Mark Harris

  1. torn up and apart
    The Posters and MeWatching the angry, silent, futile proxy war.
  2. get naked
    Could John Cameron Mitchell’s Joyfully Sexual 2006 Film Shortbus Get Made Today?It didn’t fake the sex, and I was at the tryouts.
  3. happy birthday welcome home
    There’s No Better Place to Be a SociopathJoseph L. Mankiewicz’s All About Eve dares you to make it in New York.
  4. tribute
    The Measureless Influence of Stephen SondheimThere was very little he thought a musical could not do.
  5. the office
    The Exquisite Pleasure of a Dead-End JobThe dirty deeds, office drama, and pay irregularities of a starter job.
  6. oscars 2021
    Who’s Really Winning This Year’s ‘Oddscars’?Establishment Hollywood is in denial.
  7. book excerpt
    Mike Nichols’s HeartburnAfter directing Nora Ephron’s divorce movie, his own breakup — and breakdown — turned out to be around the corner.
  8. in memoriam
    Joan Micklin Silver Had the Movie Career Almost No Woman Was Allowed to HaveAnd yet it was not the career the pathbreaking director of Hester Street and Crossing Delancey deserved.
  9. tv
    The 50-Year-Old Mystery of Why NBC’s Progressive Drama The Senator Got the AxeHal Holbrook’s short-lived series still tells us a lot about today’s politics.
  10. reasons to love new york
    Farewell to La Caridad 78, a Holdout From the Old Upper West SideThe food felt like the good old days and the bad old days of an entire neighborhood — versions of the past that can be challenging to tell apart.
  11. reasons to love new york
    Farewell to La Caridad 78, a Holdout From the Old Upper West SideThe food felt like the good old days and the bad old days of an entire neighborhood — versions of the past that can be challenging to tell apart.
  12. chat room
    Hugh Grant Got the Undoing Ending He WantedThe actor on the original, more ambiguous finale: “I got paranoid. I thought, Is this all about a second series?
  13. friday night movie club
    The Endless Rewards of Rewatching Citizen KaneDo you need to see Citizen Kane to enjoy Mank? No, you don’t — you need to see Citizen Kane, period.
  14. sad news
    David Fincher Confirms the ‘Very Expensive’ Mindhunter Is Done for Now“Maybe in five years,” a Netflix representative added.
  15. movies
    Nerding Out With David FincherThe director talks about the decades-long journey behind Mank, his dense, bitter look at Hollywood history, political power, and the creative act.
  16. tv
    How The Undoing Became Fall’s Biggest Inadvertent Time CapsuleThe HBO drama series, starring Nicole Kidman and Hugh Grant, may be New York City’s last big television production of the pre-COVID days.
  17. movies
    The Boys in the Band Play OnThe pioneering gay drama, long dismissed as a relic of self-hatred, is now a Netflix film that remains brilliantly uncomfortable.
  18. close reads
    The Mod Squad, Kojak, Real-Life Cops, and MeWhat I relearned (about well-meaning liberalism, race, my late father, and my young gay self) rewatching the TV cop shows of my 1970s youth.
  19. the industry
    What If the Movie Studios Decide They Don’t Need Theaters After All?The paired fates of Mulan and Tenet may have far-reaching implications for the industry.
  20. senator joe
    A Musical About Joseph McCarthy Funded By a Scammer Ex-Con. What Could Go Wrong?Well, there’s a reason you haven’t heard of Senator Joe.
  21. movies
    The Neverending Story of Those Neverappearing Avatar SequelsJames Cameron, still stuck in Pandora.
  22. tv
    How Hollywood Studios Are Scrambling to Make TVStudios are racing to figure out how to film before we run out of new shows.
  23. movie review
    The Hamilton Movie Swings Open the Doors of BroadwayThe Disney+ version of the musical is in-your-face at a moment when nothing is allowed to be in your face.
  24. gone with the wind
    The Absolutist Case for Problematic Pop CultureAs HBO Max temporarily removes Gone With the Wind, we should all cast a skeptical glance at gestures that cost nobody a dime and change nothing.
  25. remembrances
    Larry Kramer’s InheritanceAn intergenerational conversation about what he meant and means.
  26. the longest lives
    Our Fragile GerontocracyOld people have never been so powerful — or, now, so vulnerable.
