Malcolm Harris

  1. big tech
    The Silicon Valley LoopHow the dot-com crash created Palo Alto’s clueless investor class.
  2. the left
    Why Capitalism Needs Sick PeopleThe grim reality of the health-care industry has prompted a radical rethinking of how to change it.
  3. the money game
    The Rise of Influencer CapitalHow social media, celebrity promoters, and banks looking for a quick buck transformed the markets.
  4. the left
    Are We Living Under ‘Technofeudalism’?A group of Big Data’s critics claims we’re seeing a return to feudal rule.
  5. science of us
    Why Are Kids So Sad?As American youths suffer from a mental-health crisis, the media asks the wrong questions.
  6. cannabis
    Don’t Just Legalize Weed. End Marijuana Prohibition.If Joe Biden wants to be like FDR, he can look to the repeal of the 18th Amendment.
  7. lgbtq rights
    The Right’s Dangerous ‘Just Asking Questions’ Anti-Trans Campaign Is WorkingHow Matt Walsh’s new documentary is empowering the faithful to take action.
  8. the left
    The War on CashCash payments are on the wane, and that’s probably a bad thing.
  9. the left
    Back to ClassA Marxist scholar confronts the unfulfilled promise of collective action.
  10. business
    Inside the Fossil-Fuel Industry’s Plan to Profit From Climate ChangeI went to one of Shell’s private meetings and took notes.
  11. kids these days
    What Is ‘Generation Z’ Like? Watch the Spelling Bee to Find OutBy studying spelling bee competitors, Northwestern professor Shalini Shankar has started to create a portrait of the coming generational cohort.
  12. varsity blues scandal
    How the College Admissions Ring Explains 21st-Century American Capitalism“Human capital” is at the center of our economy. Thanks to Rick Singer, we now know its going rate.
  13. select all
    Glitch Capitalism: How Cheating AIs Explain Our Stagnant PresentAmerican society has come to follow the same logic as glitch-hunting AIs, and in the process become vulnerable to huge inequalities and injustices.
  14. Raoul Peck: ‘I’m Not in the Movie Business to Make Films’“This is the first film ever in the Western world about Marx.”
  15. select all
    Are Smartphones Destroying a Generation, or Are Consultants?Jean M. Twenge’s new book, iGen, proposes that young people are unhappy because of smartphones.