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  1. A Doula and the Doctors Who Failed HerA Doula and the Doctors Who Failed Her follows one birth worker as she struggles to find her footing in a system she no longer believes in.
  2. Natasha Lyonne on How to Rise in Your Career“We’re all just bozos on the bus!”
  3. The Most Petty Moments During Michael Cohen’s TestimonyAll the angry Republican reactions one could ever ask for!
  4. Meet the Insta-Gramma Who Defies AgeismLyn Slater went from professor to fashion icon.
  5. Pettifogging Moira’s Vocabulary in Schitt’s CreekDon’t be a dewdropper!
  6. Most Bone-able Christmas CharactersBecause who doesn’t love Colin Firth in a sweater?
  7. I Tried to Become an Elf at Macy’s SantalandHow hard is it to make it as an elf in Macy’s Santaland? I have no idea. So I’m auditioning myself despite having zero experience whatsoever.
  8. I Tried to Become a Radio City Rockette in One DayWhat does it take to make it as a Radio City Rockette? Video producer Madison Mills set out to learn.
  9. I Tried to Become a Chocolatier at Jacques Torres ChocolatesMaking chocolate houses all day is a lot harder than you might think.
  10. I Tried to Become a Sex and the City Bus Tour GuidePeople love talking about the Rabbit vibrator!
  11. The Absolute Best A Cappella App for Your PhoneAca-scuse me?
  12. How to Become an Instagram Influencer“I love a good newspaper as a prop.”
  13. I Tried to Become a Waitress at Junior’sSpoiler: I spilled a lot and ate a lot of cheesecake.
  14. How to Become an Equinox InstructorI wanted to find out how hard it is to teach a fitness class. So I decided to try and become a boxing instructor. It wasn’t pretty.
  15. I Tried Auditioning for an Improv TroupeWhat does it take to make it into an acclaimed improv team in New York? To find out, I auditioned for a troupe at the PIT.
  16. women and power
    Women and Power: Stormy Daniels on the Power of AudacityJust moments after her book Full Disclosure was leaked, Stormy Daniels sat down with New York to discuss what makes her feel powerful.
  17. I Tried to Become a World-Class Cheese Expert in One DayThe result was very gouda.
  18. I Tried Auditioning for a Renowned New York City Dance CompanyHow hard is it to make it as a dancer in New York? I have no idea. So I’m auditioning myself despite having zero experience whatsoever.
  19. original video
    How Parkland Survivors and Chicago Youth Are Uniting to End Gun ViolenceMeet the Chicago youth who are working with March for Our Lives organizers in their fight to end gun violence.
  20. The Grimes Guide to Space TravelHanging with Elon Musk is just one step in her interplanetary travel plans.
  21. What Would You Wear to Meet God?We asked celebrities at the Met Gala.
  22. What Does It Take To Be a Duchess? Inside a Royal Etiquette ClassI took an etiquette class to find out what Meghan Markle has to learn before becoming a duchess. I learned that becoming a royal is very hard.
  23. The 7 Most Outspoken Women About Equal Pay in HollywoodMeet some of the women in Hollywood who are fighting to end the pay gap.
  24. Men Describe Stills From Janelle Monáe’s ‘Pynk’ Music Video“Just looks like labia.”
  25. As One: Making the Marjory Stoneman Douglas YearbookThey had a plan for the yearbook. Then 17 people were shot and killed on their campus.
  26. Why They March: Four Best Friends From Parkland Explain Why The March Matters“This isn’t just about our school. It’s about every single place you can go to and not feel safe because - gun violence.”
  27. International Women’s Day: Anger and Hope Coexist at the StrikeTrump supporters and activists clashed at the International Women’s Day strike.
  28. How Far is Hollywood From Achieving Equality?A handful of female nominees does not signal an end to Hollywood’s history of exclusion.
  29. Snowboarding Superstar Shaun White Was Accused of Sexual HarassmentAhead of the 2018 Winter Olympics, it’s important to remember Shaun White’s history with sexual-harassment allegations.
  30. The IUD Is Making a ComebackThe IUD is becoming increasingly popular around the world. So, why aren’t more women in the U.S. using this form of contraception?
  31. 7 Quotes From New Nassar Accusers Ahead of His Sentencing“You manipulated me and my entire family. How dare you?”
  32. 6 Stories Prove the #MeToo Movement Is Only Getting StartedBacklash to the MeToo movement is rising. But the impact of the movement has only just begun.
  33. All the Best Signs From the Women’s March“Someone please read all these signs to Trump.”
  34. 5 Questions About North Korea You’re Afraid to AskDo we need to start building bunkers?
  35. A Medical Marijuana User’s Message to Jeff Sessions“I’m not looking for a high. I’m looking for relief from the chronic pain this illness has visited upon me.”
  36. The Black Mirror Creator Has an Idea for a Much Nicer Version of The MatrixThis would definitely make Neo’s world more bearable …
  37. Women Are Replacing Men Accused of Sexual MisconductNew Year’s Resolution: spend every day applauding all the women replacing men accused of sexual predation.
  38. Remembering Sandy Hook: How a Mother Copes“I have to hope and love. Because if I don’t I just won’t survive.”
  39. Roy Moore’s Biggest Fan Is TerrifyingRoy Moore’s spokesperson wants voters to focus on the group of “non-accusers” who have never accused Moore of assault.
  40. Women Share Their Experiences With Assault and Harassment on Capitol HillLearn self-defense. Trust yourself. Speak up. These are just some of the guidelines women who worked in and around Congress followed.
  41. Graduate Students Are Terrified by the Republican Tax PlanGraduate students across the country are now wondering how they will afford school if the House tax bill goes into effect.
  42. Taylor Swift’s Journey From Country Starlet to Pop SuperstarThere are fewer tears falling on Taylor’s guitars. And fewer guitars in general.
  43. Meet Virginia’s First Transgender Candidate for State Legislature“How can you write legislation about gender identity when you shut out transgender people from the legislative process?”
  44. Witnesses Describe the Manhattan Terror Attack“There was a group of people running towards me and you know I heard, ‘They have a gun, they have a gun.’’’
  45. High Schooler’s Snapchat Story Allegedly Shows Shooter in Downtown ManhattanThe footage allegedly shows the shooter running in the street before being detained by police.
  46. The Secret Feminist History of Witches, As Told by a Practicing WitchThe patriarchy loves to spread cautionary tales about powerful women.
  47. All the High-Profile Men Accused of Harassment Since the Weinstein Story BrokeHere are a few of the accusations and new developments that have surfaced since Weinstein was exposed.
  48. Women Share Their Experiences With Sexual Assault and HarassmentIn response to Harvey Weinstein, women shared their personal assault experiences using the phrase “me too.” These are some of their stories.
  49. How Climate Change Is Creating More Powerful HurricanesThe looming threat of warming oceans is becoming hard to ignore.
  50. What the Different Types of NFL Protest MeanKneeling. Sitting. Standing with a raised first. Placing a hand on a seated teammate. NFL players used many different symbols to protest last weekend.
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