Mark Fass

  1. Crotch-Grabbing Hermès Heir to Fly AgainMathias Guerrand-Hermès must leave a deposit, and keep his hands to himself.
  2. geniuses
    Mon Dieu! Cocky Hermès Heir Arrested for Drunkenness, Crotch-GrabbingHermès fashion-house heir Mathias Guerrand-Hermès got into a soupçon of trouble on an Air France flight to JFK last night. Which goes to show that you should really never fly commercial.
  3. New MoneyCondé Nast’s Portfolio might be the last big magazine launch ever. So why are so many people hoping it fails? “We’re going to make it w […]
  4. Last Seen On September 10thA young doctor goes missing. No body, few clues. Her family believes she died a hero in the World Trade Center, but cops tell a ve […]
  5. Senile Tycoon Again ‘Kidnapped’!Where’s Dr. Hofmann now?
  6. Hijacking Dr. HofmannWhen Genevieve Pignarre married an heirless millionaire and spirited him off to Paris, was she rescuing him from the clutches of an evil lawyer […]
  7. Escape to Germany?Postelection, citizenship applications from Jewish refugees—and their descendants—are up at the Manhattan consulate.
  8. Underground Voices“Panic control” is key in MTA staffers’ speech training.