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Senior Editor, Intelligencer

Margaret Hartmann is a senior editor for Intelligencer. She has worked at New York since 2012.

  1. elon musk
    Welcome to Elon Musk’s TwitterHours into Musk’s term as “Chief Twit,” Trump is insisting he’ll stay on Truth Social and Twitter is no more a “hellscape” than it ever was.
  2. tremendous content
    Why DeSantis Isn’t Invited to Trump’s Florida Rally: 5 TheoriesThe Ron DeSantis snub could be a mail mishap or a Tom Brady–related faux pas. Or maybe Donald Trump just hates the Florida governor.
  3. tremendous content
    Ivanka Trump and Kim Kardashian Denounce Kanye West via PR DinnerKim had a public outing with Ivanka (whose family was attacked by Kim’s ex Ye), because releasing a statement would’ve been too easy.
  4. tremendous content
    Trump Was Betrayed by His Diet Coke ValetThe aide who told the Feds that Trump had him move documents at Mar-a-Lago was reportedly his valet. Et tu, guy who manned the Diet Coke button?
  5. tremendous content
    Watch Ted Cruz Get Booed, Heckled Mercilessly by Yankees FansDuring Sunday night’s loss, New Yorkers found catharsis in loudly informing the senator that he’s a “loser” who should “go back to Cancún.”
  6. tremendous content
    Tom Brady Texting Ron DeSantis Is Trump’s Nightmare Come TrueWhen it comes to humiliating Trump, Brady is truly the GOAT.
  7. tremendous content
    Politicians’ Cringey Taylor Swift References, RankedOfficials from Ted Cruz to Elizabeth Warren have cited the Midnights artist. These nine moments should keep them up in the middle of the night.
  8. tremendous content
    Jared’s ‘Best-selling’ Book Could Be a Trump Fundraising SchemeJared and Ivanka hawked $75 signed copies of Breaking History to Trump donors soon after Save America PAC made several bulk book purchases.
  9. the internet
    Kanye to Buy Parler, Keep Posting Dark Twisted Social-Media RantsAfter his suspension from other sites for antisemitism, Ye said he’s buying Parler to ensure conservatives can “freely express ourselves.”
  10. royals
    King Charles Doesn’t Care for Liz Truss, Isn’t Afraid to Show ItKing Charles III didn’t conceal his lack of enthusiasm for the new prime minister, greeting her with a “Dear, oh dear.”
  11. january 6 hearings
    Turns Out the Secret Service Repeatedly Defied Trump on January 6The next 1/6 hearing plans to show agents conferred to make sure everyone was disobeying Trump to keep him away from the attack on the Capitol.
  12. tremendous content
    Trump Accuses George H.W. Bush of Hiding Papers in a Bowling AlleyHis latest defense for why he had classified documents at Mar-a-Lago: All the other presidents were doing it.
  13. tremendous content
    The Rock Ends Theoretical Presidential Bid to Spend More Time With FamilyDwayne Johnson says the campaign he’s been publicly toying with for years is now “off the table.” Was his imaginary run felled by made-up scandals?
  14. tremendous content
    Joe Biden’s Hot-Mic Moments, RankedPerhaps “No one f- - -ks with a Biden,” as the president said, but a live microphone can certainly trip him up.
  15. tremendous content
    Bonkers Revelations From Maggie Haberman’s Trump Book, RankedIf you want more information on Trump being weird with toilets and belittling Jared Kushner, Confidence Man has you covered.
  16. tremendous content
    The Fetterman Campaign Should Just Hire Dr. OzOz created a new slogan for his opponent, saying his hoodies show that “he’s kicking authority in the balls.”
  17. tremendous content
    Even Donald Trump’s Family Barely Uses Truth SocialTrump should blame himself for the social-media site’s legal and financial woes. But if he’d rather find a scapegoat he doesn’t need to look far.
  18. tremendous content
    Mehmet Oz: Buying a House for $1 Is Shameful (Unless My Family Does It)The Republican Senate candidate picked the wrong detail to use against his opponent, John Fetterman.
  19. tremendous content
    Trump Burdened by Power to Declassify Documents With His MindHeavy is the head that wears the MAGA hat.
  20. explainer
    Let’s Get to Know Space Force, Trump’s Most Misunderstood CreationDespite Trump’s misleading hype and the constant sci-fi jokes, the newest military branch has a serious mission (though it’s still a bit funny).
  21. royals
    Sorry, Americans, But King Charles May Hate UsFrom fixing him up with Nixon’s daughter to staging the Princess Diana–John Travolta dance, we’ve often shown him a bad time.
  22. tremendous content
    Trump Asked Diet Coke Valet for 2020 Election AdviceThe former president hoped his red Oval Office button could quench his thirst for a plan to keep Joe Biden out of the White House too.
  23. royals
    Queen Elizabeth’s Awkward Visits With U.S. Presidents, RankedMany presidents made fools of themselves on royal visits, from making the monarch hang out in a MLB dugout to kissing the Queen Mother on the lips.
  24. early and often
    The FBI Found Those Nuclear Documents Trump Called a ‘Hoax’He asked, “Whatever happened to NUCLEAR.” He just got his answer.
  25. tremendous content
    Trump Tried to Pay His Lawyer With a Horse and I Have Some QuestionsA forthcoming book claims Trump once tried his hand at bartering a stallion, only to be told “This isn’t the 1800s.”
