Mark Levine

  1. St. Vincent’s Is the Lehman Brothers of HospitalsIts demise was only the beginning. An alarming number of New York’s major medical institutions are teetering on the financial edge.
  2. GOP Death PanelWhat happens to city hospitals if Obamacare gets cut?
  3. Listening to HypochondriaA new understanding of the condition is lending it legitimacy, and leading to novel treatments.
  4. The Sixteen-Pound TumorProblem: Forty-four-year-old photographer. Blood in urine, profuse sweating, weight loss, and anemia initially seen as minor ailments. Enormou […]
  5. A Heart-Stopping PregnancyProblem: Thirty-six-year-old female, pregnant with first child. Sudden signs of heart failure at six months. Mother—and child—face life-thre […]
  6. Tuk Tuk, IndonesiaVolcano hikes, drop-dead beauty, and absolutely nothing like home.
  7. Cuzco, PeruIncan culture, exotic food, and romantic views of the Andes.
  8. Saving FaceMilton Waner, one of an elite group of New York doctors who are reinventing medicine, uses pioneering surgical techniques to help make kids with […]
  9. Try That Other ParkDebating the relative merits of Central Park and Prospect Park is a bit like arguing over whether the Atlantic or the Pacific is the better ocea […]