Mark Jacobson

  1. getting around
    How Will New York Remember the Subway Shooter?The city is lousy with people who do horrible things and pass into legend.
  2. drive me back to my shack
    New York’s Underworld Is World ClassLooking back at Samuel Fuller’s 1953 film Pickup on South Street, which has the best NYC-centric opening sequence in film history.
  3. from the archives
    From the Archives: The Return of SuperflyRevisiting New York’s August 2000 profile of Frank Lucas, once the city’s biggest heroin kingpin, who died on May 30th, 2019.
  4. el chapo
    The Last Day of the Trial of El ChapoA poll on best informant testimony; a moment of female solidarity; an appearance from the actor who plays the drug dealer on Netflix.
  5. in conversation
    Paul Schrader on First Reformed, His Oscar Hopes, and the End of the World“Being an outlier has worked for me, and it’s one of the reasons I have a bookcase full of lifetime-achievement awards, and very few actual awards.”
  6. el chapo
    El Chapo’s Defense Lawyer Knows the Art of Cross-Examining a RatMeet Jeffrey Lichtman, the drug boss’s Brooklyn “mouthpiece.”
  7. trials
    Finally, Some Real Menace Enters the El Chapo CourtroomBut not from the kingpin himself.
  8. el chapo
    The El Chapo Defense: He’s No Kingpin, He’s a HenchmanPlus, a squealing underling, and other recent highlights from the trial.
  9. el chapo
    The El Chapo Trial Is Already a Movie SetThe drug kingpin takes the stage in Brooklyn.
  10. book excerpt
    The Conspiracist Manual That Influenced a Generation of RappersHow Behold a Pale Horse found its way to the Wu-Tang Clan, Mobb Deep’s Prodigy, Busta Rhymes, Tupac Shakur, NAS, and more.
  11. The Story of the Time George Romero Walked Out on a Hollywood ExecWhen the exec answered his phone a third time, Romero turned to me and said, “Let’s go.”
  12. election 2016
    What It Felt Like to Spend Last Night in Trump CountryWith the Trump supporters I couldn’t hate.
  13. Keith Thurman Is Ready for WarIs he boxing’s “next Floyd,” or just a flute-playing Florida nature boy with an impressive knock-out record?
  14. encounter
    Gary Johnson Takes His #NeverTrump Pitch to Times Square“People see the light, sooner or later. I have faith in the American public.”
  15. the sports section
    Remembering Muhammad AliThat time the author and Ali helped a little old lady cross the street. Plus, Dylan, Pryor, and more.
  16. breakfast club
    How Charlamagne Became Tha God of Hip-Hop RadioWhat do Hillary Clinton, Martin Shkreli, and Kanye West have in common? They’ve all been interrogated by Charlamagne, hip-hop’s puckish Howard Stern.
  17. radio
    How Charlamagne Became Tha God of Hip-Hop RadioWhat do Hillary Clinton, Martin Shkreli, and Kanye West have in common? They’ve all been interrogated by Charlamagne, hip-hop’s puckish Howard Stern.
  18. the truth
    Chris Carter Is Still Searching for the TruthAmerican paranoia has only increased since the last time The X-Files was on the air. 
  19. the sports section
    Deontay Wilder Is Making Heavyweight Boxing Fun AgainAnd he wants to be the undisputed champion of the world. 
  20. reasons to love new york
    Inside the Court Where the Presiding Judge Is a TeenagerSince 2011, the Brownsville Youth Court, where local teens volunteer to serve as the judges, juries, and advocates, has heard around 250 cases a year.
  21. feature
    Inside the Brooklyn Uzbek CommunityWhen two young men were arrested en route to Syria, they felt upset, maligned, and only a little sympathetic.
  22. What Everyone Gets Wrong About ’70s New YorkA veteran parses the current nostalgia boom. 
  23. The Conspiracist’s Guide to Osama bin Laden’s BookshelfWas bin Laden a Truther?
  24. the sports section
    From the Archives: The Beloved Anthony MasonMark Jacobson’s 1994 New York profile of the Knicks forward.
  25. politics
    Bernie Sanders for President?Why not try a real socialist for a change.
  26. books
    Fading Sounds and Pictures in Lead Kindly Light“Joyfully relaxed.”
  27. twilight zoning
    The End of UFOsWhy did America lose its fascination with flying saucers?
  28. nostalgia trip
    Mobb Deep Brings It Back HomeAs they play the Queensbridge housing projects.
  29. What Does Godzilla Mean? The Evolution of a Monster MetaphorA recap of the Beast’s many manifestations since he first flattened Tokyo six decades ago.
  30. 65Learning to love middle old age.
  31. music
    The Encyclopedia of New York Pop MusicAn impressionistic, anecdotal, suggestive, but by definition incomplete survey of the past 100 years of New York pop.
  32. 2. Until He Moves Into Gracie Mansion, De Blasio Will Still Be Pumping Iron at the Park Slope YWhat are the chances of seeing the departing mayor in such circumstances, his butt settled on such a public seat?
  33. the sports section
    Zab Judah vs. Paulie Malignaggi: An Old-School Fight for New-School BrooklynThe borough’s rich boxing history lives on.
  34. Harry Truman Ordered This Alien Cover-upThe Majestic 12 and Area 51 / Roswell, NM / 1947
  35. The Illuminati Is Not a Secret Society, It Is Our Governing BodyIt takes no big scramble of the anagrammatic logos to ascertain that the name Blue Ivy, initial product of Jay Z and Beyoncé’s Rosemary’s Baby–l […]
  36. The CIA Can Do Mind ControlMK Ultra / College campuses, for starters / 1953-1973
  37. Crack Is a BioweaponIn 1996, San Jose Mercury News writer Gary Webb published a story saying that the CIA was complicit in selling cocaine to L.A. gangs and “funnel […]
  38. “Huma? Hey, Honey? Was I Happy Before I Started Running for Mayor?”And other questions about the strange (and quite possibly successful) candidacy of a punch line.
  39. Killer Vines!April showers bring May’s invasive species.
  40. movies
    Inside the Crowded Cult of The Shining TheoristsA new documentary explores the meanings that obsessive fans of the film have extracted.
  41. encounter
    Sniping About Lou Reed With John Cale, Experimental Rock’s Eternal Almost-Star41 minutes with the vanguard composer and former Velvet before an orchestra-backed nostalgia-tour stop at BAM.
  42. 22. Because Times Square May Actually Be Better Than Ever.The Deuce, that block of 42nd Street between Seventh and Eighth Avenues, has gone through its changes since the Ku Klux Klan made their triumpha […]
  43. The Free Republic of the RockawaysWhere the storm never ends, anarchy reigns, and people find their own ways to survive.
  44. hurricane sandy
    Ruins, Rumors, and Resilience in RockawayAssessing the damage along the peninsula.
  45. HauntsWhat does the Brooklyn of the new Barclays Center have to do with the Brooklyns that came before it? A native son walks among the ghosts.
  46. The Land That Time and Money ForgotNew York City’s housing projects are the last of their kind in the country. And they may be on their way to extinction.
  47. The Space Shuttle’s Solemn and Sad Flight Over New YorkA dispatch from Red Hook.
  48. morbid anatomy library
    Fire, Flood Threatens a Morbidity Emporium on GowanusA calamity at a museum devoted to death, and related topics.
  49. Queens Beep WeeperMan, Oh, Manes!
  50. The Urbanist’s New OrleansCross-dressing rappers, DIY Bloody Marys, divinely good phô.
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