Maridel Reyes

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    Christina Ricci Talks Sixties Fashion at Alexander Wang’s Frat HouseThe star of TV’s Pan Am beat the designer at Playstation last night.
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    Susan Sarandon Confesses She’s Not Any Good at Ping-Pong“It will be the first time I’ve played publicly, and my secret will be out. The secret that I don’t play.”
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    Tavi Gevinson ‘Silently Freaked Out’ While Meeting Anna WintourThe blogger and the editrix meet at last.
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    Celebrity Volcano Slam Poetry!We made Julian Schnabel, Gabriel Byrne, and Sting rap about Eyjafjallajökull.
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    Lady Gaga at the ACE AwardsAnd more from last night’s ACE awards for accessories.
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    Mad Men’s Bryan Batt on Sal’s Uncertain Future“Even through his philandering, they want to love Don. It was like a sucker punch.”
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    Mad Men’s Vincent Kartheiser on Pete’s FutureKartheiser chatted with us about being recognized on the bus and the recent firing of ‘Mad Men’ writer Kater Gordon.
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    Robert Verdi on Jason Wu and the Fashion World ‘Ignoring Gay People’“Most successful gay men don’t uphold, uplift, and celebrate other gay men.”
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    Caroline Kennedy Is Alive, But Stays Quiet on Senate ControversyBut she isn’t getting any Fashion Week invites.
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    Celebs Imperiled at Armani PartyBoredom, PETA protesters, scary stairs: It was not a night for the faint of heart.
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    Madonna, Rihanna, & Lively at the UNICEF LightingWhile Serena was in the bathroom at the Gucci event the other night, Daily Intel and Dan ‘continued relations.’
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    Baldwin on Kissing Aniston in 30 RockHe was joking, people. Joking!
  13. Middler & Griffin at the NY Restoration BnefitThe comedian dresses up as Aunt Sam for Halloween.
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    Celebrities Say It’s Okay to Dress Like a Slut on HalloweenAlbert Hammond Jr., Jackie Astier, Peter Davis, and Kate Schelter all support it.
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    Kelly Cutrone on Her New TV ShowShe also warned Diane Von Furstenberg about MTV camera crews wreaking office havoc.
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    Anne Slowey Thinks Sarah Palin Could Use a Little AirbrushingIn her BRAIN.
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    Gwyneth Steals Mario’s Show, But What About Next Season?While Paltrow hangs with Bono, Batali discusses the challenges of doing a food show in Italy.
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    Eric Benet Says He’s Not a Sex Addict, After AllBut he does wish David Duchovny well with that whole thing.
  19. survival tips
    After the Storm: Tory Burch Survived Deluge by Going BarefootWhen the storm hit, fashionistas were driven to drastic measures.
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    Champion of the Knockoff: ‘Gossip Girl’ Stylist Eric Daman“You can get the Ferragamo knockoff bag at the mall and still look brilliant. And you should.”
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    Happy Birthday, Blake Lively!How are the other kids at Constance Billard and St. Jude’s celebrating Serena’s big day?