Marion Maneker

  1. Bernie Madoff Is Actually Quite BoringJust read some of his new biographies.
  2. The Gist: Damien Hirst’s ‘Beautiful Inside My Head Forever’ SaleThe art world is currently obsessing over Damien Hirst’s Sotheby’s sale in London (September 15 and 16). Don’t they auction his work all the tim […]
  3. The Gist: What Will $70 Million Get You in the Art Market These Days?There are not many artists who can command that kind of price. You’re basically talking about Picasso, Rothko, Warhol, de Kooning, and … Bacon.
  4. Just BusinessThe fall of book publishing’s last don.
  5. The Gist: Why Fauvism Is the Art World’s New ImpressionismYou might not think so when you read headlines about a Van Gogh failing to sell at auction, but Impressionist and modern art are booming alongsi […]
  6. Watching Paint FryArt adviser Kim Heirston has helped old money and new get into the market. Does she sense a correction? Well, yes, but…
  7. Early BidsHandicapping next week’s contemporary art auctions.
  8. Man of the WorldNewsweek columnist Fareed Zakaria has the perfect intellectual pedigree (Indian-born, educated at Harvard, conservative) for a fast-cha […]
  9. Modern LovePrices didn’t crash (as feared) at the contemporary-art auctions. But if Warhol’s the new Picasso, who’s the new Warhol?
  10. Books SmartPost-Tina, Talk survivor Jonathan Burnham keeps synergy alive.
  11. Suburban CowboyWhen the price for a West Village three-bedroom (not to mention tuition for two) gets to be too much, there’s always the ‘burbs, right? But whic […]
  12. Sexy CauseMeet the new face of the anti-globalization movement.
  13. Horror ShowsHow the culture industry is grappling with September 11.
  14. Ouest Side StoryStaking out the culinary wilderness north of Lincoln Center, Chef Tom Valenti is serving the west side’s A-List a menu that’s equal parts comfor […]
  15. Down and Out at DavosPoor Michael Dell. At the Waldorf, even VIPs had trouble getting into the confabs.
  16. Now for the Grann FinalePhyllis Grann turned Putnam into the most profitable publisher in town. But she quit in a huff and took a mysterious new job at Random House. Do […]
  17. Stars and (Maybe) StripesA crime doesn’t really make great dinner-party conversation until it shows up in that chronicle of marquee names caught doing gutter deeds, “Dom […]
  18. The Secret Life of Alfred TaubmanWould you die of shame if your Palm Pilot were projected on a multiplex-size screen in open court? It didn’t seem to bother Sotheby’s former hea […]
  19. The Bell Tolls for Taubman“I don’t have much business right now,” one art consultant said confidentially to another at the Phillips auction house’s party for the Smooke C […]
  20. Yacht ClubEvery summer weekend, a couple dozen of the city’s most successful men battle for big-boat supremacy in the waters from Manhattan to Newport. An […]
  21. The King James VersionCritic James Wolcott, the reigning monarch of the literary put-down, is about to publish his first novel, and legions of his victims are already […]
  22. Prosper’s BooksProsper Assouline is building a publishing empire one high-society, style-obsessed picture book at a time. Who says publishers have to be boring […]
  23. Pond MemoriesFull-service resorts on Cape Cod are rare but not extinct
  24. Brief EncountersAre you man enough to carry a tote bag? Of course you are! Lose that ratty messenger bag you’ve been carting since college and get carried away.
  25. Connery RowOn Her Majesty’s Secret Service: 007’s perfect Bermuda vacation
  26. House CleaningLittle, Brown publisher Sarah Crichton was just replaced by Michael Pietsch, leaving everyone to wonder if the publishing house is being Warner-ized.
  27. Publishing: Agent ProvocateurKeen publishing eyes have been watching William Morris for the past few months. There was the bloodletting in June and July, when the agency’s 8 […]
  28. Publishing: How Green Was My ValleyHere’s a familiar publishing fairy tale: Bright young writer puts out a few impressive magazine pieces on a buzzworthy topic; masterful agent se […]
  29. Penguin Looks“Black tie” no longer means having to dress like a head waiter – it doesn’t even mean having to wear a tie. A guide to buying the tuxedo that s […]
  30. Publishing: Harcourt Braces Itself“The pressures on big publishers,” says consultant Michael Shatzkin, “are such that any way they can add revenue is attractive. There is a deart […]
  31. Publishing: A House DividedRandom House made a quiet announcement two weeks ago that it had hired Viking Penguin editorial director Ivan Held to be the publisher of a new […]
  32. Books: Publishing Prince Turns PageLast week’s news that Random House VP and senior editor Jonathan Karp was quitting the book business for movies had a number of publishers nonpl […]
  33. Media: A Cunning SubjectHas the Style section’s street-fashion report become a one-man photo festival? How one man became Bill Cunningham’s muse.
  34. Fall Preview: BooksThe Mineral PalaceHeidi Julavits is this year’s hype winner. But the first novel, with a reported half-million-dollar advance, will surprise eve […]
  35. Shirt TalesIs your dry cleaner ruining your shirts? A trip inside the local laundry uncovers clothes in peril.
  36. Dress ReversalThe advent of “business casual” has sent a shock wave through the French-cuffed corridors of New York’s corporate elite. Here’s help.
  37. Just Suit MeIt’s never too late to overcome sartorial ignorance. And right now, at the made-to-measure trunk shows, class is in session.
  38. At Close RangeLearn to shoot like a country squire in Millbrook, New York
  39. Collar CommentaryThe days of the comfortingly drab corporate uniform are gone. Show that you’re hip to the dressed-down office without stooping to chinos.
  40. Marital BlissWhat does a $23 billion multinational like Bernard Arnault’s LVMH see in a small, New York-based beauty company like Bliss Spa? The start of a b […]
  41. Store WarsThe Internet strikes back: Is it really worth logging on just to rent a movie? thinks so – and it’s only one of the companies banking […]
  42. Shooting PartyShotgun championships in Millbrook are more about tam-o’-shanters than about targets.