Lynda Obst

  1. Chicks With FlicksIn this—the season of Knocked Up and Entourage—Hollywood has a little woman problem. One producer’s lament for a lost Camelot.
  2. The Critic and the ProducerAn Oscars Exchange.
  3. The Critic and the ProducerA bi-coastal Oscars exchange.
  4. We Lost It at the MoviesHow Hollywood freaked out over vanishing audiences—who’ve now magically reappeared—and why teenage boys are a studio’s worst habit.
  5. Oscar Party CrashersNew York critic David Edelstein and Hollywood producer Lynda Obst on the one big surprise of the evening.
  6. The Pre-Show GameNew York’s David Edelstein and Hollywood’s Lynda Obst engage in their annual dissection of the Oscars.