Lisa DePaulo

  1. crime and punishment
    Civil Suit to Be Filed Against The Jinx’s Durst“He did it, and we can prove it.”
  2. Who Killed the Gangster’s Daughter?The troubling mystery surrounding Susan Berman’s death.
  3. Gong ShowDespite all the gaffes, the good doctor hopes a strong voter turnout in Wisconsin will restore his street cred in New York.
  4. Justice for AllenWhen Allen Myerson jumped from the fifteenth floor of the New York Times building, it wasn’t just the tragic end to a respected e […]
  5. Mother’s DayCamille Colvin would use any means to retrieve her son from her ex in China, but in the end, she just took matters into her own hands.
  6. The Lost BoyWhen 4-year-old Griffin Guo was kidnapped by his father on an East Side street and taken back to China, it was a terrible consequence of a div […]
  7. If You Knew Suzy…As the top editor, Suzy Wetlaufer brought spark and energy to the stolid pages of the Harvard Business Review while regaling colleagues w […]
  8. Jail BaitAwaiting trial for murder in a Texas prison, real-estate scion Bobby Durst reaches out for support.
  9. GOTHAM EXTRA Did Bobby Durst Put It in Writing?Cross-dressing real-estate heir Bobby Durst – now awaiting trial in Galveston, Texas, for the murder and dismemberment of his 71-year-old neigh […]
  10. Who Killed the Gangster’s Daughter?Writer Susan Berman, whose devoted circle of intimates included real-estate scion Bobby Durst, didn’t discover her roots as a Mafia princess u […]
  11. Election Diaries: Pal of AlOn the longest election night in history, Steve Armistead is doing what he’s always done: taking care of his childhood pal, Al Gore.
  12. Woman on TopAs the shamelessly sexual Samantha on Sex and the City, Kim Cattrall is proving to a new generation of single women (and men) that bad gi […]
  13. Yep, I’m … GameForget about those people she writes about—Liz Smith herself is the story. She’s feuded (and made up) with Frank Sinatra; flirted with ever […]
  14. Whose Life Is It, Anyway?In Tom King, David Geffen thought he’d found the perfect biographer: a young, openly gay rising star at the Wall Street Journal who promi […]
  15. Thou Shalt Have Dirty ThoughtsThanks, Bill. Now even Orthodox rabbis are talking about oral sex.
  16. Nouveau RichHow the wife of a billionaire fugitive reinvented herself as a Grammy-nominated songwriter, peripatetic party girl, and first-class FOB. Lisa […]