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  1. stay tuned
    Could There Be a #TGIT Crossover Episode? Your Pressing TV Questions, AnsweredPlus: Which X-Files episodes can I skip?
  2. the vulture tv podcast
    When Is TV Best Watched With Others?Plus: an extended dining metaphor about shows like Quantico and Empire that just give you the damn food.
  3. hot for teacher
    Here’s the Craziest Thing That Happened in Shondaland Last NightEggs 911: WTF are we doing in a club?
  4. tv review
    ABC’s Quantico Is Familiar in All the Right WaysGrey’s Anatomy at the FBI, in a good way.
  5. tv review
    The Player Is Playing a Dumb GameThe Player might not be the dumbest show of all time … but it’s up there. 
  6. tv review
    We Deserve Better Than Rosewood Come on.
  7. stay tuned
    What Should I Watch While I’m in Labor? Your Pressing TV Questions, AnsweredPlus: What if Lost has left me with commitment issues?
  8. fall tv 2015
    Scream Queens and Heroes: Haven’t We Met?What kind of deal do we strike with familiar shows?
  9. the vulture tv podcast
    Which Network-TV Shows Have a Pulse This Fall?And which are DOA?
  10. tv review
    Limitless Is a Fine-Enough Show With Seemingly Limited AmbitionANOTHER CBS COP SHOW. Good grief.
  11. emmys 2015
    Here’s to the Least Cynical Emmys … EverThis is supposed to be fun, right?
  12. tv review
    Blindspot’s Blind Spot Is Its Use of Women As PropsThere should be more to this show.
  13. emmys 2015
    The Highs and Lows of the 2015 EmmysWas this the sweetest Emmys ever?
  14. and the winner should be
    Emmys 2015: Who Should Win in the Drama Races?What’s Jon Hamm gotta do to win a damn Emmy already? 
  15. Emmys 2015: Who Should Win TV-Movie and Limited-Series Races?Olive Kitteridge, ladies and germs.
  16. and the winner should be
    Emmys 2015: Who Should Win in the Comedy Races?It’s time to give Kate McKinnon an Emmy.
  17. tv review
    Life in Pieces Falls ApartWhy is everyone on this comedy so miserable?
  18. emmys 2015
    Defunct Emmy Categories, Through the YearsRIP, Best Comedian.
  19. and the winner should be
    Emmys 2015: Who Should Win the Variety and Reality Races?Could Drunk History win?
  20. stay tuned
    Why Doesn’t Scrubs Get Any Respect?Plus: Is a Hulu subscription worth it?
  21. emmys 2015
    Is Jon Hamm Ever Going to Win an Emmy?He’s 0-14 going into Sunday.
  22. the vulture tv podcast
    Do Networks Have Personalities? Plus what to expect from FX’s The Bastard Executioner.
  23. stay tuned
    Are Any of the New Fall Shows Good? Your Pressing TV Questions, AnsweredPlus: Should I watch How I Met Your Mother even though I know the ending sucked?
  24. wishes
    Make Keegan-Michael Key Our Next Rom-Com Leading ManPlaying House is proof enough.
  25. the vulture tv podcast
    The Best Twists in TV HistoryAll the times TV really messed with our minds.
  26. stay tuned
    The 100 TV Dramas Everyone Should WatchFor complete cultural literacy.
  27. secret history of television
    How Superhero Shows Escaped Their Awkward Phase and Became a Force on TVOur latest episode of “Vulture’s Secret History of Television.”
  28. be yourself
    Bill Nye Had a Ball on Whose Line Is It Anyway?The man loves to dance.
  29. the vulture tv podcast
    Where Could Hannibal Go in a Potential Fourth Season?And do we really need another season?
  30. vulture lists
    Every Netflix Original Series, RankedOITNB! BoJack! Uh … Hemlock Grove!
  31. tv review
    Netflix’s Narcos Is Addictive, Smart EntertainmentIt’s also TV’s most of-the-moment show.
  32. stay tuned
    Should I Watch FTWD If I Gave Up on TWD?Plus: Are there “red flag” shows and fandoms?
  33. secret history of television
    Secret History of TV: What Are the Best and Worst Musical Episodes?Watch our latest “Secret History of Television.”
  34. the vulture tv podcast
    The Art of a Kickass TV PilotAnd why Fear the Walking Dead is the McDonald’s of zombie lore.
  35. strong suggestions
    5 Shows to Carry You Through the End of SummerThere’s still so much TV!
  36. baby names
    What FTWD Gets Wrong About the Name MadisonGirls were not named Madison before 1984.
  37. tv review
    Fear the Banality of Fear the Walking DeadTWD’s spinoff is as hollow as its predecessor.
  38. series premieres
    Can an Oddball Be the Star of a TV Show?What happens when everything feels like a wacky aside?
  39. stay tuned
    How Do I Deal With So Many Shows? Your Pressing TV Questions, AnsweredWe’ve lost TV as a general option for ingroup/outgroup signaling.
  40. dreams
    How Long Should a TV Season Be?Longer.
  41. braiiiins
    What Fear the Walking Dead Can Learn From TWDNO CARL.
  42. the vulture tv podcast
    Show Me a Hero Is a Hiccup Away From a DocumentaryDoes it work narratively?
  43. hometown pride
    Watch the Stars of Show Me a Hero Say ‘Yonkers’ Over and OverLocation, location, location.
  44. the future is now
    Mr. Robot and the Delicate Art of TV TwistsNot just a surprising development. A twist.
  45. in memoriam
    May the Angels Lead You to Dog Heaven, UggieWe’ll see you on the rainbow bridge.
  46. stay tuned
    How Do I Explain Liking The Big Bang Theory?Plus: Are there any good soaps out there these days?
  47. secret history of television
    Secret History of TV: The Rise of the SpinoffFind out in Vulture’s “Secret History of Television.”
  48. the vulture tv podcast
    Why Mr. Robot Succeeds Where True Detective FailsAnd what’s a cinematic TV show, anyway?
  49. recommended viewing
    Slings and Arrows Is the Show Rachel McAdams (and All of Us) DeservedOh, Canada.
  50. season finales
    The Winners and Losers of True Detective Season TwoCary Fukunaga: Winner! Vince Vaughn? Err …
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