle. Or her version of it.
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