Marisa Bowe

  1. casinos
    The Casino Dealer Whose Regulars Don’t Seem to Enjoy Gambling“You wonder why is someone going to do something every day or every week when all they’re doing is complaining about not winning.”
  2. The Ben & Jerry’s Marketer Who Thinks an Ice-Cream Company Can Change the World“We’re trying to create a new model for how businesses can use their voice to have an impact on important social movements.”
  3. The Credit-Card Sales Director Who Finally Feels Like He’s a Success“The evolution of the small-business customer accepting electronic payments has really driven the business over the last 10, 12 years.”
  4. A Scotch a DaySocial drinking may—or may not—be bad for one’s health, but for New Yorkers it has other, essential benefits.
  5. Decadent FlowerCultivating exotic blooms in urban spaces.
  6. advertising
    The CEO Who Wants to Hear the Opinion of Everyone in the Room“What’s fantastic about work nowadays is that young people have skills that anyone a year older than them doesn’t have.”