  26. tremendous content
    Trump’s Gossip on Macron’s Sex Life Can’t Be That GoodOne of the papers seized in the Mar-a-Lago raid contains “info re: President of France.” But could Trump really keep “tawdry” Macron dirt to himself?
  27. tremendous content
    Should I Follow Jared’s Plan to ‘Live Forever’ or Trump’s?Jared Kushner is staying fit because we’re the “last generation that’s going to die.” Anti-exercise guru Donald Trump says he’s dead wrong.
  28. tremendous content
    Mehmet Oz Is Trying to Fat-Shame His Way Into the SenateOz has been portraying Fetterman as fat and unhealthy for weeks. Now he says the Democrat wouldn’t have had a stroke if “he’d ever eaten a vegetable.”
  29. tremendous content
    Trump to ‘Save America’ by Putting Portrait in SmithsonianSurprise, Save America PAC donors! Your money is going toward portraits of Donald and Melania for the National Portrait Gallery.
  30. tremendous content
    All the Juicy Gossip From Jared Kushner’s BookBreaking History, the forthcoming memoir from the former First Son-in-Law/top Trump adviser, is brimming with dirt, jabs, and score settling.
  31. early and ofen
    Why Ivana Trump Was Buried at Bedminster Golf Course: 3 TheoriesWith his ex-wife’s burial in a simple grave, Trump’s weird 15-year dream of turning his New Jersey property into a cemetery has come true.
  32. early and often
    Who Is This Succession-Themed Adam Laxalt Attack Ad For?The target appears to be Succession-obsessed media types like me, but there’s one problem: I can’t help but love every awful member of the Roy clan.
  33. tremendous content
    A Guide to the Many Houses Mehmet Oz Forgot He OwnsThe Pennsylvania GOP Senate candidate recently said, “Legitimately, I own two houses.” He lost track of a few mansions.
  34. just checking in
    So What Is Rudy Giuliani Up to These Days?Trump’s former attorney has been keeping busy by dealing with January 6–related legal woes, making weird videos, and arguing with parade hecklers.
  35. tremendous content
    11 Questions About the Dr. Oz Crudités VideoPaying too much to dip raw asparagus in salsa may not be a relatable problem for Pennsylvania voters.
  36. tremendous content
    Trump Raid Can Satisfy Your O.J. Simpson–Scandal NostalgiaThe latest sign the ’90s are back: a divisive scandal that ends with a guy going down for stealing his own memorabilia.
  37. early and often
    Trump, Who Once Said ‘the Mob Takes the Fifth,’ Takes the FifthThe former president says he has finally learned about the value of the Fifth Amendment after repeatedly mocking people who invoke it.
  38. early and often
    Photos of Trump Notes in Toilet Were Better Left to the ImaginationReporters were so preoccupied with whether they could find these pictures that they didn’t stop to think if they should.
  39. early and often
    Donald Trump Is a Die-Hard Tom Brady–Ivanka ShipperFor 18 years, he’s been talking about how he could’ve had a Super Bowl–winning son-in-law instead of Jared Kushner.
  40. early and often
    The Wildest Revelations From the January 6 CommitteeIn hearings and press reports, witnesses accused Trump of approving of the “hang Pence” chant and attempting to join the mob at the Capitol.
  41. january 6 hearings
    Watch Josh Hawley Run From January 6 Rioters He Cheered OnDuring the eighth January 6 hearing, the committee dragged the senator by airing slow-motion footage of him fleeing from the mob he’d just riled up.
  42. early and often
    Representative Lee Zeldin Attacked Onstage During Campaign SpeechThe attacker said “You’re done” as he tried to stab Zeldin, the Republican running for governor of New York. Zeldin was unharmed.
  43. sharks
    Long Island Shark-Attack Story Is Summer News at Its FinestThis story has everything: badass sea life, mild gore, responsive politicians, useful safety tips, and defiant New Yorkers.
  44. early and often
    Trump Is Still Trying to Overturn Biden’s 2020 WinThe former president called Wisconsin’s Republican Assembly Speaker earlier this month and urged him to decertify Biden’s win in the state.
  45. legend of zeldin
    Zeldin: Gee, Where Did These 13K Duplicate Signatures Come From?The Republican candidate for New York governor was denied an additional ballot line after election administrators found 12,868 photocopied signatures.
  46. early and often
    Obama Picked Weird Time to Send Ronny Jackson a Stern EmailYears after the ex–White House physician was accused of a wide range of inappropriate behavior, Obama rebuked him for a tweet about Biden.
  47. early and often
    Jill Biden Apologizes to Latino Community for ‘Breakfast Tacos’ CommentBe best, Jill.
  48. early and often
    Read the Nastiest Lines From Trump’s $75 Burn BookThe cash-grab coffee-table book Our Journey Together is filled with mean captions written by Trump himself. Here are his most unpresidential musings.
  49. early and often
    Shinzo Abe, Former Prime Minister of Japan, Is AssassinatedAbe, Japan’s longest-serving prime minister, died after he was shot twice while delivering a campaign speech. A suspect has been arrested.
  50. early and often
    Trump Is Selling Signed Copies of His Picture Book for $999The possibly leather-bound “special edition” of Our Journey Together comes with Don Jr.’s book, a MAGA hat, and a 435 percent markup.
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