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  1. Etta James and Johnny Otis: The End of a Great R&B SongOtis discovered James over 60 years ago, and the two singers died within 48 hours of each other.
  2. 8. Because the Last Great Discount-Tire Salesman Is Nothing to Sneeze at Either.Louis Gellman, owner of Hilna Motors on Stillwell Avenue, is one of those ­resolutely, genuinely uncorporatized, wisecracking, soulful New York […]
  3. obits
    Footnotes to an Obit: The Wild Life of Howard Tate, the Greatest Lost Soul ManTate made one of the great sixties soul albums, then disappeared for 25 years — but that’s not all.
  4. Cotto-Margarito II: Revenge Bloodlust Semi-SatiatedPerhaps inevitably, Madison Square Garden’s biggest fight in years didn’t quite live up to its billing.
  5. cults
    Flying Saucer Cults and the American Sprawl: How Preston Miller Made God’s Land for $30,000A movie documenting the “God Saves the Earth Flying Saucer Foundation,” whose leader wears a ring said to contain a rocket ship capable of carrying 100,000 believers into space.
  6. Big Scary Ugly Dirty RatsThey’re everywhere—but they always were.
  7. Can Cain?On Fulton Street, contemplating an all-black election.
  8. ground zero mosque
    ‘Ground Zero Mosque’ Furor a Faint Memory at Park51 OpeningRemember when this was the biggest controversy ever?
  9. pimpin’ ain’t easy
    Self-Professed ‘Pimp King’ Jason Itzler Is Back in Court With a New YarnA ruthlessly surreal tale involving Billy Ray Cyrus.
  10. jersey jurisprudence
    The Baddest Lawyer in the History of Jersey Picks a Lawyer for HimselfFacing life imprisonment, Paul Bergrin needs a really good lawyer.
  11. “Osama”Person of interest.
  12. Building 7, Collapse ofThe conspiracy-theorist’s favorite structure.
  13. Satan’s FaceIn the smoke, a sign.
  14. Republican ConventionWhen Bushworld came to town.
  15. Blondie, UnbowedThe leader of the cranked-up fun machine is now 66, blonde again, and glad to still be cranking it up.
  16. The Big TradeThe legendary tale of two Yankees pitchers who swapped wives, and lives, is an irresistible soap opera. No wonder Red Sox fans Matt Damon and Be […]
  17. The Baddest Lawyer in the History of JerseyAnd that’s saying something.
  18. osama bin killed
    Rise of the Deathers: Cataloguing the Emerging Bin Laden ConspiraciesThree different schools of crazy.
  19. 5. Because Someone Finally Said It: The Rent Is Too Damn High!Few political figures have gone from less than zero to ultraviral like Jimmy McMillan and his global complaint that “the rent is too damn high!”
  20. SkinThe lampshade emerged from the wreckage of Katrina. But was it really what it appeared to be—a Buchenwald artifact made of human remains? A H […]
  21. cabbie stabbing
    Pre-Crime Catchphrases: ‘Consider This a Checkpoint’A new addition to a storied lexicon.
  22. Muhammad Comes to ManhattanThe imbroglio over the ground-zero mosque, like all New York stories, is about the clashing dreams of ordinary folks—and, of course, real estate.
  23. chat room
    ‘96 Tears’ Singer Question Mark on Predicting 9/11 and Much, Much More“The goat was crossing the yard and all of a sudden the bell tower rang at nine, and I was tying my shoelaces, flashing these cards. All of a sudden there was a drunk guy throwing up in Minnesota. What does that have to do with rock and roll?”
  24. 49 Minutes With Al PacinoUnder a tree in the park, considering Shylock, the troublesome Merchant of Venice, and his role playing that role.
  25. Firecane!Fear in New Orleans.
  26. 49 Minutes With Paul VerhoevenThe auteur of Showgirls and RoboCop wants to make a movie of what he sees as the historical, Che Guevara–like Jesus Christ, st […]
  27. The Splitting Image of PotOn the one hand, marijuana is practically legal—more mainstream, accessorized, and taken for granted than ever before. On the other, kids are ge […]
  28. Anthony and the GiantThe mayor, having used his billions to bully Anthony Weiner out of the race, is still pounding him. Which says something about the mayor, and ab […]
  29. Nate Robinson Blasts OffIn an otherwise forgettable season, the shortest player in the NBA gave an unforgettable performance.
  30. The Homeless Life and Times of Cadillac ManNorthern Queens’s most famous homeless person was making his thrice-weekly commute between his two homes.
  31. No Kiss Kiss, All Bang BangSpielberg-loving, Spike Lee–attacking critic Armond White is the film world’s brother from another planet.
  32. Sarah Palin’s HeavenWasilla—moose, malls, and snow machines in the most beautiful landscape on earth—is paradise for a certain kind of person. So why would a real A […]
  33. Night-Shifting for the Hip Fleet“…It’s Hooverville, honey, so anyone outside the military-industrial complex is likely to turn up driving for Dover…”
  34. Escape From the Holy ShtetlGitty Grunwald fled the pious world of her mother to return to the secular city of her grandparents. There’s only one problem: The Satmars kept […]
  35. Punks of Bleecker StreetThe Ramones, four somber crazies in black leather, were Queens greasers a few years ago. Now, singing of massacre and mutilation, they sell out […]
  36. Secrets of the MegapimpsThe city’s most famous pimp says he met Kristen at a hotel bar. The rest is history…
  37. Down and Out and … Up and In on the BoweryFrom the Whitehouse Hotel, the street’s last SRO, to the door (manned by red-coated doormen) of the Bowery Hotel is only 35 steps for a reporter […]
  38. Lords of DopetownFrank Lucas and Nicky Barnes once ruled the drug trade in Harlem. They came out of retirement to talk business.
  39. The Man Who Didn’t Shoot Malcolm XHe spent twenty-two years in prison for an infamous murder he didn’t commit. But Khalil Islam, confined, traveled inward.
  40. Long Hot Summer of LoveIn New York, 1967 was a year of crucial import. But unlike in San Francisco, flowers weren’t the half of it.
  41. American JeremiadA harrowing ride up the proverbial creek and into the beating, bleeding heart of RFK Jr.
  42. Chairman of the MoneyCharlie Rangel has waited all his life to hold America’s purse strings. Now everyone is waiting on him.
  43. Because Daniel Goldstein Can’t Be Bought, Not Even With Bruce Ratner’s Millions“We’re not cranks, unless letting powerful people do whatever they want, without any public review or regard to law, makes you a crank. That sou […]
  44. Brooklyn Is BurningIn the midst of the building boom, a fire epidemic of a kind not seen since 1977 is raging. Do development and arson go hand in hand?
  45. Gooch In SpaceWith Discover, Bob Guccione Jr. boldly goes where his centerfold-king dad has gone before—looking for sex in the cosmos.
  46. Joltin� JewEx-Yankee and memoirist Ron Blomberg is in the record books for being the first DH. (That doesn�t stand for Designated Hebrew.)
  47. The Ground Zero Grassy KnollA new generation of conspiracy theorists is at work on a secret history of New York’s most terrible day.
  48. The Voice from Beyond the GraveThe legendary downtown paper has been a shell of its former self since it went free nearly a decade ago. But a potty-mouthed new owner—from Ph […]
  49. The House That Earl BuiltKnicks legend Earl the Pearl tries to up the ante on jock food.
  50. The Queens 50Enjoy it while it lasts. A pre-gentrification to-do list.
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