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  1. cut covers
    The World Has Finally Caught Up to Jane FondaThe original celebrity activist on regret and radical empathy in the age of Trump.
  2. sexual harassment
    The Powerful Predators on Capitol HillWhy women aren’t speaking up about sexual harassment in Washington.
  3. Federal Employees Discuss the Ethics of Sticking It Out With Trump’s GovernmentStay in an attempt to influence a hostile administration, or go when your personal red line is crossed?
  4. profile
    One Millennial’s Attempt to Be the Youngest Congresswoman in HistoryAlexis Frank, a 26-year-old political novice, never considered vying for Congress — until she saw Hillary Clinton lose.
  5. How Social Media Is Helping Washington Search for Its Missing Black TeensBlack teens go missing at a disproportionate rate — and the problem isn’t limited to D.C.
  6. D.C.’s Liberal Civil Servants Are Horrified at the Prospect of Life Under TrumpThey are wrestling with the question of whether to quit as an act of conscience, or stay and fight for their values.
  7. The Alt-Right Gives a Press ConferenceThe leaders of the movement make their case for Trump and a new politics of the white race.
  8. campaigns
    Michelle Kwan Is Working for Hillary ClintonYes, that Michelle Kwan.
  9. The Olympics’ Refugee Team Is a Triumph — Even If Its Members Don’t WinA first-ever appearance at the Olympics.
  10. who run the world (girls)
    A 9-Year-Old Reporter on the Pressures of Fame and a 4-Book DealAbout the importance of journalism, the pressures of fame, and her four-book deal.
  11. Russian Whistle-blower Yulia Stepanova and the Olympic Anti-Doping FarceRevealing the cracks in the system that’s supposed to protect the integrity of the Games.
  12. The Disaster OlympicsWhy everyone is bracing for the worst in Rio de Janeiro.
  13. Everyone Hates Debbie Wasserman SchultzA brief explainer.
  14. The House GOP Is Already Falling in Line Behind TrumpThey just have to get through their “process.”
  15. politics
    Down the Stretch in the Priciest House PrimaryWill Jawando has a biography — and political talent — reminiscent of Obama’s. That might not be enough in a crowded suburban-D.C. primary. 
  16. good causes
    Meet the Women Working to Take Down TrumpFrom the super-pac leaders to the parody Twitter creators.
  17. early and often
    Imagining President Trump: A ConversationNew York Magazine’s team of political writers game out the once-fantastical but now quite possible prospect of a Trump presidency.
  18. cut cover story
    Does Encouraging Suicide Make You a Killer?A teenager sent her depressed boyfriend hundreds of messages prodding him to kill himself. Now she’s been charged with manslaughter.
  19. scouting
    Is There a ‘Next Obama’ on the Democratic Party Bench?These ten young Democrats have unusual ambition, an inspiring life story, a gift for public oratory, or some combination of the three.
  20. How Did Bernie Sanders Turn Grumpiness Into Charm?It was no accident, though Larry David didn’t hurt.
  21. campus politics
    Why Hillary Clinton Can’t Seem to Win Over Young WomenComments from Clinton surrogates exposed a deep generational divide.
  22. encounter
    Loretta Lynch Isn’t Giving In to FearThe attorney general is much like her boss: She refuses to freak out.
  23. Marijuana Is Now Legal in Washington, D.C. — So Why Is No One Acting Like It?Welcome to the world’s least-fun cannabis mecca.
  24. politics
    Is Trey Gowdy a Fair Man in an Unfair Town?The chair of the Benghazi Committee on off-message Republicans, the nightmare of conducting an investigation in Congress, and why he won’t be in D.C. five years from now.
  25. early and often
    How Bobby Jindal and a Decade-Old Sex Scandal Might Bring Down David VitterThe scandal-plagued senator, who’s running for Louisiana governor, may have finally met his match.
  26. politics
    Why Jim Webb Was DoomedToday’s presidential-campaign-ending announcement is the most attention he’s gotten.
  27. encounter
    Talking Hillary and Trump With Michael DukakisA man who learned the hard way that politics sometimes means dealing with trash.
  28. The GOP’s Descent Into AnarchyTruly, no one is running the party that controls the legislature of the world’s most powerful country.
  29. John Boehner’s Resignation Is Bad for EveryoneHe was a self-described prisoner. Who else will be willing to put up with that kind of confinement?
  30. The Toughest Job in Washington? Being a Pope Francis Protestor Some victims of sexual abuse think Francis isn’t doing enough.
  31. encounter
    This Activist Thinks Politics Needs More MoneyOtherwise, how will Dan Backer stop Hillary?
  32. early and often
    How Ben Carson Surged by Staying Under the RadarSince he doesn’t act like a politician and won’t attack his fellow candidates, no one has figured out how to stop him.
  33. politics
    Ted Cruz Is the Only GOP Candidate Who Knows How to Handle Donald TrumpAnd it’s all part of his master plan.
  34. first person
    Is There Any Good Way to Go Gray in Your 20s?If so, I haven’t found it.
  35. ballpark frankness
    Drinking Beer With Senator Claire McCaskill“I get in trouble all the time for saying what I think. All. The. Time.”
  36. Mike Elk on Trying to Unionize Politico“Unfortunately, the anti-union forces in the newsroom have tried to make the union drive all about me.”
  37. presidential diets
    The Politics of Presidential DietingProving fitness is more important for male candidates than ever before. But the Iowa State Fair presents a conundrum.
  38. by the numbers
    Everyone Is Already Freaking Out Over the 2016 Election PollsPoll data has become increasingly unreliable, yet campaigns will depend on it more than ever in 2016. Just ask the Republicans who won’t be on that debate stage Thursday night.
  39. early and often
    The Draft Joe Biden Effort Rides On, Despite No Signal From the VPArmed with bumper stickers and a cardboard cutout, one small super-PAC is hoping to nudge the VP into the race.
  40. Black Lives Movement Is Altering Democratic RaceA shift in strategy — and agenda — after both Bernie Sanders and Martin O’Malley’s campaign events were interrupted.
  41. 2016
    Chris Christie’s Impossible Candidacy He’s betting all his chips on a long-shot win in New Hampshire.
  42. congress
    The Trade Vote Reignited the War Within the House GOPAfter passing a trade bill, the GOP moves to crack down on dissenters.
  43. How Obama Learned to ‘Politicize’ ShootingsAfter Sandy Hook, he got more forceful about gun violence.
  44. politics
    The Tea-Party Suicide That Has the Right ReelingThe aftershocks of Mark Mayfield’s death in Mississippi.
  45. politics
    A Tea-Party Suicide That Left the Right ReelingThe aftershocks of Mark Mayfield’s death in Mississippi.
  46. early and often
    Hillary Makes Her CaseAt her first big campaign event, she insists that it’s about you, not her.
  47. Martin O’Malley Gives Hillary Clinton Someone Else to Run AgainstThe third entrant in the Democratic primary faces an uphill struggle to define himself with voters.
  48. politics
    Where Is Scott Walker?The Iowa front-runner has been ducking press appearances in favor of controlled, private events.
  49. Rubio Is Trying to Be 2016’s Most Exciting HawkThough throughout his Senate career, his views sometimes aligned with President Obama’s.
  50. careers
    Where Did Penelope Trunk Go Wrong?She used to be the career guru my friends and I trusted.
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