Maria Tallarico

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    Everything You Need to Set Up a Montessori Method–Approved Playroom at HomeIncluding a work mat, wooden blocks, bird footprint stamps, and alphabet books.
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    My Boys Turned Off Fortnite to Make Movies With These Simple, Legolike ToysMy 5-year-old liked the tactical aspect of their moving parts; my 8-year-old liked the promise of being able to share their films on social media.
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    I Loved This Jumpsuit. Then I Lost It. Then It Was Discontinued. Now It’s Back.“But would the 2.0 version let me down? Was I putting too much pressure on a humble staple?”
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    Why Is Seemingly Every Stylish Baby Girl Wearing a Top Knot?It’s better looking than your standard beanie, and way more subtle than a headpiece with an oversized bow.
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    Goop Is Looking for People to Work at Its Vancouver Summit for FreeThere’s no pay, but think of all the wellness you’ll soak up!
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    Gwyneth Paltrow Inspired My Kitchen-Cabinet Lazy SusanIt gives me access to everything without having to dump anything out.
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    I Use This Jade Roller to Get Rid of Puffy FaceIt’s a classic Chinese remedy that’s now a cult beauty tool.