  27. close reads
    I Read Woody Allen’s Memoir So You Don’t Have ToFirst off, there are two short passages that will forever change the way I think about him. I cannot unread, unhear, unknow them. I wish I could.
  28. theater
    How Can Broadway Recover From This Pandemic?Lower ticket prices? Reconfiguring the theaters for social distanced entertaining? When will the tourists return?
  29. vulture recommends
    Introducing Six Degrees of One Kevin Bacon Movie, a New Quarantine GameWe asked our film writers to start with Mystic River and work their way through five more titles … ending on another Kevin Bacon movie.
  30. vulture recommends
    Which of These Four Types of Self-Quarantine Streamer Are You?And introducing: the six degrees of Netflix game.
  31. oscars 2019
    The Oscars Made Progress This Year (But Green Book Was Still a Bad Choice)You will pry the right of an Oscar voter to support a 1986-style quasi-liberal brotherhood-of-man movie out of their cold dead fingers.
  32. movies
    The Matrix Built Our Reality-Denying WorldIt gave all of us — including Alex Jones, flat-earthers, lizard-people conspiracists, even Rachel Maddow — a new way to see (or not see) everything.
  33. hollywood signs
    Oscar Nominations: The Academy Is a House DividedFinally, the Oscars look like America: in total disagreement with itself.
  34. movies
    The Best Movies You Can’t See (Yet)The 2018 Black List is a look inside the minds of Hollywood’s next great screenwriters. We turned five of their scripts into comics.
  35. hollywood signs
    Who Was Green Book For?A particular kind of movie about black and white America may have, at long last, run its course.
  36. hollywood signs
    The Matt Damon Kavanaugh Sketch Proves How Hard It Is to Do Politics on SNL NowNot long ago, an event like the Kavanaugh hearing two days before the season premiere would have seemed heaven-sent. Things work differently today.
  37. obits
    Thanks for the Good Times, Neil SimonHe was a comedy king and the most commercially successful Broadway playwright in the history of the form.
  38. hollywood signs
    Disney Should Know the Difference Between James Gunn and RoseanneIn firing Gunn, Disney’s equating the merely tasteless with the actually dangerous.
  39. hollywood signs
    The Oscars Were a Mess, But They (Eventually) Found a MessageIt was awkward and overcalculated, but in its unscripted moments, a theme emerged. (Thanks, Frances McDormand.)
  40. Is It Possible to Predict Best Picture in Our Politically Charged Moment?What will win? And why would it win? This year, it feels like anything could happen.
  41. hollywood signs
    The Globes Were the Season-Two Premiere of Hollywood’s Anti-Trump ResistanceIt wasn’t the most suspenseful or funny show, but it felt cohesive, a glimpse not just at women, but at a community of women working in unison.
  42. how to win an oscar
    To Win an Oscar in 2017, You Have to Make the Movie That Speaks to the MomentBut between Trump, Harvey, and everything else, good luck guessing which moment to speak to.
  43. his city
    New York Still Doesn’t Like Trump, But We Made HimWe didn’t vote for him. But we know that, on some level, he is ours.
  44. hollywood signs
    Jimmy Kimmel Is Scaring Politicians Better Than Anyone Else on TVHe’s the most unlikely spokesman for a nation baffled and frustrated by Trump and the Republican Congress in 2017.
  45. how movies are made now
    Why Is Great Screenplay Writing So Hard to Judge?If directors are always heroes and writers are always hacks, how is it possible to figure out if a script is good?
  46. the culture business
    Taylor Swift’s ‘Look What You Made Me Do’ Is a Pure Piece of Trump-Era Pop ArtThe song is an anthem that turns the abrogation of personal responsibility into a posturing statement of empowerment.
  47. We’re Approaching a Major Turning Point in Trump-Era Pop CultureTrump parallels in movies and TV will soon be intentional instead of just coincidental.
  48. hollywood signs
    Why Is the Edward Albee Estate Afraid of a Black Virginia Woolf?And should playwrights get a posthumous say in who performs their work?
  49. hollywood signs
    Will Hollywood Learn Anything From Get Out’s Success?Over the last two months, the movie has messed with the industry’s head, and with America’s.
  50. comedy
    Donald Trump Is a Gift, and a Quandary, for Late-Night HostsThe new politicization of TV.
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