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Senior Editor, Intelligencer

Margaret Hartmann is a senior editor for Intelligencer. She has worked at New York since 2012.

  1. early and often
    Trump Complains Migrants Use Languages ‘Nobody Speaks’Trump insists he only makes confusing remarks for “comedic effect.” But his weird remarks during his border visit seem more racist than funny.
  2. early and often
    Who Will Be Trump’s VP Pick? The Latest 2024 Veepstake OddsDoes Stefanik have “the look”? Is Scott loyal enough? Where does Noem rank? Here are each VP candidate’s odds in the race to be Trump’s running mate.
  3. early and often
    Trump’s Most Unhinged Plans for His Second TermHe’s openly plotting to persecute his enemies, assume kinglike powers, and deport millions of people. But at least we’ll all have flying cars!
  4. tremendous content
    Old-Man Trump Yells at Biden Over Melania Late Night JokeIn a video response to Biden mocking his age, Trump insists he knows his wife’s name and acts confused only for “comedic reasons.”
  5. royals
    King Charles III Leaves Hospital After Receiving Treatment For An Enlarged Prostate
    King Charles’s Cancer Diagnosis: Health Updates & News on Royal ResponseEverything we know about King Charles’s health, William and Harry’s response, and why people are worried about Kate Middleton’s whereabouts.
  6. early and often
    Biden Wrongly Roasts Trump Over Forgetting Melania’s NameOn Late Night With Seth Myers, the president responded to concerns about his age by saying Trump forgot his wife’s name at CPAC, which didn’t happen.
  7. early and often
    President Biden’s Weirdest White House Habits“Executive time” and the Diet Coke button are gone, but Biden keeps the White House weird with his secret TV, Gatorade habit, and “fexting.”
  8. tremendous content
    Melania’s ‘I Don’t Care’ Jacket Was a (Botched) Jab at IvankaA forthcoming book claims Melania Trump’s most confounding moment as First Lady was part of a four-year power struggle with her stepdaughter.
  9. tremendous content
    Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Holds News Conference On Security Preparations For Upcoming Spring Break
    DeSantis Insults His Way Off Trump’s VP ShortlistTrump said he might pick DeSantis for VP. Then in a private call, DeSantis said he’s not interested, criticizing Team Trump and right-wing media.
  10. white house pets
    Joe Biden
    Biden’s Bitey Dog Is the Only Good White House ScandalThe president’s controversies are all sad and boring, except him letting Commander gnaw 24 people before his White House exile.
  11. early and often
    Trump Doubles Down on Making Navalny’s Death About HimFox News gave Trump a chance to clean up after he said Navalny’s death just makes him think of his own plight. Instead he repeated the comparison.
  12. tremendous content
    Trump’s Dumbest Musician Feuds, From Snoop Dogg to Taylor SwiftThis deeply uncool, 77-year-old show-tune lover won’t stop picking self-destructive feuds with the hottest recording artists on the planet.
  13. tremendous content
    14 Times Donald Trump Had the Best, Most Beautiful PropsFrom gaudy gold sneakers to Sharpie-scrawled notes on a scandal, no one shows off sketchy documents and merch like the former president.
  14. royal rumblings
    Prince Harry Infuriates Royals by Saying Nice Things About King CharlesHow dare Prince Harry say “I love my family” in a Good Morning America interview!
  15. the talented mr. santos
    Here’s Every Single Lie Told by George SantosA guide to the many exaggerations and falsehoods from the former New York congressman, whose seat will now be occupied by Democrat Tom Suozzi.
  16. early and often
    Trump Jab at Haley’s Missing Husband Backfires SpectacularlyUnlike Melania’s absence from the campaign trail, “Where’s Michael Haley?” has a simple answer: He’s deployed overseas.
  17. are you ready for it?
    AFC Championship - Kansas City Chiefs v Baltimore Ravens
    Taylor Swift 2024 Super Bowl Theories: The Ultimate GuideWhether you’re just curious if she can make it to the game or want to jump down the “Easter egg” rabbit hole, here are the answers.
  18. america’s mayor
    Rudy Giuliani’s Most Eye-Popping Claims From His Bankruptcy HearingWhile Giuliani’s actual net worth is in dispute, he shared some revealing details about what Trump owes him and how he’s living these days.
  19. tremendous content
    Ivanka Is Done With Politics But Not Trump’s PAC MoneyLast year, Donald Trump’s Save America PAC spent $2.3 million on his daughter’s legal fees.
  20. tremendous content
    Trump Asks If We Think He Looks Like ElvisHe used a picture of the King of Rock and Roll to fish for compliments on Truth Social.
  21. early and often
    Trump Hired Diet Coke Valet Despite Sexual Misconduct AllegationsThe tale of a president and his unfailingly loyal body man/co-defendant isn’t so wholesome after all.
  22. tremendous content
    Trump Is in a One-Sided Popularity Contest With Taylor SwiftMAGA masterminds have a rock-solid election strategy: wage war against one of America’s most powerful and beloved celebrities.
  23. royal rumblings
    King Charles Comforted by Wife in Breach of Royal Hospital ProtocolQueen Camilla was by Charles’s side when he checked into the hospital today, which simply is not done.
  24. early and often
    Trump Threatens Nikki Haley Donors With Exile From ‘MAGA Camp’Rather than quietly waiting for Haley’s money to dry up, Trump is making himself look desperate by issuing an ultimatum on Truth Social.
