Lisa Taddeo

  1. what i can’t live without
    What Three Women Writer Lisa Taddeo Can’t Live WithoutIncluding the Hermès cologne she stole from her husband, and the tools she uses to keep her “Capricorn OCD brain” organized.
  2. marriage: an investigation
    What It’s Like to Watch Your Husband with Another Woman“It cannot be a porn scene. This is something you’re choosing to experience together as one aspect of your loving relationship.”
  3. Of Pig Snouts and HeadcheeseApril Bloomfield taught us to eat everything.
  4. The Ke$ha-Loving, Command-Defying Army AuteurGeneration YouTube at war.
  5. Rachel Uchitel Is Not a MadamAnd the bottle girls who work at clubs are not prostitutes. As Tiger Woods’s very public escapades through the 21st-century courtesan economy su […]