Mark Jacobson

  1. The $2,000 an-Hour WomanIn the bedroom, Natalia was a superstar, an escort in demand by Wall Street traders and NFL quarterbacks alike. Her boss, Jason Itzler, who c […]
  2. Mr. Times and His Knights of the Square TableCan one streetwise coach and a virtual United Nations of kids from Harlem win a national chess championship?
  3. St. ElsewhereSt. John’s has long been the jewel in the crown of New York City basketball—until a recent string of scandals dimmed its luster. How the […]
  4. Jack Newfield: Four Train GoneThe Brooklyn-born columnist got where he was going by shoe leather and subway. And in his too-short career, every day was judgment day.
  5. Zombie Brains in Brooklyn!Mark Jacobson hits the streets with horror entrepreneur Robert McCorkle.
  6. Firefighters Lost Their Halos.A drunken brawl and a sex scandal made people realize that risking your life to save others doesn’t automatically make you a saint.
  7. L.I.R.R. (Long Island Rock ‘n’ Roll)Long Island, land of lawns and tract homes with—of course—garages, has given birth to the country’s hottest rock-and-roll scene. Just don’t me […]
  8. Lovable Dirty BastardSaying good-bye to the Ringo of rap.
  9. Rock ‘n’ RollJohn Lennon’s 1975 Rock ‘n’ Roll remains one of the Beatle’s more endearing post–Fab Four efforts. Lennon clearly revered enduring influences li […]
  10. Their 9/11 and OursNew Yorkers, mere extras in the GOP’s passion play.
  11. Travels In The United, Divided StatesDo we have Common ground with the delegates who will soon be our guests? A one-man welcome wagon from Brooklyn sets off to find out.
  12. The Boom-Box YearsHow the city lost its soundtrack.
  13. Come TogetherMark Jacobson on how rock’s latest unholy alliance—Sean Lennon and Elizabeth Jagger—has reopened the old Beatles–Rolling […]
  14. Supersize CityHow could it be that there are more McDonald’s here than anywhere else?
  15. Night-Shifting For the Hip FleetIt has been a year since I drove a cab, but the old garage still looks the same.
  16. The Word from the BelmoreIt’s official: Old-time drivers, who hang out at the Belmore, say they’re suffering.
  17. Taxi DriverAn old-school cabbie checks reaction to the changes from behind the wheel.
  18. Howard’s Bush BashRadicalized by the FCC’s obscenity crusade, Howard Stern, formerly New York’s raunchiest Republican, is becoming a Democrat.
  19. Book of IsiahWith a bloated payroll, an injured superstar, notoriously clueless management, and a perpetually hangdog look, the Knicks were basketball’s walk […]
  20. The Place To BeFrom the Stork and El Morocco to Max’s, Studio, and Moomba, legends were made in the nighttime. 100 years of New York’s greatest s […]
  21. Angkor’s AwayCambodia’s Angkor Wat isn’t Disneyland, but that’s precisely the point. If you really want your kids to know the world, you […]
  22. Reverend President!?Whether he’s running for president of America— or president of Black America—Al Sharpton’s political sphere just got a […]
  23. Can I Read Your Mind?Who are those mysterious women in their storefronts, beckoning you in to meet your future? Are they con artists? And more important: Do they kn […]
  24. Times UpTimes Square’s sin and vice and squalor helped define the New York experience. They still do. In our minds.
  25. B-Ball FabulousWalt Frazier and the birth of hoop cool.
  26. The Mean StreetThe enduring frisson of the slums.
  27. The NYC Top 40
  28. Nature BoyWalton Ford’s fabulously detailed, Audubon-on-Viagra watercolors have been flying off gallery walls – even if most of his audience is baffled b […]
  29. The Icon: Doll FaceDavid Johansen, the protean performer behind the New York Dolls and Buster Poindexter, reinvents himself once more.
  30. Rio BravoBrazil’s Caetano Veloso gets some northern exposure.
  31. What Makes Budd Run?The latest dockside showdown between hoods and cops brings Budd Schulberg – whose On the Waterfront defined one era in New York and whos […]
  32. Broadway SosaBoys don’t sew. In the South Bronx, boys definitely don’t sew. But Emilio Sosa did, and now he’s one of the hottest costume designers in […]
  33. Sudac the MysteriousThe bleeding markings on the wrists and feet of Croatian priest Zlatko Sudac have made him an ecclesiastical superstar. He usually doesn’t displ […]
  34. Band UnboundThe Last Waltz, reissued this week, is one of the great concert movies, a time capsule from the late Age of Aquarius. But who were those […]
  35. Wynton CenterWynton Marsalis’s horn virtuosity is well-known. But it’s his gift as a sweet-talking, tough-minded businessman that’s putting up his Jazz templ […]
  36. The Jazz ScientistMusician, scientist, inventor of his own martial art – “Me and Shaq? Anytime” – Milford Graves, marching to his own beat, is the differ […]
  37. Live from New YorkFrom Sinatra’s swagger to Moby’s mixes, the city’s had its share of the all-time-great gigs. A highly selective guide to the musical high notes […]
  38. The Talking CureLoss, grief, anger, war, God, America the beautiful, and good old Downtown weirdness by the light of a million candles.
  39. Written in the Dust at the Corner of Church and Vesey.In the early 1960s, when there was no World Trade Center, my father, who loved a well-made machine, would pack me into his $100 Plymouth and we’ […]
  40. Around These PartsCairo has its City of the Dead, but Willets Point, the 40-acre site of Gatsby’s ashpits, is the City of Dead Cars. Karmandu, I call it.
  41. Sports: Pride FightAll over town, the Tito fans are worried. Well, not exactly worried.
  42. Stephon Vs. the CurseSince the Nets traded Dr. J back in the seventies, the team has been plagued with injuries, drug problems, bad draft picks, even deaths. Now com […]
  43. Signs of the TimesA world away from Mylar building “wraps” and dot-com neon, Brooklyn billboards still trumpet by-gone businesses like Eagle Clothes.
  44. Bronx MonstersThe Yankee hater in me, sometimes dormant but never dead, stirred last summer inside the Modell’s out by Caesar’s Bay in Bensonhurst. I’d promis […]
  45. The Return of SuperflyFrank Lucas, once the city’s biggest, baddest heroin kingpin, the original O.G. in chinchilla, now seems like just a very likable guy. But don’t […]
  46. The Laptop NomadsThey’re in every Starbucks and coffee shop; even sometimes in churches. Who are they? What are they typing? Don’t they have a job? For the first […]
  47. Clare JordanA hoop legend grows in Rockaway: 17-year-old Clare Droesch, who might just have the talent to become the next women’s superstar.
  48. Happy EndingEven in the new Times Square, signs of the possibly imminent apocalypse are everywhere. But thanks to Rudy and Hollywood, we may not recognize i […]
  49. The Tabs At BatIn the other Subway Series, the News’s wily veterans battle valiantly, but the Post’s hungrier, nastier squad is on the verge of v […]
  50. Raising ‘CaneThe Rockaways surfing set gives Dennis a hero’s welcome.
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