Lissa Townsend Rodgers

  1. reasons to love new york
    Farewell to My Party SpotRemembering late nights, sweaty dance floors, and karaoke with celebrities.
  2. closings
    Another Perfect Night at Max FishThe storied LES bar is closed. This time, it may be for good.
  3. media
    What Happens When Twee Bible The Believer Moves to Las VegasDave Eggers and Carrie Brownstein visit the literary magazine’s glitzy new home.
  4. the business of being porn
    The Female Porn Director Winning All the Awards“What does my vagina have to do with directing?”
  5. Closings
    The End of the Max Fish EraThe bar, which closed earlier this week, was the last holdout of a now-gone Lower East Side.
  6. 42 Minutes With James Toback and Mike TysonListening to the fallen champ and his friend and documentarian, over burgers in Vegas.
  7. Dive AliveHow did Sophie’s survive?
  8. Leaving Las VegasNo jackpot for Broadway in Sin City.
  9. How To Rent NowFIND THE RIGHT BROKER As of January 1, industry-wide co-brokering has finally come to New York. Since virtually all brokers have agreed to share […]
  10. How To Sell NowWORK WITH A PRO In an uncertain market, brokers actually have to broker deals. “A concession from this one, a concession from that one—it’s up t […]
  11. How To Buy NowDO THE MATH Before you start to look around, recalculate how much house you can afford. “Interest rates are so low that many buyers can go up in […]
  12. Talk Dirty To MeFall has become the season for movies that feature kinky sex and revel in bad behavior.
  13. Audubon to the AutobahnVroom! This summer there seem to be more motorcycles than ever zipping by – whether you’re on the FDR or the L.I.E. Leading some motorists to w […]
  14. Opiate of the MassesVanity Fair looks for opium in Southeast Asia – but it’s flowering right here under our noses.