Marcus Jones

  1. ew fest
    Desmin Borges Dishes About PTSD, ‘Sunday Funday’“There were parts [of this episode] where we were so scared I almost pissed myself during one of the scenes.”
  2. diversity on tv
    Kemp Agboh on Running a Minority-Led TV Show“Something that really troubles me and frightens me is how television is perceived, and how people select themselves out of it.”
  3. behind the scenes
    Meet the Man Who Makes Sure The Knick Is Medically AccurateThe cast said they owe a lot to Dr. Stanley Burns.
  4. nycc 2015
    Robert Rodriguez Is Doing for Wilmer Valderrama What He Did for George ClooneyHow the guy who played Fez ended up playing a murderous vampire conquistador.
  5. new yorker festival
    Diddy Always Has $100 in Cash When Mark Ronson Needs It“Take the f*cking $100.”
  6. new yorker festival
    Maron Finally Asks Lorne About His SNL AuditionWhen he tapes an interview for the podcast this week.
  7. childhood memories
    What Summer Camp Was Like for Lena Dunham & MoreEmbarrassment, hurt feelings, and moments of profundity abound. 
  8. questions that need answers
    Bo Derek Really Doesn’t Want to Talk About Cornrows“It’s a hairdo! That’s all it is.”
  9. party chats
    Broad City’s Abbi Has Never Eaten a BurgerSeriously.
  10. party chats
    Judd Apatow Says Trainwreck Is Amy Schumer’s Life If She Got ‘Saner’Also, there are only five ways a movie can end.
  11. beefin’
    50 Cent Keeps Promoting Power by Trash-Talking Empire“Ain’t nobody on Empire cast better than me.”
  12. Lisa Kudrow Saw the Future of Reality TV All the Way Back in 2005“I really was thinking, Some people actually won’t survive this. And then, sure enough … “
  13. vulture festival 2015
    Jerry Seinfeld Can Take a Seinfeld Finale JokeYou can’t hurt his feelings — he has none.
  14. party chats
    Entourage Cast Think Vinny Is a Better AquamanStand by your bro.
  15. seen
    An Exhibit of Great Photography in Washington, D.C.When photographs stopped being unbiased truths.
  16. seen
    An Exhibit of Great Photography in Washington, D.C.When photographs stopped being unbiased truths.
  17. what could have been
    Mark Consuelos Could Have Been the One Getting Pegged on Broad CityThey were originally “Carly” and “Evelyn.”
  18. the end
    20 of Mad Men’s Famous Fans Dish on How They Want the Show to End“I don’t want to redeem them.”
  19. mad men
    Sarah Silverman and More on Mad Men Memories“I don’t think I’ve ever, in any R-rated movie, in anything, seen period blood.”
  20. the industy
    A Spirit Bomb Just Dropped: Dragon Ball Series Is Coming BackGoku’s back from the dead — again.
  21. Tom Ford’s Most Tom Ford Quotes From His Time at Gucci“Too sexy for the public. You can’t show two people f***ing. We’ll have to reshoot.”
  22. awkward sex scenes
    Veep’s Jonah Does Not Know What a Sex Scene Is“I got my wife pregnant, so I think I have a solid idea of what it is.”
  23. diddy
    Diddy Is Making a Black South Park for FXBrightmoor.
  24. Celebrity Settings
    Mick Jagger Eats at Ristorante Morini; Kevin Hart Hangs Out at Tao UptownThis week’s Celebrity Settings.
  25. All 95 Times Jerry Screws Up on Parks and RecreationDammit, Jerry!
  26. vulture lists
    Every Time Andy Sings on Parks & RecreationThose lyrics are proof he’s a wordsmith.
  27. Watch Lil Wayne’s Daughter’s My Super Sweet 16White horses, Ferraris, Nicki Minaj, and more.
  28. SNL Producer Shares Great CandidsDid Tina Fey shotgun that pizza?
  29. the real real world
    How The Real World Deals With Fights NowAre assaults not a reason to get kicked out of the house anymore?
  30. chat room
    Ryan Guzman on The Boy Next Door and Why There Is So Much Talk of Cookies“Everyone is giving [cookies] to me thinking that I cannot stop eating cookies.”
  31. The Interview Will Be Streaming on Netflix Starting SaturdayTry not to feel too bad for paying for it.
  32. Common and John Legend Channel Martin Luther King Jr. for ‘Glory’ VideoTry not to get teary-eyed.
  33. friends countdown
    Friends Countdown: A History of Shows Being Compared to FriendsFrom Happy Endings to Traffic Light.
  34. chris rock
    Chris Rock Wisdom Generator: Let Him Tell You How It IsDefinitely top-five wisdom generators.
  35. review roundup
    18 Movies to See (or Not to See) This ThanksgivingYou can’t stay inside the entire weekend.
  36. How the Mean Tweeters Responded to CelebritiesThis time with more #jerkshaming.
  37. Watch Solange and Son Julez Dance to ‘No Flex Zone’ at Her WeddingThey hit the Nae Nae in front of a giant white staircase.
  38. r.i.p.
    MTV Star Diem Brown Dies at 32After a years-long battle with cancer.
  39. match game
    Boyz II Men’s 40 Matchiest OutfitsIn the ‘90s, Boyz ll Men were the Michael Jordan of matching.
  40. review roundup
    What Are the First Critics Saying About Interstellar?Many reviews yet to come, but here are the first.
  41. real talk
    Jenni Konner on ‘Horrible’ Women and Viola Davis“I’m in!”
  42. new york comic con 2014
    What You Missed at Jack Antonoff’s New York Comic-Con PanelStar Wars and “socially conscious” stealing.
  43. new york comic con 2014
    George Clooney Hits New York Comic Con to Unveil More TomorrowlandTo Tomorrowland … and beyond!
  44. vulture quiz
    True or False Quiz: Did Winston Do This Crazy Thing on New Girl?We love Winston.