  25. early and often
    Tim Scott’s Mystery Girlfriend Is Now His FiancéeIn one commitment-filled weekend, the senator endorsed Donald Trump and got engaged to Mindy Noce.
  26. early and often
    What Trump Said in His Vengeful New Hampshire Victory SpeechRather than pivoting to a general-election message, Trump taunted Nikki Haley, lightly threatened her, and mocked her “fancy dress.”
  27. scandals
    What the Jeffrey Epstein Documents Reveal About Donald TrumpTrump’s name has been on the list of Epstein pals for years. As new files are unsealed, here’s everything we’ve learned about their relationship.
  28. tremendous content
    All of Ron DeSantis’s Crimes Against Good EtiquetteA list of alleged slights and rude behavior that hampered DeSantis 2024, from sloppy pudding eating to (possibly) kicking Tucker Carlson’s dog.
  29. early and often
    Trump Debuts New Racist Name for Nikki HaleyNew name misspelling, same old racist dog whistle.
  30. early and often
    Trump Allies Warn Nikki Haley Will Pose Coup Threat As VPPlotting an insurrection doesn’t seem like her style, but some Trump allies want him as worried about Haley as vice-president as they are.
  31. early and often
    Trump Dusts Off Racist Dog Whistle for Nikki HaleyHe called her “Nimrada” on Truth Social, a misspelling of her first name.
  32. early and often
    What Trump Actually Said in His ‘Toned Down’ Iowa Caucus Victory SpeechAn unusually gracious and subdued Trump called for the country to “come together” after his Iowa win. But then he kept talking.
  33. tremendous content
    Rand Paul Dramatically Endorses ‘Not Nikki Haley’ for PresidentHe made a whole “NeverNikki” website to explain why (and sneakily collect people’s contact information).
  34. royal rumblings
    Is Prince Harry Really a ‘Living Legend of Aviation’?Some people are outraged that Prince Harry, a former military pilot, is receiving an award that has gone to the first astronauts … and Tom Cruise.
  35. early and often
    Trump Floats Ridiculous Nikki Haley Birther ConspiracyOne of the 2024 GOP candidates may not be eligible for the presidency, but it’s definitely not Nikki Haley.
  36. tremendous content
    8 Awful Things Trump Said in Iowa, RankedTrump suggested he was sent by God, went after Lincoln for failing to stop the Civil War, and said Iowans have to “get over” a school shooting.
  37. tremendous content
    Trump’s Sad New Year’s Eve Featured Vanilla Ice, No MelaniaMelania and Ivanka skipped the Mar-a-Lago New Year’s party, so Trump rang in 2024 with a Ninja Turtle and his Diet Coke valet.
  38. tremendous content
    8 Bizarre Lessons Kids Can Learn From Letters to TrumpIs Trump’s coffee-table book really appropriate for all ages? Only if you’re okay with exposing kids to wacky takes on Nixon, Xi, and Giuliani.
  39. year in review
    The Wackiest Political Stories of 2023From Lauren Boebert’s steamy Beetlejuice date to Ron DeSantis’s pudding fingers, U.S. politics had another bizarre trip around the sun.
  40. just checking in
    So What Is Rudy Giuliani Up to These Days?Trump’s former attorney has been keeping busy by fighting with civilians, getting sued repeatedly, and declaring bankruptcy.
  41. early and often
    26 Not-Fun Facts About Speaker Mike JohnsonThere’s not much to like unless you’re an election denier who blames most of America’s problems on abortion and homosexuality.
  42. tremendous content
    ‘Melania Knows’ Banner Isn’t a Sky-Worthy Trump InsultWhy go through the trouble of flying a banner over an Iowa Trump rally if the message makes no sense?
  43. tremendous content
    Trump Store: Nothing Says ‘Merry Christmas’ Like a Mug ShotCelebrate Jesus’s birth with holiday gear featuring the slogan “NEVER SURRENDER” and a photo of Trump surrendering in a Santa hat.
  44. de mayor
    De Blasio’s Fling With a Married Woman Is the Year’s Messiest StoryDid a Michigan man find out he’s getting a divorce, and that his wife’s new man is the former mayor, from the New York Post? Maybe!
  45. better know a billionaire
    The Craziest Features of Mark Zuckerberg’s Secret Hawaii CompoundThe Facebook founder has taken over part of Kauai to build a huge lair, complete with hidden doors, an underground bunker, and a luxury Ewok village.
  46. tremendous content
    Trump Spent Legal Defense Fund Money at Mar-a-LagoThe funds were supposed to go toward Trump’s allies, but he seems content to spend it at his own club as Rudy Giuliani drowns in legal bills.
  47. tremendous content
    Trump Selling Pieces of His Mug-Shot Suit Is Weird on So Many LevelsSpend $4,653 on ludicrous Trump NFTs, get a trading card featuring an actual piece of the suit he wore in his mug shot.
  48. tremendous content
    Trump Features His Favorite Person on His Phone-Lock ScreenYep, it’s Donald Trump.
  49. ink-stained wretches
    Why Time ‘Person of the Year’ Taylor Swift Is Wearing a CatHere are answers to all your questions about America’s foremost cat lady, and how Benjamin Button landed his first magazine cover.
  50. tremendous content
    Where’s Melania? Hanging Out With Trump’s Foes at the National Archives.She’ll speak at an immigrant naturalization ceremony hosted by the agency that asked the Justice Department to investigate her husband.
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