Louis Staples

  1. barbie
    I’m a Barbie BoyI was ashamed of finding joy in femininity as a kid. Barbiemania has helped me let that all go.
  2. culture
    We’re Just Freaks, YeahThe success of a pop parody like Jocelyn’s “World Class Sinner” should come as no surprise.
  3. reality tv
    Liar, LiarAll season long, Vanderpump Rules fans have known the truth. Last night, they finally got to see it — and damn, was it entertaining.
  4. keeping up with the royals
    It’s Going to Be a Lukewarm CoronationGod save the king’s big day.
  5. goop
    The Surprisingly Delightful Spectacle of Gwyneth Paltrow’s Ski TrialNo matter the verdict, Paltrow seems to have won in the court of public opinion.
  6. niche drama
    Anatomy of a ScandovalHow chaotic PR strategies sent a cheating scandal spiraling out of control.
  7. househusbands
    The Types of Men You Find on Real HousewivesIn the Bravo-verse, the men have their own special status.
  8. main characters
    Give It Up for the Bravo Sprinter Van[Housewives twirl.] Fasten your seat belts: There’s a new drama queen in town.
  9. reality tv
    The Reality-TV Confessional Shaped Our Digital LivesWe’re all playing it up for the cameras.
  10. real housewives of drama
    No One Does a Reality-TV Reunion Like BravoIt’s all about the energy — just ask the Bunny.
  11. queen elizabeth
    How Twitter Mourned (and Memed) the QueenThe queen’s death brought about a confusing mix of somber tributes, memes, and finger-wagging scolds online.
  12. who is she?
    A Quick Guide to the Enigma That Is RHOBH’s Diana JenkinsWe’ve seen a lot of different sides to Diana so far, but there is still an air of mystery surrounding her fairy-tale life.
  13. money can’t buy you talent
    Real Housewives Songs, RankedMoney can buy you studio time and a moderately successful producer.
  14. niche drama
    The Great Real Housewives Glam-Squad DivideIn recent years, casts have gotten a glossy makeover. But not everyone likes what they see.
  15. teen angst
    14 Shows and Movies With Euphoria VibesSeason two is over; now what will we all talk about?
  16. power
    Inside Bethenny Frankel’s Aid Efforts for Ukrainian Refugees“We’re helping one family every ten minutes,” the Real Housewives alum tells the Cut.
  17. method acting
    No One Does a Press Tour Quite Like Lady GagaAnd the the Oscar for Best Actress in a Promoting Role goes to…
  18. and just like that
    When Did Carrie Bradshaw Get So Rich?Wealth is the real main character in And Just Like That …
  19. the real housewives
    The Ultimate Real Housewife, According to Real Real HousewivesBecause when it comes to iconic Housewife behavior, it takes one to know one.
  20. bravoholics
    How the Media Became Bravo’s Realest HousewifeThe reporters that have been changing the storyline behind the scenes
  21. acquiescence
    Turns Out It’s Pretty Good: EnemiesI’ve found myself missing people I profoundly dislike.